street, 21st April, at St. Ketts, aged 25. 1 Esq., M.P., for Cirencester, from 1807 Burmester, Anne, wife of John Burme:ter, to 1841—was a barrister by profession,

Esq., second son of the late Henry and one of the Lords of the Treasury Burinester. Esq., of Graymore House, under Sir Robert Peel's late AdminisEssex, 12th May.

tration. In politics he always acted Burn, John Ilderton, Esq., late of Gray's with the Conservatives attached to Sir Inn, 11th May, aged 75.

Robert, and formed one of the majority Burnand, Lewis, Esq., 20th May, at Stoke on the repeal of the Corn Laws. He Newington, aged 75.

was M. A. of the University of Oxford,

and was at one time Vinerian Fellow. Cadell, Sophia Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Mr. Cripps was married to the dau, of

Cadell, Esq., 11th May, at Weymouth- | Benjamin Harrison, Esq., Chairman of street.

the Exchequer Loan Commission. Carroll, William, Esq., 26th April, aged : Crompton, Thomas, Esq., of Margate, 64, at Kingstown, near Dublin.

21st April. Carter, Harriet, wife of Robert Carter, Crookshank, Fitzroy Wheeler, Esq., of

Esq., of Brixton, and second daughter 6th Madras Infantry, at Bellary, aged of the late William Robinson, Esq., of 19." Holloway, 18th May.

Cuning," William, Esq. Purser R.N., Castello, Susan, youngest daughter of both May, aged 63.

David Castello, Esq., of New Grenada, Cundell, Richard, Esq., of Kilbourne and 26th April.

Burdon, 23d April, aged 51. Chapman, Mary Anne, wife of M. J. Cuningham, Fanny, wife of Charles Cun. Chapman, Esq, M.D., 22d April, at inghain, Esq., of Robertland, N.B., and Torquay.

daughter of the late Sir John Gall, Clarke, Susan, wife of C. E. Clarke, Esq., Bart., 12th Mav, aged 68.

of Lower Grosvenor-place, 25th April. Curtis, Rebecca, Mary, relict of Captain Clay, Elizabeth, relict of Richard Clav, T. Curtis, R.N., and younger danghter

Esq., formerly of Almondbury, and of the late Sir William Curtis, Bart., mother of Mrs. John Tindale, 25th Ilth Mav. April.

Cuthbert, Sarah, wife of Lewis Morris Clementi, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Vincent Cuthbert, Esq., of St. John's Wood,

Clementi, Curate of Thatcham, and 5th May, ageri 50.
daughter of the late Rev. John Banks !
Cleaver Banks, LL.B, of Clare Hall, Dacres, Commander J. Richard, of Her
Cambridge, 13th May.

Majesty's ship Nimrod, 14th February, Cobham, Warner, Esq. of Wherton-st., on the Mozambique coast, aged 36. Pentonville. 10th May.

Dale, Mary Anne, daughter of the late Colthurst, Major, J.B., at Duprez Castle, Thomas Dale, Esq., M.D., 21st May, Cork, th May.

aged 59, at Thornbury. Cooper, Berthå. Amelia, daughter of J. Dalvell. Major-Gen. Dalyell was third

W. Cooper, Esq., of Notting Hill, 16th son of the late Sir Rt. Dalyell, Bart., of May, aged 12.

Binns, Linlithgowshire, and brother of Copland, Lieutenant-Colonel Francis, late Sir James Graham Dálvell, the present

of the Queen's Bays, only surviving Baronet. This family of Dalveli reson of the late Alexander Copland, presents the ancient Earls of Henteth: Esq., of Gunnersbury Park, Middlesex, its Baronetcy was conferred on the son 19th May.

of one of its most renowned ancestors. Coryton, Mary Anne, second daughter of the famous Cavalier General Dalyell,

the late J. T. Coryton, Esq. at Pentillie Commander in Scotland during the Castle, Cornwall, 4th May.

wars of the Covenant. Robert Talvell, Crauturd, Mrs. Catherine Mary, 16th the subject of this notice, emulated the May, at Upper Berkeley-street.

military reputation of his forefather; he Creswell, Charles, Esq , of Islington, 3d served in the British army during the May, aged 84.

whole of the late war, from its breakCripps, William, Esq., M.P. This gen. ing out to its glorious close in 1815; be

tleman, whose recent conflict with Mr. obtained much personal distinction at Feargus O'Connor in the House of Kioge, at the reduction of Copenhagen, Commons is still fresh in the recollec. and at Vittoria and Toulouse. Major. tion of our readers, expired on the Ilth, General Dalvell died on the 24th ult.. May, at his residence in St. James's. at an advanced age, at Edinburgh. place. The malady of which he died Daniel, John Augustus, second son of was an attack of the brain fever. The Thomas Daniel, Esq.. Ilth May, at hon. member-son of Joseph Cripp, Stoodleigh, Deron, aged 23.


