F4, of Landon. This lady, while, Palmer, the Rer. Samuel, nith May, At bathing. Was unfortunately drowned in Chigwell, aged 80. 1803. She left an only chili, Mary Parish, Wodbine, Esq., for many years Seymour, who survives her father. Sir Chairman of the Board of Excise, 13th Hugh Monro was a Deputy- Lieutenant Mav, aged so. of Hoss-shire, and possessed consider. Parker. Frances, third daughter of the able property in that county. His death Inte Charles Rowand Parker, Esq., of occurred on the 2nd May, at his resi. Blackheath, 6th May. denre in Man: hester squire, at the Parker, Montague Frederick, only son of advanced age of 5. The estates and Frederick Parker, Esq. of Beech title are inherited by George Mont), Luige, Great Marlow, Bucks, 19th Cousin of the deceased, who is now in his 79th year, and served for a long period Parsons, Lieut.-Colonel, Resident of in India with di-uction. This gente. Zante, Corfu, 20ch April, aged 63. man's claim to the desent of the Patrsson, Thomas William, Esq. of the Baronetey was confirmed in 1824 by 63rd Regt., 10th May, at the Barracks, the Lord Chancellor, after considerable Manchester, aged 20. lit g on.

Pichwort Sphin, wilow of Robert Morley, John, Exq, 10th May, at Hack Williams Pickwood, E«. many years ney, sed 9.

Chief Justice of St. Kites, and daughter M rr sin, Archibald, L. 1, of E..ton Hall, of the Inte John Pogon, E-, of near Norwich

Ringlium-place, Suffolk, 23rd May. Mulliner, George, Vongst son of the Ponatorid, Lionel r., of Bayswater, 16th

late Henry Mulline , E-, of the April, ag 31.

Chapel Rival, yh April, aged 21. Portal, John, E. This gentleman died Manyard, Jisseph, 147, of kilipoton, and on the ith May, at hus srat, freefolk the Munt, Hampstead, May21, aged 61. Priors, Hants, in his 85th year. He

was the him of the Pristal family, and Nesbt. Captain George Quiro, B.NL for tpwarls of fifty years a Deputy. thiri sin of the late Majt.(jetoru Lieutenant for the county of South

Nishit, H.CS, 13th Mirih, aged 13. ampieron. His large estats extended Newton, John Ilavne, E- MRCS, over the par shes of Tretolk, Laver.

an i of Her Majey's Frees, on Easter stoke, Overton. Whiter unh, kings.

Sundar, at St. Servan, France, AT 4. clere, Ashe, Manningtun, and Steven Norton, Henry, Esq., of L'xbridge, 2nd thon. He married, August, N15, May, aged 55.

Eizabeth, dangliter of the late llenry Nnxint, Ly Anne Lory. Her Laty. Drummond, E., of the Grange, llants,

ship, distinguish drither lit rary taste by Anne, daughter of the late l'iscount and mental a cumpl shum 1'*, expire Movile, and has left inu . The family on the 19th o'tino, in the 3*th ver of of The Portal was amongst the French her.gr, alter an ille** of sine wieki Refugees of the 17th century, and had doralon. She was the second day, of hill the highest rank amongst the 1.-! ( nera the Hon. Visi Pimplant, thaob of La url, for spieral ages MP. Send en of Vire, thiril Eur during which tiine mus members of P4'tt, ant mirtiet, 6:h Spe, 1*11, the family were snails distingu shed Geester LX ugrat, by whom she hy niikary achievinents, and in the had twinsge.

polttal h stry of those preis

Powell, Jania, print of Alexander 0:1 am, Sarah, relirt of J. O. Ouham. Powell, E., of llurilett, Wilis 224 E-?, of Montagne.place, Russile April phure, gozh April

Powis, Richard, E-, of Greenwich, 27th 0.1.1, J hndita!, Eg.. of B'and. April, agrli. farl.euar, lith Var, named 61.

Price, George Exy.formerly of Binnett's Onu'n n'ny. Elwari 1 El. of St. Bridge, hilkenny, 15th April, at Ja

Pelerisco Bedford, 9th May, aged 64. Inaica, aged 16. Opo rahe 1!0, Sayal, Vikst Sexy of Prisnt, M:-* Alina Maria, 24th April, at H rymt heim, Esq. of Tittenham, First-per, Lastefone, Agend :2. futh pil peut 1.

Pron. L r Jane Rialth, wife of O«! K

e, wife of the Rev. F 1. Fratis Psm, E., of the llaz is, cum wart Owen, AM, 3rh Apni, at St. Beils., 25th Apra, me 151. le mart's t'arrage, Wintet.

Ruhes Anne, wife of Polut Rakre Palmer. Mrs W of Smith-strove Berk E. 2009 April, at Weita Hun irs-suire, 22nd April, aged 39.

c. York, and 76.

Raper, Catherine, wife of W. A. Raper,, David Samuda, Esq., of Great Alie

Esq., 8th May, at Horsham, aged 58. | street, 4th May, aged 80.
Reynolds, Charlotte, wife of George | Sanderson, the Rev. Charles, Curate of

Reynolds, Esq., formerly of Christ's St. James', Clerkenwell, Ist May.
Hospital, 13th May, aged 87.

Sandys, the Rev. George William, M.A., Reynolds, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Incumbent of St. John's, Woolwich,

the late Robert Reynolds, of Farring 10th May, aged 36. . don, Berks, 13th April.

Scott, Page Nicolas, Esq., 27th April, at Rich, Charles, Esq., 15th May, at Stepney,

Norwich, aged 66. aged 68.

Scougall, Catherine, second daughter of Richardson, Major, 28th April, at Black the late George Scougall, Esq., of St. heath, aged 78.

Petersburgh, 12th May. Richardson, Thomas, Esq., of Denmark Scrimgeour, Isabella, eldest daughter of Hill, 26th April, aged 78.

John Shedder Scrimgeour, Esq., of Risley, Elizabeth Rebecca, only daughter Highgate, 7th May. of the Rev. William Cotton Risley, late Scrivens, George, Esq., of Clapham Com. Vicar of Doddington, Oxon, 19th May, mon, 25th April, aged 67. aged 19.

Sers, James, Esq., at Long Sutton, co. Robinson, Thomas, Esq., of Oxford, Lincoln, 3rd May. Banker, 1st May, aged 67.

Sewell, Jane, relict of Thomas Sewell, Robinson, Henrietta, wife of Marmaduke Esq., of Newport, Isle of Wight, 20th

Robinson, Esq., of Chandos-street, 24th May, aged 74.

Sheldrick, Elizabeth, relict of James Rogers, Miss Hester, of Dowdeswell Sheldrick, Esq., of Lower Shadwell,

House, co. Gloucester. The decease of 18th May, aged 74. this estimable lady occurred at Dow- | Shepherd, Francis Henry Heyman, son of deswell House, near Cheltenham, on the Rev. E. I. Shepherd, Rector of the 18th ult., at the advanced age of 1 Luddesdown, Kent, 8th May, aged 11. eighty-seven. She was the eldest dau. Sherman, Martha, wife of the Rev. James of the Rev. Richard Rogers, LL.B., of Sherm:in, of Surrey Chapel, Blackfriars, Dowdeswell, and inherited her estates Ilth May, aged 42. from her uncle, Edward Rogers, Esq., | Shultz, John Frederick, Esq., late Capt. in the year 1810. The family of Rogers, of the 12th Regiment, 18th May. originally of Bryanston, county Dorset, Simon, William Frederick, Esq., late of has long been established in Gloucester Carlisle, 5th May, aged 35. shire, and seated at Dowdeswell since Simpson, Edward, Esq., at Kenilworth, the reign of Elizabeth. To the memory aged 61. of one of the Gloucestershire Rogers | Smith, Thomas, Esq., at Cheshunt-street, Dryden wrote the following beautiful Herts, eldest son of Thomas Smith, epitaph:

Esq., of North Clapham Road, 6th " of gentle blood, his parents' only treasure,

May, aged 39. Their lasting sorrow, and their vanish'd plea

Smith, Eriphemia, youngest daughter of Adorn'd with features, virtues, wit, and grace,

the late Alexander Smith, Esq., of A large provision for so short a race:

Edinburgh, 14th May. More moderate gifts might have prolonged his Smith, Thomas, Esq., of Uxbridge, Ban

date, Too early fitted for a better state ;

ker,,24th April, aged 63. But knowing Heaven his home, to shun delay Smyth, Mrs. Jane, 13th May, at Freeland He leap'd o'er age, and took the shortest way." Lodge, Oxon., aged 86. Miss Rogers is succeeded in her manors Snow. On the 24th April, at 22, Half and estates by her nephew and heir, Moon-street, in his 37th year, Peter Richard Rogers Coxwell, Esq., a Ma. Duveluz Snow, late of Queen's College, gistrate and Deputy-Licntenant of the Cambridge, Esq., son of the late B. G. county, eldest surviving son of the Rev. Snow, Esq., of Highgate. Charles Coxwell, of Abington House, Spencer, Elizabeth Frances, relict of Rector of Dowdeswell, by Anne, young Henry Leigh Spencer, Esq., 30th April. est sister of the deceased lady.

Sqnibb, Frances Elizabeth, wite of George Rose, Ellen, daughter of the Right Hon. James Squibb, Esq., 6th May.

Sir George Henry Rose, 2nd May. Squire, William, Esq., Surgeon, of WandsRowe, George, Esq., of Camberwell, 28th worth, 3rd May, aged 38. April.

Squire, Susanna, relict of B. Squire, Esq.,

of St. Neot's, Hunts, 25th April Samuda, Benjamin, E89., at Wood Lawn, Stainforth, Richard Terrick, Esq., ith

Dulwich, last surviving son of the late May, at Hutton Lodge.


Stampa. On the 8th May, at Trevor | Trench, Jane, youngest daughter of Rev.

terrace, Knightsbridge, Captain Paul F. S. Trench, ot hilmorony, Ireland, Anthony Stampa, ot the outh Ritio Ilth April

corps, in the 3rı year of his age. Troughton, Margaret, wife of E. J. Stein, James, Eq, at Edinburgh, 12th Troughton, E-dos jun., Bth May, at April.

Cranbrook, Kent. Stevenson, Marianne, youngest danghter Tuckfield, Charlotte, relict of Richard

of Major Stevenson, of Borcombe, Hippisley Tuckfield, E ., and sister Hants., Toth May, at Knightsbridge, of the late Sir Charles Mordaunt, Bart. aged 20.

Timley, William, Esq., of Camden Town, Strcatfuld, the Rev. Thomas, E.S.A., 17th ith May, aged 95. May, at Charts Edge, Kent, aged 71.

Unwin, Jos., Esq., 2d May, at Calthorpe. Taswell, Octavia, wife of William Tas street, aged 64. well, Exq, uch April, at Green Park, l'nwin, Mrs. William, of Milton-street, Bath.

Dorset -square, 25th April Tate. Mr. Wm. Tate was a distinguished author in that valuable branch of lite Vansittart, Henry, Esq., of Kirkleatham, rature which relates to commerce and county York. The decease of this arents lle wrote myeral excellent gentleman took place a few days since. works on exchanges, b -keeping and He was only son of the late Henry arithmetic. He was himself one of the Vansillart, Esq., nephew of Lord ku mathematiciaus and accountants Bexley, and grandson of Henry Vanof the present day, and his demue may sittart, Governor of Bengal. The be regarded as a loss to the commercial extensive estates he possessed in Yorkworld. One of Jir. Tate's productions shire were held in right of his wife, was the " Modern Combust." Mr. Tate Teresa, second danghter of Charlotte, departed this life at Charles Square, Viscounted Newcomen, and widow of Landon, on the 2 th April, having just Sir Charies Turner, Bart. By this completed his 67th year. Mr. Tate lady he had one daughter, Teren, who leaves, to deplore his death, A widow wedded, 11th May, 1-41, Arthur New. and five sons, William, John, Frede. common, E... of the Royal Horse rick, Henry (of Liverpool), and Ed. Artillery, Mr. Vanattart was a magiswin; the eldest succeeds hun in luis trate and Deputy-Lieutenant for Yorkbusiness,

shire, and served as its High Sherit in Tahun, Lupien, wife of - Tatham, 1920.

E n of Surthtleet, Kent, 30th April. Venning. S. B., Esq., of Clapham, 6th Tavior. Thomas Gianvalle, E .East Jay, aged 47.

India Company's Service, a gentleman well known in the astronomical and Vilmet, Amand, Esq., of Bayswater, 24th Kientific world, 3rd May, at sath April, aged 69. ampen, having just arrived from India Walker, Mrs. Caroline Georgiana, of mler 14 years' serve. His daughter Waiworth, 21 st Apni. died the following day.

Walle, Jane, relict of (Charles Walla Tennant, Henry Daiseil, of Limehouse, E- of 'pper George -street, Inth 19th Mar, aged 4.

May, aed :6. Terry, the Rev. Michael, M.A., Rector Warde, Charles J. R. Prescott, eldest of Dummer, Hants, 22nd April

son of the late James Prescott Warde, Thus, Alexander. E , of Rural Co Es tragedian, ith Mar, aged 26. tace, Barnebury l'ark, 20th May, aged Warrand, Captain Thomas, RW., 17th

May, aged 13. (H, 'ain Warrand enThe Carin William, formerly of tered the nary in 1791.

the 42nd Highlanders, 15th Myy. Watson, Emy, wife of George Watson, Thomas, Miss Frances, of luise IIII. E. of Fakenham, Norfolk, and dau. 19th May, aged 57.

of Anthony Grinn, E, 12th Mar. Thon , W am, F. Inte of Tri. Waugh. Ai ( nimis, viras, of the nity College, Camlırline, eldest son of cholera, on the 22 February, in his the late Rev. Wit'iam Thomson, of 26th vrar, Lieutenant Francis Waugh, London, on Tuesday, 25th April, at 4th M.NI.. youngret min of Thomas Vienna, aged 24.

Waugh, sq., ot the Grove, ('ambarTimpeson, John Robert, son of the late' well.

Jeph Timperon, E., 5th Mar. Weaver, Ilarriet, wife of John Weaver, Tiphain, Ovid. E-, of Holloway, 9th E ., of Alberstone, 4th May, at llanMax, aged 69.

Webb, Matilda Jane, wife of Francis | Wright, Geo., Esq., of Heysham Lodge,

Webb, Esq., of Doughty-street, 23d near Lancaster, 30th April, aged 91. May.

Wright, Mrs. Charles, 29th April, at EnWelch, Robert Hayes, Esq., formerly of field Highway, aged 81.

Dublin and Jamaica, 24th April, aged | Yardley, Mrs. Jemima Stringer, 220 59.

April, at St. John's Wood. West, Margaret, wife of William West, Yorke, Henry Galgacas Redhead, Esq.,

Esq., of St. Pancras, 20th May, aged M.P. The melancholy death of this 46.

gentleman, who, in a paroxysm of menWhite, William Cecil, seventh son of the tal aberration, put a period to his life a

late Lieut.-Col. White, 23d April, at few days since, has cast a deep gloom Hadley, Middlesex.

over his family and friends He was Williams, Sophia Simonds, wife of J. son of the late well-known political

Dore Williams, Esq., of Pierce Wil writer, Henry Redhead Yorke, Esq., liams, Essex, 15th May.

and, like his father, was, to use his Williams, Harriet Anne, widow of Robt. own words, “a moderate Reformer,

Williams, Esq., 10th May, at Brixton, when moderation is sufficient; a decided aged 76.

Reformer, when decision is better; a Williams, John, Esq., of Maida Vale, 12th Radical Reformer, when Radicalism

is best; but above all things, an uncomWilmore, Harriet Elizabeth, eldest dan. promising friend of the people." Mr.

of J. T. Wilmore, Esq., A.R.A., 16th Yorke married, 26th December, 1827, May, aged 18.

the Hon. Elizabeth Cecilia Crosbie, Wood, John Esq, of Brownhills, county only daughter and heir of William, Stafford, 18th May, aged 70.

late Lord Brandon, and has left issue. Woolley, Louisa Charlotte, wife of C. A.

Woolley, Esq., of Pentonville, only | Zinzan, Anne Elizabeth, wife of Robert daughter of John Numbray, 6th May. 1 Zinzan, Esq., 19th May, at Hackney.



Clayton and Co., Printers, 16 Hart Street, Covent Garuen.

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