Let us pray.

upon us.

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Then the Priest fall fay, the world cannot give, that

both our hearts may be set O Lord, shew thy mercy toobey thy commandments,

and also that by thee we beAnsw. And grant us thy ing defended from the fear salvation.

of our enemies, may pass Prieft. O Lord, save the our time in rest and quietKing.

ness, through the merits of Answ. And mercifully hear Jesus Christ our Saviour. us when we call upon thee. Amen.

Prieft. Endue thy Mini- The third Collect, for lidasters with righteousness.

gainst all Perils. Answ. And make thy Lighten our darkness, we chosen people joyful.

beseech thee, O Lord ; Priest. O Lord, save thy and by thy great mercy depeople.

fend us from all perils and Answ. And bless thine dangers of this night, for the inheritance.

love of thy only Son, our SaPriest. Give peace in our viour Jesus Christ. Amen. time, O Lord.

Here may a Psalm or Hymn
Answ. For we acknow-
ledge no Author of Peace A Prayer for the King's
I and Happiness, but only

Majesty. thee, O God,

ther, high and mighty, clean our hearts within us. King of kings, Lord of

Arsw. And take not thy lords, the only Ruler of Holy Spirit from us. Princes, who dost from thy Then shall follow three Col- throne behold all the dwellers leats; The first of the Day; upon earth; most heartily The second for Peace; The we beseech thee with thy fathird for Aid against all Pe- vour to behold our most grarils, as hereafter followeth : cious Sovereign Lord King which two last Collects shall GEORGE, and so replenilu be daily said at Evening him with the grace of thy

Prayer without Alteration. Holy Spirit, that he may The second Collect at Evening always incline to thy will, Prayer.

and walk in thy way: Endue O God, from whom all him plenteously with hea

holy defires, all good venly gifts, grant him in counsels, and all just works health and wealth long to do proceed ; give unto thy live, strengthen him that he servants that peace which may vanquish and overcome

be sung

Prief. O God, make Lord, our heavenly Fa



enemies ; and finally after they may truly please thee, this life, he may attain ever- pour upon them the continua lasting joy and felicity, thro' aldew of thy blessing. Grant Jesus Christ our Lord. A- this, O Lord, for the honour

of our Advocate and Media A Prayer for the Royal Fa- ator, Jesus Christ. Amen, mily.

A concluding Prayer. Almighty God, the foun- ALmighty God, who hast

tain of all goodness, given us grace at this we humbly beseech thee to time with one accord to bless all the Royal Family : make our common supplicaEndue them with thy Holy tions unto thee; and by thy Spirit; enrich them with beloved Son doft promise thy heavenly grace; prof- that when two or three are per them with all happiness; gathered together in his and bring them to thine Name, thou wilt grant their everlasting kingdom, thro' requests : Fulfil now, O Jesus Christ our Lord. A. Lord, the desires and petiti

ons of thy servants, as may A Prayer for the Clergy and be most expedient for them; People.

granting us in this world, Almighty, and everlaft- knowledge of thy truth, and

ing God, who art the in the world to come, life giver of every good and everlasting. Amen. perfect gift, Send down

2 Cor. 13. 14. upon our Bishops, Priests, THE grace of our Lord and Deacons, and all Con Jesus Christ, and the gregations committed to love of God, and the fellowtheir charge, the healthful ship of the Holy Ghost, be Spirit of thy grace; and that with you all evermore. Amen. Here endeth the Order of Evening Prayer, throughout the Year.


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Here followeth the Litany or General Supplication, to be

fung or faid after Morning Prayer, every Lord's-day,
and at other times when it shall be thought convenient. ;

God our Heavenly server of all things, have mer-
Father, the Creator cy upon us miserable finners.

and Preserver of all Through the Intercession things, have mercy upon us of thy only begotten Son, miferable finners.

our Saviour Jesus Chrift, O God our Heavenly Fa- have mercy upon us miferather, the Creator and Pre- ble finners.



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Through the Intercession of fire and famine, from war;
thy only begotten Son, our Sa- and murder, and from an
viour Jesus Christ, have mer- unprepared death ;
cy upon us miserable finners. Good Lord, deliver us.

By the Direction and From all sedition, privy
Guidance of thy Holy Spi- conspiracy and rebellion,
rit, the Comforter, have from all false doctrine, he-
mercy upon us miserable fin- refie,and schifm, from hard-

ness of heart, and contempt
By the DireEtion and Gui- of thy Word and Com-
dance of thy Holy Spirit, the mandment;
Comforter, have mercy upon Good Lord, deliver us.
us miserable finners.