Daniel Marr, reliit of Licat. ('olonel, Ewart. On the sth Jav, a Shorbain Alexander Daniel, 30th April

Vicarage, kent, Georgiana, eldest Darling. Jane, wife of George Darling, daughter of the Rev. Edward Repron,

E«. M.D., of Russell-square, 19th Prebendary of Wextminster, and wicow Mar, aged 61.

of James, Kore Ewart, E4 of th: Davis Anne, wife of Lawis Davis, Esq. Bengal Civil Service, aged 37.

of Woolwich, Isth May, aged 39. Eytun, Henry, E ., late of the form of Daun, Catherine, priset of Thomas (oksbutt and (o. of Permainbuco and

Davison, E... of Bedford ruw, 3d Liverpool, 13th May,

May, Agad 76. Dawes, Heater, wife of Thomas Dawes, Finnis, John, Esq., 19th May, at Dover, Es, Ilth May.

aged 56. Dasson, Richard, E. of Bennett-strect, Fisher, Jane Ellen, wife of Doctor A. L. Blackfriars, aged 67.

Fisher, itb May, at Pall Mall. Day, John, Emilate of Margaret-street, Fitry. Laly Mary. The Sydney 911 April, at Blackheath, agrd 40

papar bring intelligence of a most Ik ne, Jane, eldest danghter of Charles lamentale neident--the apa tung of

Deme, E-, of B'andre.pl., Regent's i a carria, by which Lady Mary Fita. Hurk, nth May, and 26.

my, wife of Sir (haries Anzufus Dimar, Harris, whim (harles Del kin. K.C.H., Governor of New mar, Eq.th Mar, at ('anterbury.

South Wales, was killed. Her re. Daspund, Harriet Anne, relict of General uns wir consigned to the grave at Job Despard 14th Mar, agedii.

Srdnes, the fun. Tal solemnities being De Whelpiale, Mary, relict of John De L Attended by nearly the whole of the

Whelpiale, Fete of Bishop's-yard, Gremment Others and Minister of l'ennith, th May, Apdr).

the colony. t'pwards of 500 persons Dod-1, Fanny, wife of A. T & Dodd, Were present. Lady Mary Fitry was

Es of Chheater and Rride, and dan her of (haries, late Dame of dan ghter of the late Rt. Dr. Heath Kochmond, KG. by Charlotte, his

code, of Harkney, 14th May. Dodstry. On the oth Jav, at Swinner. Duke of Ginton. She w..Born 15th

ton Rectory, Staffordabire, Joree El.a.: August, 1700, and married lith March, beth, wife of the Rev. C. Dedsley, and 1* 20 Sir Charles Angustu. Fittor, by only child of the Inte Frantis Bean. whom she leaves three mins and one mont, Fm, of Bartuw-on-Trent, Ikerby. daughter, Mary (arviine, wite of the shire,

1 Hoti. heith Strwart, Capt. R . Dolan, John James, E«. 29th April, at Frite. On the 2nd May, in the (losters, St. Martin's tane, aged 66.

Westminster, Laura Jane Temple Dulac, Alexander Daglas, fourth son Frere, mer ind daughter of the Rev.

of the late Lieutenant-General Sir Temple Frere, Ircolary of West. hen: etb lkmglas, Bart., 6th May.

minster. Diwson, Joseph Withers, fourth son of Frewell, Mary, relirt of Ri hard Fris.

Septimus howson, E ., of Southtown, well, E . 4th May, at Wimpole-st.
Great Yarmouth. 6th Mar

Purber, Sarah, droghter of the late WilIrarun, Mary, relict of keimund Dray., ham Furtwr, E., 11th May, at t'pper

ton, Esq., of Forrst Gate, West Han, Gower-street, aged 35.

