seamen at Margate, Gosport, Guil. The Society has received many ford, Dublin, and other places ; the valuable presents of copies of the sea-fencibles on the Essex coast; and scriptures in different languages ; the French and Spanish prisoners of such Donations will at all times be war: and ABROAD-to the British very gratefully acknowledged. soldiers at the Cape of Good Hope ; the inhabitants of Newfoundland, Hal- Editions of the Scriptures on sale to ifax, and Nova Scotia ; the settlers at Subscribers at the Depository. Van Dieman's Land ; the French at

Brevier Testament, 12mo.strong. s.d. St. Domingo ; the Spaniards at

ly bound in sheep

10 Buenos Ayres; the colonists of New

Ditto ditto South Wales; and to different parts Burgeois Testament, 8vo. in sheep 1 6

in calf 16 of France, Switzerland, and Ger.


in calf 20 many. The Society has already espended Long Primer Test. 8vo. in sheep 1 g

Ditto ditto in calf 2 3 between 5 and 60001. in accomplish

Pica Testament, 8vo. in sheep - 26 ing these several objects, and stands

Ditto ditto in calf 30 further pledged for very considerable

30 suns on account of the many impor. Nonpareil Bible, 12 mo. in calf tant undertakings in which it is now

Brev. Welsh Test. 12mo.in sheep 10 engaged.

The business of the Society is conducted by a Committee of 36 laymen, In our next number we shall grati. 6 of wbom must be foreigners resident fy our readers with copious extracts in London, or 'its vicinity ; half the from the last Report of the Directors remainder, members of the Church of the London Missionary Society, of England; and the other half, mem- from the latest No. of the Periodibers of other denominations of Chris. cal Accounts relative to the Baptist hans,

Missionary Society."


Literary Intelligence.


alarmed at the number of parishes Present state of the Clergy.-On oc. which remain destitute of religious casion of the Lent of the present assistance, and of those which are Tear M. de Maddolx, bishop of threatened with the same calamity : Amiens, published an exhortatory especially when we reflect that note addressed to his diocesans, in among those who remain, 343 are which are the following observations. more than 70 years of age, 94 have “ We have learnel, with the most passed that age, and others more loadlively grief, that many of our dioce. ed with infirmities than with years sans refuse to pay that light contribu- are apparently on the borders of tion which we had fixed towards the eternity.” This representation agrees support of our seminary for clerical with what we have read in the French elucation. Are you then ignorant, journals, that the minister of religmy dear Christian brethren, that ion received in one day four notices death mows down your pastors, and from mayors of different towns, that that we every day experience the they had performed divine worship on heaviest losses? Two years are not one Sunday, there being no priest in elapsed since we bave sat on the epis. the neighbourhood whom they could copal seat of Amiens, and already 101 obtain for that purpose. It is underpriests have sunk under their painful stood that the starving salary of the labours: in the same time we have priesthood is the cause of this ; as no only ordained four : we are therefore young men will enter on a course of Vel. Jll. No. 5.

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life which does not admit the hopes among whom were 59 from 90 to 100, of a maintenance. Those who see one of 101, one of 102, one of 106, one every thing done by Bonaparte and of 111 years. The number of births Talleyrand in the worst light, con- was 10,876. ceive that this is their plan for the extinction of Christianity, by extinguishing the priesthood! In some Decrease of Population.-Rome. places recourse has been had to char. According to a recent census of the itable contributions. How far this population of this city, the number of disposition may spread over France, inhabitants is diminished in a very or to what degree it may be perma- striking degree. It is at present only nent, or what 'may result from these 134,973 persons of every age and con. circumstances, we cannot pretend to dition. It was in 1788 upwards of foresee.

