A Supplement to Calculations of the Value of Annuities; published

for the Use of Societies instituted for Benefit of Age. Containing various illustrations of the Doctrine of Annuities, and compleat Tables of the Value of 1 immediate Annuity, (being the only ones extant by half-yearly Interest and Payments). Together with Investigations of the State of the Luudable Society of Ännuitants; fewing what Annuity each Member hath purchased, and real Mortality therein from its Institution, compared with Dr. Halley's Table. Also several Publications, Letters, and Anecdates, relative to thai Society, and explanatory Proceedings to the present Year. To which are added, a Table and Obfervations to elucidate the Subject of the National Debt, occafioned by Mr. Laurie's Remarks on Dr. Price's Observations. 8vo. 28 6d. Ridley.

The papers, contained in this publication, relate principally to the disputes, which have taken place ar th: feveral meetings of the Laudable Society of Annuitants : although some of them convey information and instruction of more general utility, in regard to the interesting subject of Annuities. The writer, Mr. Dale, hath considerable merit as a calculator ; and it might be well for annuitants in general, if they would pay a proper attention to the result of his researches,

Letters from the Marquis de Montcalm, Governor General of

Canada, to Meffers. de Berryer, &c de la Mole, in the Years 1757, 1758, 1759. With an English Translation, 8vo. is. Almon.

The Marquis de Montcalm fell in the very action which deprived this country of the celebrated General Wolfe. . In these letters, which appear to have been written from a thorough knowledge of the subject of them, the state of our American Colonies, the Marquis foretells some of those important changes which have fince taken place in that part of the world.

4 Letter from an Officer at New York to a Friend in London,

8vo. 13. Nicoll. A mere compilation of a few extracts from News-papers perhaps by the news-collector or paragraph-maker himself.


154 Falls relating to Exchange of Prisoners at the Cedars. * An Authentic Narrative of Facis, relating to the Exchange of

Prisoners taken at the Cedars; supported by the Teslimonies and Depositions of His Majesty's Officers, with several Original Letters und Papers. Together with Remarks upon the Report and Refolves of the American Congress, on that Subjeti. Svo. 15. Cadell.

A defence of the officers of his majesty's forces against the imputation of misbehaviour, in regard to the American priSoners. In the remarks on the reports and resolves of the Cono gress, the writer er:deavours to prove that body guilty of falsehood and duplicity.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Design of Christ's Temptation in

the Wilderness, by Hugh Farmer. The Third Edition. 8o. 35. 60. Buckland,

To this third Edition of Mr. Farmer's Inquiry, are made very considerable additions, particularly respecting the explica'tion of Christ's being brought into a wilderness by, or in, the Spirit.

Political Lamentations, written in the Years 1775 and 1776. T.

which is annexed; a Political Sermon, preached in the Party Church of IValsal, Dec. 13, 1776. being the Day appointed for a General Faft. By John Darwell. 4to. 2s. Nicoll.'

There is something extremely lamentable, both in this writer's poetry and his prose. "If the gods however have neither made him poetical nor politic, they have made him loyal; which, in these times of disloyalty and rebellion, is one good quality at teaft.

Infancy, or the Management of Children, a Didactic Poem itt Three Books. By Hugh Dowman. M. D. 12mo, 2s. Bell,

An excellent didactic poem, of whose parts separately pubJished we have before fpoken. It is now compleated and elegantly printed entire.


Hifcelldnies; or a Miscellaneous Treatise ; containing several

Matbematical Sutjets. 8vo. 75 6d. Nourse.

The subjects, here treated, are entitled as follows; The Laws of Chance-Annuities--Societies The Moon's Motion

The Construction of Arches—The Preceffion of the Equinoxcs—The Construction of Logarithms-Interpolation- i he Longitude Interest - The Figure of Sines, &c. - Fortification--Gunnery-Architecture-Music-Rules of Philosophy -Optical Lectures Problems.

The author, Mr. Em rfon, hath displayed as usual his mathematical knowledge of his subject, and hath, as usual, prefixed a specimen of Billing gate oratory, by way of introduction,

An Ejay on the Theory and Cure of the Venereal Gonorrheen, and

the Diseases which bappen in Consequence of that Disorder. By John Andrée, Surgeon to the Majdalen Hospital, and Teacher of Anatomy. 8vo. 18. Blyth, &c.

