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their whole Heart, with fasting, weeping, and
mourning, Joel ii. 12. To seek the Lord whilft be
may be found, to call upon bim whilft be is near, Ifai.
lv. 6. To forsake their evil Ways, and to do Pe-
nance for their Sins, left otherwise they be suddenly
overtaken by Death, and seek Time for Penance,
and not be able to find it. Our present Dangers
ought now at least to awaken us to give Ear to
these pressing Calls of our common Mother.
; 6. The first Thing then we are to do in Conse-
quence of these Warnings of Heaven, is to turn to
God with our whole Heart, by a serious, speedy,
and effectual Repentance. This God calls for ; this
the Church of God calls for ; without this (as she
perpetually inculcates, and every Child amongst us
knows) no Absolution given by Man can be to any
other Effect, but to add the Guilt of Sacrilege to
the rest of our Sins.

We think it our Duty then, at this Time, as Ambassadors for Christ, to address ourselves to all you whom God has committed to our Charge, earnestly to beseech you to be reconciled to God once for all; to turn from all your evil Ways; to come now to the Feet of Christ, and there bewail and confess your Sins, and there lay them down for ever; to join in a Body, to offer a holy Violence to Heaven, by Fafting, Alms, and Prayers; to lay aside the Pomp and Pride of your Ornaments, to retrench your worldly sensual Pleasures, and put on both the Habit and Spirit of true Penitents; lest, if you neglect these Calls and Warnings of Heaven, you be quickly overtaken in your Sins.


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Remember there is but a Hair's Breadth at any Time betwixt the Sinner and Hell, and that nothing sooner draws down Judgments, than the Abuse of Mercy, and the Contempt of the Threatnings of Heaven.

8. In the mean time, in order to avert the Wrath of God, and draw down his Mercy, we ordain that all Priests, in the holy Sacrifice of the Altar (except upon Feasts of the first Class) after the Collect, or Collects of the Day, add the Collect against Earthquakes, and continue fo to do till the End of May next ; and that in the publick Chapels after Vespers, and Complin on Sundays! and Holidays, and after the Complin or Benediction on the Week-days, a Miserere Pfalm be fung for the same Intention, with the Verficles and Responses used in the several Vespers of Lent, and the four first Prayers of the Litany. And we earnestly recommend to all the Faithful, to be diligent in affifting at these Devotions; and in their own Family Prayers, to add daily the fame penitencial Psalm, in order to implore the divine Mercy.

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Ex Miffali Romano.

Tempore terræ motús.


Mnipotens fempiterne Deus, qui respicis terram,

& facis eam tremere : parce metuentibus, propitiare supplicibus : ut cujus iram terræ fùndamenta concutientem expavimus, clementiam contritiones ejus fanántem jugiter sentiamus. Per Dominum noftrum, &c.


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EUS, qui fundâsti terram super stabilitatem

fuam, suscipe oblationes & preces populi tui, & trementis terræ periculis penitus amotis, divinæ cuæ iracundiæ terrores, in humanæ salutis remedia converte: ut qui de terrâ funt, & in terram revertentur, gaudeant se fieri fanctâ conversatione cæleftes. Per Dominum noftrum, &c.


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UERE nos, Domine, quæsumus, tua sancta

sumentes ; & terram, quam vidimus nostris iniquitatibus trementem, superno munere firma, ut mortalium corda cognofcant, & te indignante talia flagella prodire, & te miserante ceffare. Per Do. minum noftrum, 636

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The same in English.


Almighty and everlasting God, who lookest

upon the Earth, and makest it tremble ; spare them that fear thee, shew Mercy to them that cry to thee; that we who have apprehended thy Wrath, shaking the Foundations of the Earth, may experience thy Clemency in healing all its Breaches, Through our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, &c.



God, who haft founded the Earth upon its

own Basis, receive the Oblations and Prayers of thy People ; remove entirely from us Dangers of Earthquakes, and turn the Terrors of thy Wrath into Medicines for our Salvation : That we, who are of the Earth, and must return again to the Earth, may have the Happiness to become heavenly by a Saint-like Conversation. Through our Lord Jesus Chrift.


P Rate

Rotect us, O Lord, we beseech thee, who par

take of thy Holy Sacraments; and by thy heavenly Hand fix the Earth, which we have seen trembling for our Sins; that the Hearts of Mortals may be sensible that such Scourges as these proceed from thy Anger, and cease by thy Mercy. Through our Lord, &C.


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Extract out of Clement XI. Orationes Con

fiftoriales. Printed in Folio, after a most pompous Manner, at the Vatican, A.D. 1722.

. In Consistorio secreto, ba- In the secret Confiftory, bito die 15 Januarij, which was beld the 1703

15th Day of January, 1703

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The ARGUMENT. Concussa ingenti terre

ingenti terre When the City bad been motu proxima nocte ac Jhaken by a great magnopore deterrita

Earthquake the last urbe, D. D. Cardinales

Night, and the Inhabiadmonet, recentem hanc tants had been very calamitatem perspicuum much affrighted, the esse cæleftis ira argu Pope admonishes the mentum ; eofque ad illa Cardinals, that this so edenda veræ pænitentiæ late Calamity is an evi& christianæ pietatis dent Sign of the Anger exempla quibus divina of God, and stirs them misericordia concilietur,

up to the Exhibition of accendit.

such Specimens of true Repentance and Christian Piety, whereby the Divine Mercy may be recovered.

PRæteritâ noćte

, ut

Venerabiles fratres,

My venerable Brethren,

HE Lord has afprobè nóstis, dedit forded to such as Dominus metuentibus se fear him the last Night,




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