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Let us pray.

The Litany. hurt by no persecutions or honour and glory, through adversities, may evermore ouronly Mediator and Advom give thanks unto thee in thy cate, Jesus Christ our Lord. holy Church, through Jesus Amen. Christ our Lord.

Note, Here the Lord's Praya O Lord, arise,helpus,and deli- er may be used, if it have not ver

us for thy Name's sake. been used already.
God we have heard with

A concluding Prayer.
our ears, and our fathers A Lmighty God, who hast

given us grace at this noble works that thou didst time with one accord to make in their days, and in the old our common fupplications time before them.

unto thee ; and by thy beO Lord, arise, help us,and de- loved Son dost promise,

liver us for thine Honour. that when two or three are Glory be to the Father, &c. gathered together in his Answ. As it was in the, &c. Namne, thou wilt grant their

requests; fulfil now, O Lord, W

E humbly beseech the desires and petitions of

thee, O Father, mer- thy servants, as may be most cifully to look upon our in- expedient for them ; grantfirmities ; and for the glory ing us in this world, knowof thy Name, turn from us ledge of thy truth, and in the all those evils that we most world to come,

life everlastrighteously have deserved ; ing. Amen. and grant that in all our troubles we may put our

THe grace of our Lord whole trust and confidence Jesus Christ, and the in thy mercy, and evermore love of God, and the fellowserve thee in holiness and ship of the holy Ghost, be pureness of living, to thy with you all evermore. Amen. Prayers and Thanksgivings, upon several Occasions, to be used before the two final Prayers of the Litany, or of Morning and Evening Prayer. PRAYERS

things necessary to their Bon For Rain.

dily Sustenance ; Send us we God heavenly Fa- beseech thee, in this our nesher, who by thy ceffity, such moderate rain

Son Jesus Christ and showers, that we may haft promised to all them receive the fruits of the earth that seek thy kingdom, and to our comfort, and to thy the righteousness thereof, all


2 Cor. 13. 14.

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honour, thro' Jesus Christ

Or this. our Lord. Amen.

O God, merciful Father, For fair Weather,

who in the time of EliAlmighty Lord God, ha the prophet didst sud

who for the sin of man denly in Samaria turn great didst once drown all the scarcity and dearth into plenworld, except eight persons, ty and cheapness ; Have and afterward, of thy great mercy upon ús: that we who mercy, didst promise never are now for our fins punishto destroy it so again ; We ed with like adversity, may humbly beseech thee, that likewise find a seasonable realtho' we for our iniquities lief: Increase the fruits of have worthily deserved a the earth by thy heavenly plague of rain and waters, benediction; and grant that yet upon our true repentance we recieving thy bountiful thou wilt send us such wea- liberality, may use the same ther, that we may recieve to thy glory, the relief of the fruits of the earth in due those that are needy, and feafon; and learn both by our own comfort, thro' Jethy ponishment to amend fus Christ our Lord. Amen. our lives ; and for thy cle- In the time of War and Tumencyto give thee praise

mults. and glory, through Jesus Almighty God, King of our Lord. Amen.

all kings, and Governor In the time of Dearth and of all things, whose power Famine.

no creature is able to resist, O God, heavenly Father, to whom it belongeth juftly

whose gift it is that the to punih finners, and to be rain doth fall, the earth is merciful to them that truly fruitful, beasts increase, and repent; Save and deliver us, fiths do multiply; Behold, we humbly beseech thee, we beseech thee, the afflicti- from the hands of those ons of thy people, and grant that are unjustly our ethat the scarcity and dearth nemies; abate their pride, (which we do now most affwage their malice, and juftly suffer for our iniqui- confound their devices; that ty) may thro' thy goodness we, being armed with thy be mercifully turned into defence, may be preserved cheapness and plenty, for the evermore from all perils, to love of Jesus Christ our glorifie thee, who art the Lord; to whom with thee, on!y giver of all victory, in the Holy Ghoft be all ho- thro' the merits of thy only sour and glory, now and Son Jesus Christ our Lord. for ever. Amen.



