2 Cor. 13. 14.

love of God, and the fellowT He grace of our Lord ship of the Holy Ghost, be

Jesus Christ, and the with us all evermore. Amer.

Here enderb tbe Order of Morning Prayer, throughout the Year.

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The Service may begin with some of these Sentences.

HEN the to the Lord your God: for wicked Man he is gracious and merciful, turneth away flow to anger, and of great from his wick- kindness, and repenteth him

edness that he of the evil. Joel 2. 13. hath committed, and doth To the Lord our God bethat which is lawful and long mercies and forgivenesright, he shall save his soul ses, though we have rebelled alive. Ezek. 18. 27. against him : neither have

I acknowledge my tranf- we obeyed the voice of the gressions, and any sin is ever Lord our God, to walk in before me. Pfal. 51. 3. his Laws, which he set be

Hide thy face from my fore us. Dar, 9. 9, 10. fins, and blot out all mine O Lord, correct us, but iniquities. Psal. 51. 9. with Judgment; not in thine

The facrifices of God are anger, left thou bring us to a broken spirit: a broken nothing. Jer. 10. 24. Psal. and a contrite heart, O God, 6. 1. thou wilt not despise. Psal. Repent ye; for the king51, 17.

dom of heaven is at hand. Rent your hearts, and not S. Matth. 3. 2. your garments, and turn un

I will arise and go to my

father, and will fay unto hands, to set forth his most him; Father, I have finned worthy praise, to hear his against heaven, and before moft holy word, and to ask thee, and am 110 more wore those things which are rethy to be called thy son. quisite and necessary, as well S. Luke 15. 18, 19. for the body as the soul.

Enter not into judgment Wherefore I pray and bewith thy fervants, O Lord; feech you, as many as are for in thy fight shall no man here present, to accompany living be justified. Pfal. me with a pure heart, and 143. 2.

humble voice,

unto the If we say that we have no throne of the heavenly grace, fin, we deceive our selves, saying after me. and the truth is not in us. A general Confession to be said But if we confess our Sins, of the whole Congregation, God is faithful and just to after the Minister,allkneel. forgive us our sins, and to ing. cleanse us from all unrigh- Almighty and moft merteousness. 1 S. John 1. 8, 9. ciful Father; we have DEarly beloved

bre- erred and strayed from thy thren, the Scripture ways like loft sheep. We moveth us in sundry places have followed too much the to acknowledge and confess devices and desires of our our manifold fins and wick- own hearts. We have of edness; and that we should fended against thy holy laws. not difsemble nor cloke them We have left undone those before the face of Almighty things which we ought to God, our heavenly Father'; have done ; And we have but confess them with an done those things which we humble, lowly, penitent, and ought not to have done; And obedient heart; to the end there is no health in us. But that we may obtain forgive- thou, O Lord, have mercy ness of the same, by his infi- upon us, miserable offenders. nite goodness and mercy. Spare thou them, O God,

we ought at all which confess their faults : times bumbly to acknow- Restore thou them that are ledge our sins before God, penitent : According to thy so ought we particularly fo promises declared unto manto do, when we afiemble and ind in Christ Jesus our meet together, to render Lord. And grant, O moft thanks for the great benefits merciful Father, for his fake; that we have received at his That we may hereafter live

a godly,

And as

a godly, righteous, and so- our daily bread. And forber life, To the glory of thy give us our*tres

Debts, as holy Name. Amen. passes, as we for- we forgive The Absolution or Remiffion give them that our Debtors.

of fins, to be pronounced treffpass against us. And lead by the Bishop or Priest a us not into temptation ; But lone, standing ; the People deliver us fromte- † The owil. Aill kneeling.

vil: For thine One. ", Almighty God, the Fa- the kingdom, the power,

ther of our Lord Je- and the glory, For ever and sus Chrift, who defireth not ever. Amen. the death of a finner, but Then likewise be fall say. rather that he may turn O Lord, open thou our from hiswickedness and live; lips. and hath given power and Answ. And our mouth commandment to his Mini- fhall shew forth thy praise. fters, to declare and pro Prieft. O God, make nounce to his people, being speed to save us. penitent, the absolution and Answ. O Lord, make remiffion of their fins: He haste to help us. pardoneth and absolveth all Here all standing up, the them that truly repent, and Prieft fall fay. unfeignedly believe his ho Glory be to the Father, ly Gospel. Wherefore we through the Song in the beseech him to grant us true Holy Ghost ; repentance, and his Holy Answ. As it was in the Spirit, that those things may beginning, is now, and ever please him which we do at thall be, world without end. this present, and that the Amen. sest of our life hereafter may Priet. Praise ye the Lord. be pure and holy, so that at Anfw, The Lord's Name the last we may come to his be praised. eternal joy, through Jesus Then shall be said or fung the Christ our Lord.