165,000; and in 1794 it was more French Statistics. -The French re. than 167,000. The principal diminuport the population of the 112 depart. tion appears to have been first perceiv. ments of that kingdom at 36,060,104 ed in 1798, in which year the number persons. The land forces, in 1805, at of inhabitants was 151,000. 607,671. The revenues at 256,500,000 francs.--The Confederation of the

ROLY LAND PILLAGED. Rhine, they report at - population Genoa, March 18. Father Louis, 7,008, 122; military force 80,000.- deputy commissary of the Convent of Revenues 44,674,000 florins. Peace at Genoa, who went from hence The kingdom of Italy - population July 22, 1805, to visit the Holy Land, 5,439,555; military force 60,000; and to carry the usual offering to the

60,000,000 forins.-The convent of Nazareth, returned yesterkingdom of Holland — population , day; and reports that the rebel We1,881,880 ; military force 18,057 ; habis had lately over-run Judeá, had revenues 50,000,000 forins.

pillaged the Christian treasury, and Phenomenon.– A most extraordina. had laid all the French, Italian, Spanry child, was, on the 4th of May, pre- ish, Turkish and Armenian inhabi. sented to the Society of Physicians, tants under contribution. at Bordeaux, where he was minutely examined. This boy is five years old, was born in Dauphine, near Va. Earthquake.--Lisbon, Yune 12. At lence, and is called Chacrelas Euro- four o'clock in the afternoon, on Satpeen ; by this name M. Buffon de- urday last, the 6 inst. a shock of an scribes those men which are born earthquake was felt here, of very much spotted and speckled of colours differ- more force, and longer continuance, ent from that of their nature. He is than has been experienced since the of two colours, although born of white dreadful one in the year 1755. In all parents ; he is quite black from the parts of the city and suburbs the foot to the hip, and also his arms up houses were abandoned, and the into the neck ; the other part of his habitants, on their knees, and the body is white strewed with black greater part in most pitious and laspots of different sizes, which spots mentable tones, supplicated the Di. are covered with long and thick hairs; vine Mercy. The universal impres. his beard is as grey as that of a man sion was, that a shock so alarming 50 or 60 years of age; his figure is would be presently followed by others very handsome and white, and his fea- more fatal, and while some with a tures regular; his physiognomy is pious resignation awaited the expectcomely, with a smiling countenance ; ed cricis, others gave way to a franhis eye penetrating ; his voice very tic despair ; and nothing could ex soft; and, considering his age, he an- ceed the general horror. Happily, swers well to all questions of a trifling however, it terminated with the first nature.

great shock. The dread which it

excited caused vast numbers to leare Statistics, Vienna.- In the course of the city, and to pass that night in the the year 1806 died in the city and sub- open fields, but an undisturbed tranurbs of Vienna, 20,359 persons ; quillity continued, which in the course



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of the next day restored order, and offences, and the passages of the Ko. dispelled the agitations which more ran which condeinned those offences. or less every one suffered.

The people were invited to remain It was equally felt at Cintra, and tranquil, and mind their aflairs. On at Mafra, where the Royal Family the 26th, Mustapha, the son of Achwere. The Princess, who possesses met, was proclaimed grand Seignior, great fortitude and presence of mind, It is remarkable, that during the snatched up her infant, and ran with whole of this revolution but few disit in her arms into the garden ; the orders were committed. The mass Prince Regent sunk under the alarm, of the people took no part at all; $0 and remained insensible for a consid: that we attribute this catastrophe to erable time.

soine Chiefs of Parties yet unknown, Of the many shocks that have been and to the Janissaries. All foreignfelt here since 1755, two only have been ers have been ordered to be respect. distinguished as materially alarming; ed.-We are assured that the grand but neither of them is considered as Vizier made no resistance to the or. equal, by any means, either in point der sent to him, and was strangled. of violence or duration, to that of Of the Captain Pacha we know noth which I write.

ing. The Grand Vizier had gained A subsequent shock, but of so some successes before he died; he Blight a nature, as not to be felt by passed the Danube at Ismail, and the generality of the people, is as- forced Gen. Michelson to retire from certained to bave occurved about Wallachia to Foksany and Rimnick. eight o'clock on Wednesday morn. Statistics of the Empire.-The Tel. ing the 10th instant. It was felt egraphe French paper, states the exmore sensibly at Mafra and other tent of Turkey at 49,173 square places then here.