Esex16th May, Duke on the 9th May, at Montrime Galatti, George S., F4, 26th April, at

John Dike. E.. surxeon RX.. only Sura, Gree, ageiro. bruber of Alderman Sir James Duke, Gallway, Erwth, wife of Doctor

Thomas Galloway, RW., Moth May. Daucan, Balward, Fm, Surgem, of Golde, (xeneral Alexander Jahn, of the Leadenhall-strert, Joth April, aged 42. Nunnery, Idle of Man, and late of the

6th Dra tt Guards, 23th April, Ehr, (haria E of Hamptead Hall, A .;4.

of the Bankruptii ('ourt, 9th May. Go apurtu Lyon, F 8th May, At Edwards, Jane, carst daughter of the Kennungtum, aged 6.

Inte Jane Elwaris T meb May, at Gowienne, The Rev. (eral Wray, of Tolgriles, North Wales age

button Valence, Kent, goch April Edwards, Anne, wife of Wm. Etwards, aged 38.

Em, of Great Elm, cognty Somerwt Gorton. On the 20th April, at Gittis. at Wermouth, 24:April, ag 1 61. lum, Theron, aged 24. Lieutenant kirs, Wisam, F . of Guildid, 300h Jhn Henry Gordon, 6th Regiment Apri', aged 62.

Bombay Native Infantry, secuud son of

M. F. Gordon, Esq., of Abergeldie, 1 Samuel Hemming, D.D., of Hampton , Aberdeenshire.

Middlesex, 9th May, aged 76. Gosling, John, Esq., of Gloucester Hemington, Sarah, relict of Thos. Hemplace, 17th May, aged 85.

ington, Esq. and elder dau, of the late Graham, Janet, third daughter of the Robert Scratton, Esq., 12th May,

late James Graham, Esq., at Woodside- | Hudson, Richard, Esq., of Smith Place, terrace, Glasgow, 19th May.

Kennington Common, aged 76. Grant. At Bendinine, New South Wales, | Hodson, Anne, relict of the Rev. Ford

on the 27th of November last, James sham Hodson, D.D., Principal of BraseMacpherson Grant, Esq., second son of nose College, Canon of Christchurch, the late Sir George Macpherson Grant, and Regius Professor of Divinity in the of Ballindalloch, Bart.

University of Oxford, at her residence, Grant, Fanny, wife of Frederick J. R. 22, Little Pulteney-street, Bath, 23rd

Grant, Esq., of Sussex-place, Ken April. sington, 1st May.

Hornby, Captain Phipps John, of the Grant, William Thomas, youngest son Royal Engineers, eldest son of Admi

of the late Charles Grant, Esq., M.P. ral Phipps Hornby, Commander-infor co. Inverness, 15th May.

Chief in the Pacific, at Montreal, 8th Green, Paul Frederick Reigels, only child | April.

of the Rev. Frederick Green, 4th May. Hornell, Robert, Esq., of Clapham, late Greville, William Hamilton, only son of of Sierra Leone, 24th April, aged 63.

the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Greville, 30th

April, at Knightsbridge Barracks. Ind, Edward, Esq., of Eastbury Lodge, Groom, Mary, relict of Richard Groom, Romford, 12th May, aged 69. Esq., 20th May, at Brixton.

Isaacson, Emma, wife of John Frederick

Isaacson, Esq., 3rd May, at Norfolk Hales, Mary, relict of Wm. Hales, Esq., Street, aged 37. and sister of the late Admiral Hayes, C.B., 20th May, at Camberwell

Jackson, Catherine Hannah, the beloved Hall, Mary Johanna Senhouse, eldest wife of Howard Jackson, Esq., and

daughter of Lieut.-Col. Hall, R. Eng., daughter of the late Sir George Mouat 24th April, aged 19.

Keith, R.N., at St. George's Terrace, Halpin, William Henry, Esq., for upwards Kensington, on Sunday, 23rd April.

of 30 years connected with the Metro- | Jackson, Biddy, relict of William Jackpolitan and Provincial Press, second son, Esq., of Hackney, 27th April, aged son of W. H. Halpin, Esq., of Dublin, 83. 8th May, aged 54, at Dublin.

