one day walking the streets of Fayetteville with a young friend, a deacon of his Diocese, the conversation, deepening in interest, had brought them near the door of the house they were to visit. It was so that the topics had turned on the effects of the initiatory Sacrament of the Christian Covenant, and the changes to be wrought in the soul, as necessary upon the sins committed after baptism; and the younger was listening to the words of the elder-to the volumes of massive thought on the subject which were rolling from his lips. As their walk became slower, an individual approached them, somewhat advanced beyond the climacteric of life. The face of the Bishop flushed and brightened. They were the friends of early years. Their hands were clasped, and they looked for a moment, without speaking, in each other's eyes. At length said the other: 'Is this indeed my friend, Hartt Ravenscroft ? 'Yes, yes,' replied the Bishop, 'I am that old sinner you know twenty years ago in Mecklenburgh; and here I am, by God's undeserved mercies a preacher of righteousness to others.'” (Rev. H. S. Mason.)





[blocks in formation]

Sept. 15, 1858, St. Paul's, Burlington, Vt.
Nov. 21, 1858, Trinity, Utica, N. Y.
Sept. 16, 1858, Trinity, Pottsville, Pa.
Nov. 8, 1858, Trinity, New-York.

Altoona, Pa.
Oct. 8, 1858, St. Peter's, New-York.

St. John's, Montgomery, Ala.
Nov. 21, 1858, Trinity, Utica, N. Y.
Sept. 19, 1858, St. Mary's, Burlington, N. J.
Nov. 21, 1859, Trinity, Utica, N. Y.

St. John's, Montgomery, Ala.
Sept. 16, 1858 Trinity, Pottsville, Pa
Oct. 3, 1858, St. Peter's, New-York.


Rev. A. R. Van Antwerp,
Rev.J. F. Beaven,
Rev. G. J. Barton,
Rev. Francis Chase,
Rev. John Cromlish,
Rep. John F. Esch,
Rev. Thos. B. Fogs,
Rer. E, H, C. Goodwin,


De Lancey,

Nov. 21, 1858, Trinity, Utica, N. Y.
Whittingham, W. Sept. 29, 1858, Mount Calvary, Baltimore, MD.

Sept. 21, 1858, St. Peter's, Philadelphia, Pa. Chase,

Sept. 12, 1858, St. Andrew's, Hopkinton, N. H.

Oct. 18, 1858, Trinity, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Oct. 6, 1859, St. James', Vincennes, Ind.

St. Paul's, Central Village, Ct Whittingham, Sept. 19, 1858, Mount Calvary, Baltimore, Md.

De Lancey,
De Lancey,

Rev. W. O. Gorbam,
Rev. Wm. C. Hopkins,
Rev. Louis Y. Jessup,
Rev. Wm. A. Johnson,
Rev. Thos. R, Lambert,
Rev. Richard H. Lee,
Rev. Robert W. Lewis,
Rev. Henry Potter,
Rev. John B. Robinson,
Rev. Silas M. Rogers,
Rev. J. S. Shipman,
Rev. Thos. Smith,
Rev. S. H. Synnott,
Rey. E. R. Welles,
Rov. X. A. Welton,


Nov. 21, 1858, Trinity, Utica, N. Y.

St. Michael's, Brattleboro', VL
Oct. 17, 1858, St. John's, Milwaukee, Wis.
Oct. 31, 1958, St. John's, Whitesboro, N. Y.
Sept. 29, 1858, St. John's, Charleston, Mass.
Oct. 80, 1858, Washington, Pa.
Oct. 24, 1858, Meadville, Pe
Oct. 15, 1858, Trinity, Pittsburgh, P&.

St. Luke's, S. Glastenb'y, W.N.Y.

St. Michael's, Brattleboro', Vt.
Nov. 21, 1858, Trinity, Utica, N. Y.
Oct. 17, 1858, St. John's, Milwaukee, Wis.
Oct. 3, 1858, St. Peter's, New-York.
Sept. 12, 1858, St. Paul's, Waterloo, W. N. Y.
Aug. 29, 1858, St. Paul's. Desmoines, Iowa.

