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• them, and it will ac• count for Villainies of • other Kind, which are « growing so fast, as to . be insupportable, and (almost incurable. For 6 where is the Wonder,

that Persons fo aban• doned should be ready 6 to commit all Sorts of • Outrage and Violence. . A City without Reli• gion can never be a « fafe Place to dwell in. . The unnatural Lewd

nefs, of which we have • heard so much of late, • is something more than

brutish, and can hardly « be mentioned without

offending chaste Ears; ' yet cannot be passed

over entirely in Silence, • because of the particu<lar Mark of divine • Vengeance set upon it,

in the Destruction of « Sodom by Fire from

• Hea

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mong Mankind.

« Heaven. Dreadful Ex

ample !' (47.) It is here fore

(47.) This is always told, that Kings and the sad Case of Mankind Princes shall, at this under vicious,proud, and Time, be the Authors tyrannical Kings and of great Disturbances a Princes; which is but

too commonly theirCharacter, and to which the Temptations in such high Stations naturally incline them : In Prospect of which Temptations I suppose it was, in good Part, that God was so very averse to the Introduction of that Regal or Despotick Power among the Jews. While the People of God, the Ifraelites, were under the Judges, or under a Theocracy and Aristocracy, theKind of Government that God himself chose for then, they were a great deal happier than when they

under absolute Kings, a Sort of GovernH



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ment of their ownChoice, but which God highly disapproved. Deut. xvii, 14–20. 1 Sam. viii. per tot. xii. per tot. and of vhich the Jews were themselves long afterwards throughly weary. Nor do I once imagine, that the Meffiah will ever choose such absolute royal Authority under his own Kingdom, which he is now going to set up in Judea, and under which State the 101st Pfalm describes his Administration ; for the coming of which Kingdom, not the Jews only, as we have seen, every Day pray to God, but the Christians also, every Time they use the Lord's Prayer, if they understand themfelves, do the same, when they say, Tby Kingdom come; there being no other Kingdom of God


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described in the Nere Teftament, but that which the Apostles expected at his Ascension, Aets i. 6. when they hoped he would even then restore it to Israel ; and which was not to come till he should reftore the Jews to their own Country, and God should govern them by their King Mesiah. Indeed, if the Kings that call themselves Moft Chrifian, or Catholick, or Defenders of the Faith, would imitate that wonderful Duke of Saxe-Gotha, Ernestus the Pious, the Great Grandfather of our present Princess of Wales, whose most excellent Life I have just now re-published, all good Men would undoubtedly be very easy, and greatly satisfied with that Form of Govern



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ment. But that is not ordinarily to be expected by us. So that while we retain that Form of Go. vernment, we may juftly fuffer the terrible Inconveniencies of it. Nor need I enumerate the Miseries of late suffered from the present Kings and Princes here foretold ; no observing Person being able to avoid seeing

those Miseries. (48.) It is here fore.. (48.) The exact ful. told, that the Country of filling of this Prediction, Perha was, at this Time, for these last 39 Years, to be suddenly wasted, is known to all the and made desolate. World, ever since the

deposing of the Sophi of Persia by Merowitz,

A. D. 1711..

(49,) (50.) As to the

( 49,) (50.) When ftrange Signs in the Sun these Signs come to be and the Moon, in which fulfilled, which cannot the Copies here fo much be now at any remote Didiffer, I can say little at stance, it will very propresent on that Account. bably appear which of

the two Copies are the


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