Pfalms in order as they are Then the Minister Mall kneel, appointed. Then a Lesson

and say the Lord's Prayer ; of the Old Testament, as is the People also kneeling, appointed : And after that, and repeating it with him. on Sundays and Holidays, OUR Father, which art the Song of the blessed Vir

in Heaven ; Hallowed gin Mary, as followeth. be thy Name. Thy King

S. Luke 1. 46. dom come. Thy will be :

Y foul doth magnify done on Earth, As it is in the Lord, and my fpiHeaven. Give us this day




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rit bath rejoiced in God my

With his own right hand, Saviour.

and with his holy arm, hach For he hath regarded the he gotten himself the victolowliness of his hand-maid- sy.

The Lord declared his For behold, from hence- salvation, his righteousness forth all generations Thall hath he openly Thewed in call me blessed.

the fight of the heathen. For he that is mighty He hath remembred his hath magnified me, and ho. mercy and truth toward the ly is his Name.

house of Israel: and all the And his mercy is on them ends of the world have seen that fear him, throughout the salvation of our God. all generations.

Shew yourselves joyful He hath shewed strength unto the Lord, all ye lands ; with his arm: he hath scat- sing, rejoice, and give tered the proud in the ima- thanks. gination of their hearts

Praise the Lord upon the He hath put down the harp, fing to the harp with mighty from their seat, and a psalm of thanksgiving. hath exalted the humble and With trumpets also and meek.

shawms: O fhew your selves He hath filled the hungry joyful before the Lord the with good things, and the King. rich he hath sent empty a

Let the sea make a noise, away.

and all that therein is, the He remembring his mer- round world, and they that cy, hath holpen his servant dwell therein. Israel, as he promised to our Let the floods clap their forefathers, Abraham and hands, and let the hills be his feed for ever.

joyful together before the Glory be to the Father, Lord, for he cometh to through the Son, in the Ho- judge the earth. ly Ghoft;

With righteousness shall
As it was in the begin- he judge the world, and the
ning, is now, and ever shall people with equity.
be, world without end. A Glory be to the Father, &c.

As it was in the, &c.
On Saturdays this Psalm shall' Then a Leson of the new Teft-
be used instead of the other. ament, as it is appointed:
Psalm 98.

And after that, on Sundays
Sing unto the Lord a and Holidays, the Song of

new song , for he hath Simeon, as followeth. done marvellous things.

S. Luka

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S. Luke 2. 29.



Then shall the earth bring L Ord, now lettest thou forth her increafe: and God,

thy servant depart in even our own God, shall peace according to thy give us his bleffing. word.

God shall bless us; and For mine eyes have seen all the ends of the world thy salvation,

shall-fear him. Which thou hast prepared Glory be to the Father, before the face of all peo. through the Son, in the ple,

Holy Ghoft; To be a light to lighten As it was in the beginning, the Gentiles, and to be the is now, and ever shall be, glory of thy people Ifrael. world without end. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, Then may this Creed be rethrough the Son, in the peated by the Minister and Holy Ghost;

the People, standing
As it was in the begin; I Believe in God, the Fa:
ning, is now, and ever hall ther Almighty; Maker
be, world without end. A- of heaven and earth :

And in Jesus Christ, his
On Sundays this Psalm fhall only begotten Son,
be used, instead of the other. Lord, Who was conceived
Psalm 68.

by the Holy Ghost, Born of GOD

OD be merciful unta the Virgin Mary, Suffered

us, and blefs, us: and under Pontius Pilate, Was shew us the light of his crucified, dead and buried, countenance, and be mer: [He descended into the invi. ciful unto us:

fible world;]The third day That thy way may be he rose again from the dead, known upon earth: thy fa- He ascended into heaven, ving health among all na. And fitteth on the right tions.

hand of God the Father Al-, Let the people praise thee, mighty ; From thence he O God: yea, let all the Thall come to judge the quick ple praise thee,

and the dead. O let the nations rejoice I believe in the Holy and be glad : for thou shalt Ghoft; [I believe the holy judge the folk righteously, Catholick Church ; The and govern the nations upon Communion of Saints ; ) carth.

The Forgivenefs of Sins ; Let the people praise thee, The Resurrection of the O God: yea, let all the peo- Body, and the Life everple praise thee.

lafting. Amen.


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