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pens, left little Room <for sober and serious • Reflections. The « Hearts of Men being set

open to the Im' pressions and Trans• ports of Joy, foon

grew sensual, and the • Prosperity of the Naotion broke out into • Luxury, and into all

the Vices which na

turally attend it. The • Sense of Religion decayed, and the very

Appearances of it were suspected, as a Rem

nant of that Hypocrisy 6 with which the late 6 Times

had been charged. [ See Page • 10, priùs.] And if

we may judge by the • Performances of the Stage,

which • formed to the Taste of • the People, there ne

ver was a Time when Lewdness, Irreligion,


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s and Profaneness were « heard with more Pa6 tience.' And afterward, Page 9. • Surely • the Gospel of Jesus

Cbrist was never treatsed with greater Malice « lice and Contempt by

Jews or Heathens, than < it has been in this Chri. < ftian Country.

: Is not Sunday become a Day of Diversion to

great ones, and a Day a of Idleness to the little Cones? And has not • this been followed by ' a great Increase of

great Wickedness and « Violence among the < lower Sort of People?

Theft and Robbery, 6 which used to be secret < Crimes, now appear carmed in our Streets, « and are fupported by • Numbers strong e< nough to defy thePower of the Magistrate.'


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Now hear the Letter,
Page 7.

• Blasphemy,
< says the Bishop, and
< horrid Imprecations
« domineer in our Streets,

and poor Wretches are

every Hour wantonly
• and wickedly calling
• for Damnation

themselves and
thers, which may be,
(it is much to be fear-
ed) too near them al-

ready. Add to this,
6 the Lewdness and De-

bauchery that prevail
among the lowest Peo-
ple; which keeps them
idle, poor, and misera-
ble, and renders them

incapable of getting an
shonest Livelihood for

themselves and Fami< lies. The Number of « lewd Houses which • trade in their Vices,and ( which must, at any • Rate, be paid for mak. ing Sin convenient to

« them,


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cand Profanenero

heard with mom & tience." ward, Page 9., 21

the Gospel Christ was n. For sed with gressz: Tonde "lice and Competis o aban

Jews or H had be read

it has been commit all Sorts of ' ftian Colleges and Violence (not Sun • Day

great 6 of Idl ones


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