Clerical Deputies—The Rev. Doctors William B. Stevens, Alexander H. Vinton, M.A., De Wolfe Howe, and J. P. B. Wilmer. Lay Deputies-Messrs. William Welsh, Herman Cope, John N. Conyngnam, and F. R. Brunot.

The following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted :

"Whereas, By a communication from the Bishop of the Diocese to the Convention, we learn that his health still continues infirm; that he is still unable to resume his Episcopal duties; and

"Whereas, It is of the utmost importance to the recovery of our beloved Diocesan that his mind should be perfectly relieved, not only from actual Episcopal care, but anxiety in reference to his duty as to the discharge of the same; therefore, be it

"Resolved, That this Convention renews most cordially and affectionately its ex. pression of sympathy with our Bishop in his continued indisposition, its prayers for his complete recovery, and respectfully requests that he will continue to remain abroad so long as, in his judgment and in the opinion of his medical adviser, it may be deemed necessary for his full restoration.

"Resolved, That the Assistant-Bishop of this Diocese be requested to transmit to Bishop Potter this expression of the sympathy and desire of the members of this Convention."

The question relating to the division of the Diocese was referred to a Special Committee, to report at the next session of the Convention.

The two Societies for Diocesan Missions were, after long debate, united.

The next Annual Convention will meet in St. Andrew's Church, Philadelphia, on the fourth Tuesday in May, 1860.

Delaware.-The Annual Convention met in St. Luke's Church, Seaford, on Wednesday, June 1st, at 9 A.M., the Bishop presiding. Dr. James F. Wilson, of Wilmington, was reëlected Secretary. The sermon was preached by the Rev. J. E. Grammer, Rector of St. Peter's Church, Smyrna.

In the afternoon, the Bishop read his Annual Address. The following elections were afterwards made:

Standing Committee-The Rev. Charles Breck, the Rev. J. E. Grammer, the Rev. R. L. Goldsborough ; and Messrs. S. M. Curtis and W. T. Read, of the Laity.

Deputies to the General Convention : CLERICAL—The Rev. Charles Breck, the Rev. Benjamin Franklin, the Rev. Samuel R. Slack, and the Rev.J. E. Grammer. LAYCaptain S. F. Du Pont, S. M. Curtis, William T. Read, and Dr. William Cummins.

The Missionary and Education Committee, the Relief Committee, the Trustees of the Episcopal Fund, and the Trustees of the General Theological Seminary, were continued.

The next Annual Convention will be held in St. Ann's Church, Middleton, on the first Wednesday in June, 1860.

Maryland.-The seventy-sixth Annual Convention of the Diocese assembled on Wednesday, May 25, in Christ Church, Baltimore. The annual sermon was delivered by the Rev. Orlando Hutton.

The resolution relative to the division of the Diocese was lost. The following is the result of the Diocesan elections:

Standing Committee—The Rev. Doctors Wyatt, Pinkney, McKenny, Coxe, and Spencer, and Rev. Messrs. Crossdale and Stewart.

Deputies to the General Convention—The Rev. Doctors Wyatt, Pinkney, Mason, and Coxe; and Messrs. E. F. Chambers, Hugh Davey Evans, J. Mason Campbell, and B. J. Goldsborough.


Virginia.—The Virginia Convention met on Wednesday, May 18th, in Christ Church, Norfolk. The sermon was preached by the Rt. Rev. the Assistant-Bishop. The following gentlemen were elected delegates to the General Convention:

CLERICAL-Rev. R. H. Wilmer, C. W. Andrews, D.D., C. Minnegerode, D.D., Wm. Sparrow, D.D. LAY-Philip Williams, Esq., Judge Lomax, D. H. Conrad, Esq., T. S. Gholson, Esq.

Alternates—CLERICAL-Rev. Geo. Woodbridge, D.D., Rev. C. Walker, Rev. J. Packard, D.D., Rev. W. N, Pendleton, D.D. LAY-Hon. Wm. C. Rives, Tazewell Taylor, Esq., John Stewart, Esq., W. H. Macfarland, Esq.