Jarim, William Alexis, Esq, of CainHaly, Richard Aylmer, Esq., late Capt. bridge Street, Hyde Park, 11th May,

18th Regt., eldest son of Aylmer Haly, aged 65. Esq., of Plumpton-place, Sussex, 17th Jermyn, Lady Katherine. This lamented May.

lady died on the 20th May, shortly after Hamp, Elizabeth, daughter of J. Hamp.

her infant child. At the period of her Esq., of Catton, co. Derby, 20th of decease she had completed her 39th

year. Her Ladyship was fourth daughHancock, Edward, Esq., formerly of the ter of the Duke of Rutland, and wife

Stock Exchange, 30th Dec., at Sydney, of Earl Jermyn, eldest son of the MarNew South Wales, aged 60.

quis of Bristol. Her surviving issue Harding, Miss Elizabeth, 27th March, at

are four sons and three daughters. Lady Ashwick, co. Somerset, aged 75.

Katherine Jermyn's death occurred anHarrison, Gertrude Maria, wife of the der very painful circumstances. A few

Rev. James Harwood Harrison, and days before, her husband sickened with dau, of H. L. Rose, Esq., of Dover, at the small-pox, and during his LordBagbrooke Rectory, co. Northampton, ship's illness her Ladyship persisted in 18th May.

affording her personal attendance. The Hawes, Mr. Joseph, of Upper Clapton, result was that she took the disease 14th May, aged 44.

herself. Being at the time enciente, her Hearle, Joseph, Esq., 25th April, at Ham Ladyship, from the excitement consemersmith, aged 54.

quent on the fever, was prematurely Heathcote, Henry, Esq., aged 23, at Ram confined of an infant, which survived sey, Isle of Man, 2nd May.

only a few hours. This unfortunate Heathcote, Thomas Charles, eldest son occurrence aggravated the complaint,

of the late Captain Gilbert Heathcote, and after four hours' suffering, Lady R. N. 24th April.

Katherine breathed her last on the Hemming, Elizabeth, relict of the Rev. erening of the 20th inst.


Jones, Thomas, Esq. of Ilinton Charter Lamborn, Charles, Esq. late of the House, co, Somerset, 8th Mav.

Woods and Furests, 3rd May, at KeaJones, John, E., of Llanarth ('ourt, co. sington, aged 76.

Montnouth. This gentleinan, the re- | Lawrence, Elizabeth French, youngest presentative of one of the oldest faini. daughter of the late Must Res. Richard lies in England, and the prosessor of Lawrence, Archbishop of Cashel, 14th Very extensive estates, died al Bute May. House, Peter ham. He was born 5th Lawson, Jane, third daughter of Robert August, 1790, and married, Ilth Sep Lawson, Ex of East Barnet, 29th teinber, 1817. Harriet, only daughter April, aged 26. of Arthur James, eighth earl of Fingal. Lea, Arthur Augustus, Esq., of Wadham K.P., by whom he leaves four sons and College, (xou, and of Kidderminster, one daughter. Of the toriner, the eldest, 13th May, aged 23. John Arthur Jones, Eq, now of Lia Leary, Lieut. Joseph Henry, Chief Rannarth, is married to the daughter of ger of the Forests of Scinde, 19th Sir Benjamin Hall, Bart., of Llanover, March, at Meance.

M.P. for Marvlebune. Mr. Jones had Leslie, Percival Edward, eldest son of sught, during the last four years of Eilward Leslie, E., of Woodford his life, to obtain royal prmission to Bridge, Exsex, 4th March, at the Cape resume the ancient surname of his fa of Good llope. mily, Herbert or Fitzherbert, and the Lathbridge, Ernest Acland, of II. M. 8. claim was not decided at the period of Trntalgar, thund son of John Hesketh his decease. The patriarch of his race Lethbridge, Le of Cosbam Lodge, in England was Herrt, styled Count llants, in May, aged 16. of Vermandois, who came over with Letts, Frances, wife of John Latts, Exq.. the Conqueror, and filled the offre of of Brockbourne, llerts30th April, Chamberlain w William Rufus, Frum and 60, the eldest line of Herbert's descendants Lewis. Of scarlet feier, on the 7th May, sprang the families of l'run, of Wem Victoria Jus plaine, aged five years and du, and of Jones, of kinnarth ; and four months; and on the yth, