The European Emblem: Sellected Papers from the Glasgow Conference 11-14 August, 1987

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Bernhard F. Scholz, Michael Bath, David W. Weston
BRILL, 1990 - 185 oldal
The ten papers in this volume were all presented at the first International Conference "The European Emblem," held in Glasgow in August, 1987 under the auspices of the Society for Emblem Studies. The conference included papers discussing most of the major European languages in which emblem books flourished, and the papers selected for the presented volume represent something of the variety and scope of current scholarship in this field. Subjects dealt with include a protoemblematic Latin translation of the "Tabula Cebetis," the "Emblematum Liber" by Andreas Alciat, the earliest reception of the 'Ars Emblematica' in Dutch, the career of Thomas Palmer, Daniel Cramers "80 Emblemata moralia nova," and the "Emlimata of Polockij," The papers selected for this volume demonstrate the vigor and variety of work in this field, whilst also suggesting some of the directions and opportunities for further research.

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A Protoemblematic Latin
Warum erschien der Emblematum liber von Andreas
The Earliest Reception of the Ars Emblematica in Dutch
Structure and Form in the Early
The Career of Thomas Palmer
Biblische Metaphorik in Daniel Cramers 80 Emblemata
The Emlimata of Simeon Polockij
Jachin and Boaz and the Freemasons
The Development of an Iconographical
The Emblem as Hieroglyph

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