The Letters of Junius, 2. kötet

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Vernon, Hood and Sharpe, 1810

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181. oldal - You violate your own rules of decorum when you do not insult the man whom you have betrayed. The divine justice of retribution seems now to have begun its progress. Deliberate treachery entails punishment upon the traitor. There is no possibility of escaping it, even in the highest rank to which the consent of society can exalt the meanest and worst of men. The forced, unnatural union of Luttrell and Middlesex was an omen of another unnatural union, by which indefeasible infamy is attached to the...
76. oldal - that having been in this session of parliament expelled this house, he was and is incapable of being elected a member to serve in this present parliament.
205. oldal - ... that the party so committed is detained upon a legal process, order or warrant, out of some court that hath jurisdiction of criminal matters, or by some warrant signed and sealed with the hand and seal of...
198. oldal - Delivery, either by the Prisoner or any one in his Behalf, to set at Liberty the Prisoner upon Bail, unless it appear to the Judges and Justices, upon Oath made, that the Witnesses...
32. oldal - England, you have made it your study to introduce into the court where you preside maxims of jurisprudence unknown to Englishmen. The Roman code, the law of nations, and the opinion of foreign civilians, are your perpetual theme ; but who ever heard you mention magna charta or the bill of rights with approbation or respect? By such treacherous arts the noble simplicity and free spirit of our Saxon laws were first corrupted.
125. oldal - I am called upon to deliver my opinion ; and surely it is not in the little censure of Mr. Home to deter me from doing signal justice to a man, who, I confess/ has grown upon my esteem.
105. oldal - I am afraid the two classes of men will be reduced to one, and the knaves themselves be at a loss to justify their title : but if an open-hearted honest man, who has an entire confidence in one whom he takes to be his friend, and...
60. oldal - Wedderburne's resolution; and though, in him, it was rather a profession than a desertion of his principles, [I speak tenderly of this gentleman, for when treachery is in question, I think we should make allowances for a Scotchman,] yet we have seen him in the house of commons overwhelmed with confusion, and almost bereft of his faculties.1 But in truth, Sir, I have left no room for an accommodation with the piety of St.
223. oldal - I think the most exalted faculties of the human mind a gift worthy of the divinity ; nor any assistance, in the improvement of them, a subject of gratitude to my fellow-creature, if I w.ere not satisfied, that really to inform the understanding corrects and enlarges the heart.
33. oldal - Vhe same bias and inclination to depart from the decisions of your predecessors, which you certainly ought to receive as evidence of the common law. Instead of those certain positive rules by which the judgment of a court of law should invariably be determined, you have fondly introduced your own unsettled notions of, equity and substantial justice.

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