miles ; population 25,380,000; of which Turkey in Europe is 11.968

square miles, containing 11,040,000 Revolution at Constantinople. The

inhabitants. Asiatic Turkey is Emperor Selim is no more, the dis. 24,262 square miles, containing contents, occasioned among the peo. 11,090,000 inhabitants. Egypt, ple by the scarcity of provisions, and 12,943 square miles ; containing among the Janissaries by the Europe. 3,200,000 inhabitants. The number an exercise and discipline, furnished of inhabitants in Constantinople is the enemies of Government with an stated at 500,000. The land forces occasion to excite an insurrection,

of the Porte in 1804 were 266,454 which cost the unhappy Sultan his men ; irregulars 60,000.; of which throne and life.-On the 24th of May, the Janissaries are 113,406; the Spathe Mufti, at the head of the male his '132,054, Methardchies 6,000, Arcontents, repaired with 800 Janissa. tillery 15,000. Tbe maritime rims to the Seraglio, and read to him strength of this Empire was 12 ships a list of his pretended offences, re- of the line, 6 frigates, 5 smaller vessels, cited passages from the Koran, which The revenues of the Imperial declared him, on account of those Treasury amounted to 2,000,000, and offences, unworthy of the Throne, and that of the Empire to 44,942,500 ordered him to sigo a renunciation of piastres.

The debts of the State it.-Selim seeing no means of resist. amount to 53,350,000 piastres. ance signed the Deed of Renuncia

[Panorama. tion, and begged his life. The Muf. ti promised to intercede for him. His person was then secured, and four- An Imperial Decree was obtained teen of his principal Ministers were in January, 1807, forbidding all per. part to death. Couriers were sent to sons from speaking in any church, the Camp and the Dardanelles, to ar- without permission from the bishop fest and strangle the Grand Vizier of the diocese. It appears that cer. and the Captain Pacha.-On the 25th tain churches have lately become the of May, a Proclamation was publish- talking places of the inconsiderate, to ed in Constantinople, to announce the scandal of the sedate. to the people that the Sultan had been Premiums and rewards are held dethroned, and to make known his out by the Minister of the Interior,







for the culture of cotton in the southern provinces of France ; and every Mr. Wilberforce's “View of Chris. agriculturist, who inclines to attempt tianity” is translated into German at this branch of his profession, may re. Frankfort.

(Ch. Oba. ceive from the Prefect of the Department where he resides, as much seed of this plant, as he deems necessary. The following is a list of all the cit- Saturday, July 11th, 1807.

His ies in France which contain a popu. Royal Highness the Duke of Glou. lation of thirty thousand people and cester laid the foundation stone of a upwards.

new asylum, for the indigent deat' and Paris....... 547,756 Strasburgh 49,056 dumb to be erected nearly opposite Marseilles 96,413 Cologne.... 42,706 the Bricklayers' arnis, in the Kent Bourdeaux 99,992 Orleans..... 41,937 road. His Royal Highness set an Lyons....... 88,919 Amiens..... 41,279 example of liberality by subscribing Rouen...... 87,000 Nismes..... 39,594 50 guineas. The Lord Mayor gave Turin ...... 79,000 Bruges

33 632 50, and H. Thornton, Esq. M. P. 49. Nantz ....... 77,162 Angers, 33,000 Several persons of distinction attend. Brussels.... 66,297 Montpellier 32,723 ed the ceremony, and the windows in Antwerp... 56,318 Metz 32,099 the road were crowded with spectaGhent....... 55,1611Caen........ 30,923

The first Surry regiment of Lisle......... 54,756 Rheims.... 30,225 volunteers were drawn up to receive Toulouse... 50,171 Alexandria 30,000 his Royal Highness suitably io bix Liege.. 50,000 Clermont... 30,000 rank.


List of new publications.

A Sun,mary of Christian Doctrines tant work of religious education will and Duties ; designed principally for be duly appreciated. those inhabitants of new settlements The Inaugural Address delivered who have not the opportunity or means

in Brunswick, Sept. 2, 1802, by the of procuring books upon religious Rev. Joseph M’Kean, A. M and subjects. Concord. George Hough. A. A. S. at his entrance on the duties May, 1807. This pamphlet contains of President of Bowdoin College ; a very clear and scriptural display of with an Eulogy pronounced at his doctrinal and practical religion, and funeral, by the Rev. William Jenks. deserves to be numbered among the Portland. T. B. Wait, & Co. 1807. most useful tracts for general distri- A Discourse delivered in the First bution.