The following gentlemen were elected members of the Standing Committee :

CLERICAL-Rev. Wm. Sparrow, D.D., Rev. C. B. Dana, Rev. D. F. Sprigg. LAY-0. Fairfax, Esq., C. F. Lee, Esq., Jno. Hooff, Esq.

The next Annual Convention will be held in Christ Church, Charlottesville, on the third Wednesday in May, 1860.

North-Carolina.-The Annual Convention met in St. Stephen's Church, Goldsborough, on Wednesday, May 1st. The Convention Sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Curtis, of Hillsboro. The following was the result of the Diocesan elections:

Standing Committee for 1859–60.—The Rev. R. S. Mason, D.D., Rev. F. M. Hubbard, Rev. Albert Smedes, D.D., Hon. John H. Bryan, Geo. W. Mordecai.

Deputies to the General Convention.—CLERICAL.—Rev. R. S. Mason, D.D., Rev. R. B. Drane, D.D., Rev. A. A. Watson, Rev. J. B. Cheshire. LAY-Hon. Thomas Ruffin, Josiah Collins, Hon. W. H. Battle, Edward Lee Winslow.

Alternates-CLERICAL-Rev. Albert Smedes, D.D., Rev. H. H. Prout, Rev. Edwin Geer, Rev. Joseph C. Huske. LAY-Dr. Thomas H. Wright, George W. Mordecai, Samuel F. Patterson, Moses W. Jarvis.

Trustees of the General Theological Seminary, The Rev. R. S. Mason, D.D., Rev. R. B. Drane, D.D., Rev. Albert Smedes, D.D., Rev. E. M. Forbes, Hon. Thomas Ruffin, George W. Mordecai, Josiah Collins, Dr. A. J. DeRosset.

Trustees of the University of the South-The Rev. M. A. Curtis, D.D., Hon. Thomas Ruffin, Dr. Thomas D. Warren.

Treasurer of the Convention-Charles T. Haigh, Fayetteville.
Secretary of the Convention–Edward Lee Winslow, Fayetteville.

South-Carolina.-The Annual Convention met in St. Peter's, Charleston, on Wednesday, May 11th; the Bishop, although laboring under the severe affliction of an almost total loss of sight, presiding during the greater part of the session. The Rev. Cranmore Wallace was reëlected Secretary, and the Rev. W. H. Hanckel appointed as his assistant. Other elections were made by the Convention as follows:

Standing Committee-The Rev. Dr. Hanckel, the Rev. Messrs. C. P. Gadsden, P. T. Keith, J. B. Campbell, and Cranmore Wallace; and Messrs. J. M. Campbell, M.D., James H. Ladson, Hon. H. D. Lesesne, Edward McCrady, and C. G. Memminger.

Deputies to General Convention—CLERICAL—The Rev. Christian Hanckel, D.D., Paul Trapier, P. J. Shand, and C. C. Pinckney. LAY-Messrs. Edward McCrady, C. G. Memminger, J. J. Pringle Smith, and Hon. R. F. W. Allston.

Trustee of General Theological Seminary-The Rev. Wm. Henry Hanckel.

Trustees of the Diocesan SeminaryThe Rev. Messrs. P. J. Shand, J. J. Roberts, and C. P. Gadsden; and Messrs. H. D. Lesesne, J. B. Kershaw, and Gen. W. E. Martin,

Trustees of the University of the South-The Rev. Alexander Gregg, Hon. J. A. Calhoun, P. C. J. Weston, and J. F. Blacklock, Treasurer.

A marked feature of the session was the debate on the Report of the Special Committee, appointed by the Convention of 1858,“ on the duty of clergymen in relation to the marriage of slaves." The whole subject was postponed, however, to the next Convention.

The Committee on the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the Gen. eral Convention, made their report, through their Chairman, the Rev. Paul Trapier, and offered two resolutions, which were discussed at some length, and having been amended to read as follows, were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the Convention declares that in its judgment, the proposed amendment of Article III. of the Constitution of our Church, would be perilous to the rights of the clergy and the laity."