De Lancey,
De Lancey,
H. Potter,
De Lancey,
H. Lee,



Bishop. Trinity Church,

Upfold, Christ Church,

Burgess, Grace Church,

Bowman, St. Paul's Chapel,

Whittingham, - Church,

H. Potter, St. James',

Buwman, Church of the Redeemer, Whittingham, Trinity Church,

H. Potter, Church of the Holy Apostles, Bowman, Gethsemane Church, De Lancey, St. Andrew's Chapel, Williams, St. Paul's,

Kemper, Trinity Chapel,

McCoskry, Christ Church,



Oct. 27, 1858, Michigan City, Ind.
Nov. 10, 1858, Eastport, Maine.
Oct. 28, 1858, Gap Mines, Lancaster, Pa
Oct. 28, 1858, Hillsborough, Md.
Oct. 26, 1858, Marlboro', N. Y.
Sept. 8, 1858, Bristol, Pa.
Sept. 2, 1858, Baltimore, Md
Oct. 20, 1858, Granville, N. Y.
Sept. 15, 1858, Parish of St. Clair, PA
Nov. 1, 1858, Hampton, N. Y.
Nov. 8, 1858, Meriden, Ct.
Nov. 7, 1958, Leavenworth, Kansas.

Cleveland, O.
Holly Springs, Miss.


DIED, at Hogansburg, New-York, on Saturday, the 28th of August, 1858, the Rev. ELEAZAR WILLIAMS. The early history of Mr. Williams is involved in obscurity. Much evidence has been adduced to prove him the son of Louis XVI., and legally entitled to the throne of France. He is, however, the reputed son of Thomas Williams, a native of Massachusetts, who became the principal chief of the St. Regis Indians. Mr. Williams passed the most of his life as a devoted missionary among these Indiang. He was probably between seventy and eighty years of age at the time of his death.

Died, at Fredericksburgh, Virginia, on the 8th October, the Rev. EDWARD C. MCGUIRE, D.D. Dr. McGuire was born in the ancient borough of Winchester, in the year 1793. In the year 1813 the church at Fredericksburgh being without a minister, Mr. McGuire, being too young to be ordained, officiated as lay-reader for one year, when he was ordained. Immediately after ordination he became rector of St. George's Church, where he labored faithfully and successfully until the day of his death.

Died of yellow fever, in Charleston, S. C., on the 28th of September, the Rev. HENRY M. DENISON, in the thirty-eighth year of his age. Mr. Denison was a native of Wilkesbarre, Pa. He graduated at Dickinson College, and studied theo

logy at the Alexandria Seminary. He held charges successively in Brooklyn, N. Y.; in Greenville, S. C.; in Williamsburgh, Va; in Louisville, Ky.; and in Charleston, S. C. When he died, he was rector of St. Peter's Church in the lat. ter place. He was a' bold, vigorous, and faithful preacher, and a brave and truehearted man. Several works emanated from his pen, among which we may no. tice a very impressive treatise on the Unitarian Controversy, and a collection of sermons addressed to the business classes.

Died in Salisbury, N. C., September 15th, in the forty-sixth year of his age, the Rev. JOHN HAYWOOD PARKER, Rector of St. Luke's Church in that place.

Died, on Sunday, September 19th, the Rev. WILLIAM RICHMOND, Rector of St. Michael's Church, New-York, in the sixty-first year of his age.

Died, in Dover, on Saturday, October 16, the Rev. GEORGE E. HURD, Deacon, of the Diocese of New-York.

Died, at his residence in Pine street, Philadelphia, on the 6th of December, the Right Rev. HENRY U. ONDERDONK, in the seventieth year of his age.


UNDER this head we have only to notice the establishment of a Pastoral Aid Society in the State of Illinois. A meeting of clergymen and laymen of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Illinois was held in Trinity Church, Chicago, on the 17th of November. The Hon. Hiram Norton, of Lockport, was called to the chair, and the Rev. Samuel Cowell was appointed Secretary. The following resolution was then moved by the Rev. James L. Reynolds, of Chicago, and unanimously adopted :

"Resolved, That in view of the present condition of our Church in Illinois, it is expedient to establish a Pastoral Aid Society."