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In the time of any common And to those which shall be

Plague and Sickness. ordained to any holy Func-
O Almighty

God, who in tion, give thy grace and heathy wrath didft send a venly benediction, that both plague upon thine own peo- by their life and doctrine, ple in the wilderness, for they may set forth thy glory, their obstinate rebellion a and set forward the salvatigainst Moses and Aaron; and on of all men, thro' Jesus also in the time of King Da. Christ our Lord. Amen. vid didft Nay with the plague

Or this. of pestilence threescore and Almighty God, the giver ten thousand, and yet, re of all good gifts, who membring thy mercy, didst of thy divine providence haft save the rest; Have pity up- appointed divers Orders in on us, miserable finners, thy Church; give thy grace, who now are visited with we humbly befeech theran great sickness and mortality; to all those who are to be that like as thou didst then called to any office and ada accept of an atonement, and ministration in the same ; didft command the destroy- and so replenish them with ing Angel to cease from pu- the truth of thy doctrine, nishing; so it may now and endue them with inplease thee to withdraw from nocency of life, that they us this plague and grievous may faithfully serve before fickness, thro' Jesus Christ thee, to the glory of thy our Lord, Amen.

great Name, and the benefit For those that are to be admite of thy holy Church, thro'

ed into holy Orders. Jesus Christ our Lord. A ALmighty God, our hea.

venly Father, who haft A Prayer for the King, and purchased to thy self an upi all that are in Authority, versal Church, by the preci- Most gracious God; we ous blood of thy dear Son ; humbly beseech thee, mercifully look upon the as for this kingdom in gesame ; and at this time so neral, lo especially for our guide and govern the minds Sovereign Lord the King, of thy servants, the Bishops, the Privy Council, [the Parand Pastors of thy flock, that liament now affembled, Jand they may lay hands suddenly all that are in authority: on no man, but faithfully That thou would it be pleafand wisely make choice of fit ed to direct and prosper persons to serve in the facred all their consultations, to ministry of thy Church. the advancement of thy glo


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ry, the good of thy Church, thy faving health unto all the safety, honour, and wel- nations. More especially we fare of our Sovereign and his pray for the good estate of kingdoms; that all things the Catholick Church; that may be so ordered and set- it may be so guided and gotled by their endeavours, up- verned by thy good Spirit, on the best and surest foun- that all who profess and call dations, that peace and hap- themselves Christians may piness, truth and justice, re- be led into the way of truth, Jigion and piety may be esta- and hold the faith in unity blished among us for all ge- of Spirit, in the bond of nerations. These and all o- peace, and in righteousness ther necessaries for them, for of life. We also commend us, and thy whole Church, to thy fatherly goodness all we humbly beg in the Name those who are any ways afand Mediation of Jesus ficted or distressed in mind, Chrift, our most blessed Lord body, or estate, This to be and Saviour. Amen.

[* especially those feid when A Colleet or Prayer for all for whom our pray- Prayers of tbe

conditions of men, to be used ers are desired] Congregation, at such times when the Li- that it may please thee to tany is not appointed to be comfort and relieve them said.

according to their several O

God, the Creator and necessities, giving them pa

Preserver of all man- tience under their sufferings, kind, we humbly beseech and a happy issue out of all thee for all sorts and condi- their afflictions : And this tions of men, that thou we beg for Jesus Christ his wouldst be pleased to make fake. Amen. thy ways known unto them,

any defire ibe

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To be used all standing. dan 4 Thanksgiving for every of the World, and gaveft ut Sabbath day, commonly cal- him dominion over the rest

led Saturday ; to be used of the works of thy hands: a next before the Blessing. and did it justly expect that, O Almighty Lord, who for all thy wonderful Mercies

didst create all the to him, he should offer up

World, and didst ap- continual Praises to thee, point the Sabbath in memo The innumerable hostsofAn. ry thereof; because on that gels, Archangels, Thrones, day thou didst rest from thy Dominions, Principalities, work of Creation; and that Powers, Cherubim and Serawe might be put in mind phim, thine everlasting Arof thee the Almighty Creator, mies, do adore thee. Holy, and obliged to praise and Holy, Holy, Lord of Hofts. celebrate thy divine Majesty Heaven and Earth are full of for those thy wonderful thy Glory: Glory be to thee Works. Thou, O Eternal OLord, our greatCreator and God, didft bring all thingsin- Governor, thro'Jesus Christ to being by thy only begotten our Saviour. Amen. Amen. Son, thou madeft them all A general Thanksgiving. by him, and by him thou Almighty God, Father of dence over them all. Thou unworthy servants do give art he who didft frame the thee moft humble and hearHeaven as an Arch, and ty thanks for allthy goodness Stretch it out as the covering and loving kindness to us of a Tent, and did it found and to all men: the Earth upon nothing ; the [ * particularly day is thine, the night also to those who de- desire to return

faid wben any is thine, thou preparedst the fire now to offer praise. Light and the Sun ; thou up their praises did it also adorn the Hea- and thanksgivings for thy late vens with the Choir of Stars, merciesvouchsafed unto them.] to praise thy glorious Ma- We bless thee for our creajesty ; Thou didft separate tion, and protection ; for the Sea from the dry land, our preservation, [ that of and replenish them both with this day, or, of this night past thy Creatures. Thou didft in particular ; ] and for all also make Man, as a Citizen the blessings of this Life: but




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