Resolved, That to authorize the General Convention to establish Courts of Appeals from the Diocesan decisions in any case, would be to endanger the rights of the Diocese, and the peace and unity of the Church.

The next Convention will be held in St. Philip's Church, Charleston, on the third Wednesday in May, 1860.—Church Journal, (abr.)

Ohio.—The Annual Convention assembled in Trinity Church, Columbus, at ten o'clock on Thursday morning, June 2d. The sermon was preached by the Rev. L. L. Holden, of Cuyahoga Falls. Bishop McIlvaine called the Convention to order, and the roll of the clergy was called. The Rev. W. C. French, the Secretary of the last Convention, was unanimously reëlected Secretary.

On Friday, June 3d, the Convention went into the election of an AssistantBishop, when the Rev. Gregory Thurston Bedell, D.D., Rector of Ascension Church, New-York, was chosen by the following vote:

CLERGY-Rev. Dr. Bedell, 47; Rev. Dr. Littlejohn, 10; scattering. 5. The laity confirmed the nomination by a vote of 86 to 24.

The following gentlemen were elected delegates to the General Convention:

Rev. Dr. Littlejohn, Rev. Dr. Burr, Rev. Dr. Claxton, and the Rev. Dr. Fitch. Messrs. J. W. Andrews, Pendleton, Goddard, and Jarvis.

KENYON COLLEGE.—The following is a summary of the annual catalogue of this important Institution: Seniors, 29, Juniors, 19, Sophomores, 33, Freshmen, 46, Theological students, 21, Grammar School, 81. Total 229.

For catalogues, or other information, apply to President Andrews, Gambier, Ohio.

Mississippi.-The Annual Convention of the Diocese met at Natchez, on Thursday, April 28th; a constitutional number of the clergy and laity being present. The following is the result of the elections made for the ensuing year:

Standing CommitteeThe Rev. W. W. Lord, Rev. Henry Sansom, Rev. W.C. Crane, Mr. George S. Yerger, Mr. W. C. Smedes,

Trustees of the Episcopal Fund and Church Property—Mr. George S. Yerger, Mr. James Roach, Mr. William C. Smedes.

Deputies to the General Convention-Rev. W. W. Lord, Rev. Wm. C. Crane, Rev. B. M. Miller, Rev. Henry Sansom, Mr. George S. Yerger, Mr. William C. Smedes, Mr. James S. Johnston, Mr. Richard Evans.

Trustees of the General Theological Seminary-Rev. W. W. Lord, Rev. James A. Fox, Mr. George S. Yerger.

Ecclesiastical Court—The Rev. B. M. Miller, Rev. James A. Fox, Rev. Thomas D. Ozanne, Rev. H. Sansom, Rev. W. W. Lord. Secretary and Treasurer of the Convention-Mr. Giles M. Hillyer, Natchez Treasurer of the Diocese-Mr. James Roach, Vicksburg.

The next Annual Convention will meet at Vicksburg on the 4th Thursday in April, 1860.

Kentucky.—The thirty-first convention of this Diocese was held in Christ Church, Louisville, commencing on Wednesday morning, 25th of May, and closing on Friday afternoon,

There was very little business of general interest transacted. The session was a most harmonious and pleasant one, and was attended by a larger number of delegates, both clerical and lay, than ever before met in Convention in the Diocese.

The opening sermon was by Rev. P. H. Jeffries, of New-Port.

The same Standing Committee was elected for another year, consisting of Rev. Messrs. Craik, Whittle, and Bushnell, and Messrs. W. F. Bullock and W. F. Pettet. The Delegates elected to the General Convention, were Messrs. Craik, McMurdy, Whittle, and Morrison, of the Clergy; and Messrs. Bullock, Stevensen, Churchill, and Perrin, of the Laity.

Trustees of the General Theological Seminary-Rev. Messrs. McMurdy, Norton, and Whittle.

Ecclesiastical Court-Rev. Messrs. Norton, Merrick, Page, Maury, and Presbury.