After the adoption of a Constitution an election was had of the officers of the Society and the Board of Managers. The Western Churchman thus speaks of the meeting:

“There was a very decided manifestation of interest in all the proceedings. Every body seemed to be in earnest not only, but to be animated by the one feeling, that additional facilities be afforded for the preaching of the Gospel in Illinois.

"The Executive Committee consists of the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society, and Messrs. D. Jay Ely, James F. Aldrich, and Cyrenius Beers. The Society is scarcely in working order as yet, but has already received contributions from a few individuals, amounting in the aggregate to $1100.".

The twenty-third annual meeting of the “Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America" was held in Christ Church, Baltimore, on the 13th of October, 1858. The Right Reverend the Bishop of Virginia, being the senior Bishop present, took the chair and opened the meeting with prayer. On motion of the Bishop of Tennessee, the Rev. Dr. Van Pelt was reäppointed Secretary. The Annual Report of the Domestic Committee was presented and read by its Secretary, the Rev. Dr. Van Kleeck, and afterwards referred to a committee of five. The Report of the Foreign Committee was also presented and read by its Secretary, Rev. Mr. Denison; and, on motion of the Rev. Mr. Abercrombie, it was resolved "To refer as much of the report as relates to the African mission to a committee of five; as much as relates to the Chinese Mission to a committee of five; and as much as relates to the Greek Mission and other subjects, to a committee of five." The committees in reference to Africa and China submitted unanimous reports heartily indorsing the action of the Foreign Committee, and recommending these fields to the prayers and interest of the Church. The Committee appointed to examine that part of the report relating to the Greek Mission, submitted a majority report, expressing satisfaction that the Foreign Committee has continued to feel an “undiminished and abiding confidence in the character and ministry of the Rev. Mr. Hill, and in the management and results of the missionary work at Athens." A minority report was also submitted with the following resolution:

"Resolved, That a Special Committee of three be appointed to inquire into the expediency of abandoning the principle upon which the missions of this Church to the decayed churches of the East have hitherto been conducted, and which have received the sanction of this Board; as also into the expediency of appropriating to the mission in Greece only such sums as may be specifically designated for that mission by the donors, and to report to the Board at its next meeting."

On motion of the Rev. Dr. Hawks this motion was modified and passed in the following shape :

- Resolved, That it be referred to a Foreign Committee, carefully to investigate any specific charges that may be presented to them, on respectable individual responsibility, touching the Greek Mission."

The Annual Sermon was preached before the Board by the Bishop of Western New-York, from first chapter of Malachi, eleventh verse.

A public missionary meeting was held on the evening of the 14th in Christ Church, when addresses were delivered by the Bishop of Tennessee, and by the Rev. Drg. Clark, Wilmer, Van Kleeck, and Hawks.

The Board adjourned sine die October 15, 1858.

The Foreign Intelligence is crowded out from this issue by a press of other matter.

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A Plain Commentary on the Four Holy Gospels, intended

chiefly for Devotional Reading. Philadelphia: HERMAN HOOKER. Pp. 938. 8vo.

Illustrious as are the contributions of the Church of England to the wealth of theological libraries, they have been small indeed in comparison with the high and peculiar responsibilities of its clergy. When one remembers those stately piles at Oxford and Cambridge, and their army of scholars, so. many of them fastened there for the best part of their lives, in the very air of consecrated studies, or passes from cathedral to cathedral, and looks over the list of endowments, yielding such necessary leisure and abundant coinpetence; he is tempted to ask, how it is possible that for the space of three centuries, any biblical question should have been left in the dark, or any corner of Ecclesiastical history unsearched, or that British Christians should still be able to inquire unanswered for any commentary of whatsoever order.

Alas! wealth and leisure do not make most of the books. which are needed and which are read. Tyndale and Cover

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