Church, Boston, on the anniversary of Two Minor Catechisms, for the use the Massachusetts Humane Society, of parents and instructers in teaching June 9, 1807. By William Emerson, their children and pupils. by Joseph

A. A. S. S. H. S. Pastor of the First Emerson, Pasior of church in Bey- Church in Boston. Boston, Munroe erly. The author has it in contem- & Francis. 1807. plation to publish "a Reference Cate- A Sermon, preached in Brattle chism, containing questions principal Street Church, Boston, September ly historical, answered mostly by re- 25, 1807, before the Managers of the ferring to scripture; for the use of Boston Female Asylum, schools and families. To which will seventh anniversary. By Jedidiale be prefixed the Minor Doctrinal Cat. Morse, D. D. Minister of the Coil, echism, and Historical Catechisms gregational Church, in Charlestowili already published.” The design of the Boston, Russell & Cutler. 1807. author is to be highly approved, and The Domestic Chaplain. Being it is hoped his pious attempt to assist fifty-two short lectures, with appro: parents and instructers in the impor- priate bymus, on the most interesting




subjects, for every Lord's day in the Two Discourses on the Perpetuity year, designed for the improvement and Provision of God's gracious Covof families of every Christian denom- enant with Abraham and his Seed. ination. By John Stanford, A. M. By Samuel Worcester, A. M. Pastor New York. T. & J. Swords.

of the Tabernacle Church in Salem, On the Unity of Christ's Church. Second Edition, revised. To which A Sermon, delivered in the town- are annexed Letters to the Rev. T. house in Middleborough, April 16, Baldwin, D. D, on his book entitled 1807, before Christians of several de The Baptism of Believers only, &c, nominations. By Jos. Barker, A.M. Salem. Haven Pool. 1807. Pastor of the First Church in Middleborough. Boston. Lincoln & Ed. mands. 1807.

Samuel Mackay, A. M. Professor The Life of George Washington, of the French language in Boston, procommander in chief of the armies of poses to publish hy subscription, a the United States of America, through. Chronological Abridgment of the out the war which established their French Revolution, from the year independence, and first president of 1787 to the year 1792, including the the United States. By David Ram. most astonishing events, which distin, say, M. D. author of The History of guish that memorable era ; to serve the American Revolution, lvol. 8vo. as an introduction to a subsequent pp. 400. Ornamented with an engrav. uninterrupted Historical Corresponded Head of Washington. Price to ence, of about 1500 original letters, subscribers, in boards, $2,50. Provi. written by men of talents, rank, repudence, R. Island. E.S. Thomas. 1807. tation and honour ; which will com

A Spelling Dictionary, divided into plete a full History of France, from short lessons, for the easier commits that period, and without chasm, to ting to memory by children and young the peace with Austria, after the batpersons; and calculated to assist tle of Austerlitz. youth in comprehending what they Dr. Ramsay has prepared for the read: selected from Johnson's Dic- press a new edition of his History of tionary for the use of her pupils. By the American Revolution. He has Susanna Rowson, 12mo. Pp. 132. carefully revised what was formerly Boston. J. West. 1807.

published, and added two chapters The New England Farrier ; being a of original matter : One exhibiting a compendium of farriery. In four parts. connected bistory of the British coloWherein most of the Diseases, to nies, now the United States, as far as which Horses, Neat Cattle, Sheep, the same is illustrative of the revoluand Swine are subject, are treated of; tion, its origin, principles, predispos. with medical and surgical operations ing causes, and of such events as pre. thereon : Being the result of many pared the way for the grand event. years' experience. Intended for the The last chapter, or rather appendix use of private gentlemen and farmers. to the revolutionary history, will con, By Paul Jewett, of Rowley. Salem. tain a brief view of the United States,

A Discourse delivered in the First since the revolution, down so near to Baptist Meeting House in Boston, on the present time as will be suitable. Wednesday, August 19, 1897, by Jo- In this chapter the order of time will seph Clay, A. M On the occasion of not be followed, but the order of his installation to the pastoral care of things connected together in one unthe First Baptist Church and Society broken view relative to the same subin said town. 8vo. pp. 40. Boston. ject. The relations between this Manning & Loring,

country, Britain, France and Spain, The Heavenly Footman ;

or a de.

for example, will be unfolded, each scription of the man that gets to heav- separately from first to last. If the en. Together with the Way he runs blessings of peace are continued to in; the Marks he goes by ; and Di- our country, we may expect soon to be rections how to run, so as to obtain. favoured with this valuable and popBę John Bunyan. Boston. Lincoln ular work, which has long been out * Edmands. 1807.

ef print,

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