The Convention adjourned to meet in Henderson on the last Wednesday in May, 1860.-South. Churchman, (abr.)

Alabama.-The Annual Convention met in St. Luke's, Cahaba, Thursday, May 5th, 1859. The following was the result of the Diocesan elections :

Standing Committee-The Rev. J. M. Mitchell, of Montgomery, President; Rev. George F. Cushman, of Cahaba, Secretary; the Rev. J. H. Ticknor, and Messrs. A. R. Bell, M. J. Conley, and S. G. Jones.

Trustees of the University of the SouthThe Rev. Henry C. Lay, D.D., C. T. Pollard, and Leroy H. Anderson, A. R. Bell, Esq., of Montgomery, Treasurer for Alabama.

Secretary and Treasurer of the Convention-Henry A. Tayloe, Esq., Macon, Marengo county.

Deputies to General Convention—CLERICAL —The Rev. Henry C. Lay, D.D., Rev. J. M. Banister, Rev. F. R. Hanson, Rev. J. A. Massey. LAY-Henry A. Tayloe, A. W. Ellerbe, Robert S. Bunker, and C. T. Pollard.

Lonisiana.—The Annual Convention was held in New Orleans, commencing on Thursday, May 5th. The following is the result of the Diocesan elections :

The Rev. Dr. Leacock, and the Rev. Messrs. Hedges and Trader, and Messrs. Grimshaw, Dix, and Guion, were elected the Standing Committee for the year 1859-60. Rev. Messrs. Philips and Stickney, and Messrs. Guion and Chambers, were chosen Trustees of the General Theological Seminary. Rev. Drs. Leacock, Lewis, and Goodrich, Rev. Messrs. Trader and Hedges, Hon. Henry Johnson, and Messrs. Lamphier, Guion, Lobdell, Grimshaw, and McConnell, were elected Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Association; and the following were chosen to represent the Diocese in the Triennial Convention to be held in October, at Kichmond, Va. : Rev. Dr. Leacock, Rev. Messrs. Hedges, Trader, and Guion, clerical; and Dr. Mercer, and Messrs. Guion, Lobdell, and Cleveland, lay deputies.

In the course of his annual address, Bishop Polk spoke very favorably of the progress made toward establishing the proposed University of the South, toward which between two hundred and fifty and three hundred thousand dollars have already been raised. -Church Journal.

Iowa.-The Sixth Annual Convention assembled on Wednesday, May 25th, at 8 o'clock, in Trinity Church, Davenport. The Rev. H. W. Barris was elected Secretary. After some business relating more particularly to the Diocese, the Convention proceeded to the election of a Standing Committee.

The Rev. Mr. Ufford declined a reëlection, as also did the Rev. Mr. Batchelder, Hon. E. Cook, and Hon. George Greene.

The Nominating Committee appointed by the Bishop, consisting of the Rev. Messrs. Ufford and Batchelder, and Hon, E. Cook, reported the names of the Rev. Messrs. Starr, Louderback, and Powers, and Messrs. Henry Morehouse and Van Tuyl.

The Rev. Messrs. Batchelder, Ufford, Peet, and Brooks, and Messrs. N. B. Baker, B. B. Richards, George Greene, and McAllister, were appointed delegates to the General Convention.

The Committee on Trustees of the General Theological Seminary, etc., reported that Iowa was entitled to four, and nominated the Rev. Messrs. Peet, Starr, and Barris, and the Hon. George Greene. On motion of Hon. E. Cook, it was resolved that these gentlemen be named to the General Convention as Trustees on the part of this Diocese, for the General Theological Seminary.

B. B. Richards, Esq., was reëlected Treasurer.
The Convention adjourned on Thursday, the 26th.- Western Churchman, (abr.)

Texas.—The Annual Convention met in Trinity Church, Galveston, Thursday, May 5th, 1859. A correspondent of the Church Journal says:

There was a full attendance of the clergy, and a strong lay delegation present, nine parishes being represented, a majority of them by several delegates. The officers of the Convention for the year just commenced, are as follows:

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