By the mystery of thy
Remember not, O Lord, Son's holy Incarnation ; by
our offences, nor the offen- his holy Nativity and Cir-
ces of our forefathers, nei- cumcision ; by his Baptism,
ther take thou vengeance of Fasting, and Temptation ;
our fins : spare us, good Good Lord, deliver us.
Lord, spare thy people By his Agony and bloody
whom thou haft redeemed Sweat ; by his Cross and
with thy Sons most precious Passion ; by his precious
blood, and be not angry Death and Burial ; and by
with us for ever;

his glorious Resurrection and
Spare us, good Lord.

From all evil and mischief, Good Lord, deliver us.
from fin, from the crafts In all time of our tribu-
and assaults of the devil, lation ; in all time of our
from thy wrath, and from wealth ; in the hour of
everlasting damnation ; death, and in the day of

Good Lord, deliver us. judgment;

From all blindness of Good Lord, deliver us.
- heart, from pride, vain-glo We finners do beseech
ry, and hypocrisie ; from thee to hear us, O Lord
envy, hatred and malice, God: and that it may please
and all uncharitableness; thee to rule and govern thy

Good Lord, deliver us. holy Church universal in

From fornication, and all the right way ;
other heinous fins; and from We befeech thee to hear us,
all the deceits of the world, good Lord.
the flesh, and the devil ; That it may please thee to

Good Lord, deliver us. keep and strengthen in the

From lightning and tem- true worshipping of thee, in dest, from plague, pestilence, righteousness and holiness of


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life, thy Servant GEORGE, That it may please thee our most gracious King and to bless and keep the MagiGovernor;

strates ; giving them grace We befeech thee to hear us, to execute justice, and to good Lord.

maintain truth ; That it may please thee to We befeech thee to hear us, guide his heart in thy faith, good Lord. fear, and love ; and that he That it may please thee may evermore have affiance to bless and keep all thy in thee, and ever seek thy people ; honour and glory;

We beseech thee ta hear US, We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord. good Lord.

That it may please thee That it may please thee to give to all nations, unity, to be his defender and keep- peace, and concord ; er, giving him the Victory We beseech thee to hear us, over all his and thy enemies; good Lord. We beseech thee to hear us, That it may please thee

to give us an heart to love That it may please thee and dread thee, and dilito bless and preferve all the gently to live after thy comRoyal Family ;

mandments ; We befeech thee to hear us, We befeech thee to hear us,

good Lord.

good Lord.

good Lord.

good Lord.

That it may please thee That it may please thee to illuminate all Bishops, to give to all thy people inPriests, and Deacons, with crease of grace, to hear true knowledge and under- meekly thy Word, and to ftanding of thy Word, and receive it with pure affecthat both by their preaching tion, and to bring forth the and living they may fet it fruits of the Spirit ; forth, and shew it accor We befeech thee to hear us, dingly;

We beseech thee to hear us, That it may please thee good Lord.

to bring into the way of That it may please thee truth all such as have erred to endue the Privy Council, and are deceived ; and all the Nobility, with We befeech thee to hear us, grace, wisdom, and under- good Lord. standing ;

That it may please thee to We beseech thee to hear us, strengthen such as do stand,

and to comfort and help the weak-hearted, and to raise


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good Lord,

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good Lord.


up them that fall, and final- secutors, and flanderers, and ly to beat down Satan under to turn their hearts

; our feet;

We befeech thee to hear us, We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. good Lord,

That it may please thee That it may please thee to give and preserve to our to succour, help, and com- use the fruits of the earth, fort all that are in danger, fo as in due time we may necessity, and tribulation ; enjoy them;

We befeech thee to hear us, We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

That it may please thee That it may please thee to preserve all that travel

to give us true repentance, upon their lawful occasions, to forgive us all our lins, negby land or by water, with ligences, and ignorances, all women labouring of and to endue us with the child.

grace of thy Holy Spirit, to We beseech thee to hear us, amend our lives according to good Lord.

thy holy Word; That it may please thee We beseech thee to hear us, to have mercy upon all sick good Lord. persons, (especially those for Priest. O Lord, deal not whom our Prayers are de with us after our fins. fired ;] to shew thypity upon Answ. Neither reward us all prisoners and captives, after our iniquities. and upon those that suffer for righteousness fake ;

God, merciful Father, We befeech thee to bear us, that despiseft not the good Lord.

fighing of a contrite heart, That it may please thee nor the desire of such as be to defend and provide for forrowful; Mercifully affift all young and fatherless us in our Prayers that we children, for all widows, make before thee in all our and those that are defolate troubles and adversities, and oppreffed ;

whenfoever they oppress us; We beseech thee to hear us, and graciously hear us, that good Lord.

those evils which the craft That it may please thee to and subtilty of the devil or have mercy upon all men; man worketh against us, be

We befcech thee to bear us, brought to nought, and by good Lord.

the providence of thy goodThat it may please thee ness they may be dispersed, to forgive our enemies, per- that we thy servants, being


Let us pray.



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