A concise abftract of the best rules and methods, of theory and practice, regarding the cure of the disorder above-mentioned. How far the faculty were in want of such an abstract, He presume not to say. If its publication indicate the author's want of employment, the performance bas sufficient merit to recommend him.

Reflections on the Rise, Progress, and probable Consequences, of the

present Contentions with the Colonies. By a Freeholder. Edin. burgh, Gray.

It is such pretty amusement for prophetic minds to take a peep into futurity, that it is no wonder to many ingenious and inquisitive persons divert themselves with puting together premiles that warrant a deduction of such inferences as their teeming imagination and fertilc fancy fuggeft. ! he spirit of prophecy, however, is so little apparent in these latier ages, that we put little faith in thelę inanufacturers of moral probabilities,


Biographical Sermons: or, A Series of Discourses on the principal

Characters in Scripture. By W. Enfield, LL. D. 12mo. 35. sewed. Johnson.

The characters here described and commented on, are those of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Mofes, Job, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul, and Jesus Christ; which are represented as objects worthy not only of admiration but imitation. They are profeffedly calculated for the edification of young people, for whole perufal they are not improperly adapted,


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Every Farmer his own Cattle Doctor : containing a full and clear

Account of the Symptoms and Causes of the Diseases of Cattle, with the most approved Preferiptions for their Cure, &c. &c. By John Swaine.

Richardion and Urquhart. Heaven help the poor diftempered cattle under the hands of such fimple Swains of doctors, as are most of our country-farmers !-It is, indeed, with pleasure we reflect that even our professed farriers and cattle-doctors think it inore necessary to apply to the study of anatomy and surgery than did their predeceilors in that useful, and therefore creditable, profession,

The Equity and Wisdom of Administration, in Mafures that have

unhappily occafioned the American Revolt, tried by the Sacred Oracle. 12ino. 2d. Edinburgh, Gray.

A two penny trial of administration for provoking the Americans to revolt! If it were tried by the same interpreter (for the Sacred Oracle speaks inerely through an interpreter) it would be convicted, no doubt, in like manner, for attempting to suppress their rebellion: for that verdict, the author would probably charge a groat.

An Appeal to the Unprejudiced; or, a Vindication of the Measures

of Government with Respect to America. 8:0. is. Oxford
printed, and sold by Rivington in London.
An Appeal in fact 10

mnobody. For who is not in some degree prejudiced either on one side or op the other of this uni vertaliy-interesting and particularly distressing contest?

A Let

A Letter from the celebrated Dr. Tissot to Dr. Zimmerman, on the · Morbus Niger; including some oppfite Cafes equally curious and interesting. The whole illustrated with an Account of the morbid Appearances of the diseated bodies. Translated from the French by John Burke, M.D. 8vo. Is. 6d. Kearfly,

Two cases, of this disorder, with the cause of which the Ancients whó termed it atra bilis were wholly acquainted, are here particularly recorded; the one attended with success, thic other fatal. A third case somewhat similar is likewise given; together with observations on two others, the first relating to a very singular inteltinal worm, and the last to a pain in the head; which was cured by a deep incision on the part affected.

A Treatise upon the Extraction of the Crystalline Lens. 1 By

George Borthwick, Surgeon of the Fourteenth Regiment of Draa 1. grons. 8vo. Is. Edinburgh. Sold by Murray in London

This practitioner, by confining himself to the description of the manner of performing the operation of extraction in a catàra&, appears to prefer thai method to the mode of depresion : for which, however, he does not give his reasons, or any instance of the superior success attending it,

John the Painter's Ghost : How he appeared on the Night of his

Execution to Lord Temple, &c. 4to. Is. 6d. Williams.

Lord Temple being charged, with having employed oric Baldwin to infinuate himself into the confidence of his brother brush, and draw from him the confession which convicted him; he is here supposed to receive a visit from the conviet's ghost; who is c.pt a little fevere on courts and courtiers. There comes little edification, however, froin the Devil's correcting fin.

Letters from General Washington to several of his Friends in the

Year 1776. 8vo. :s. 6d. Bew.

Sensible and artful remonftrances in favour of the Amerieans, bút certainly not written by General Washington.


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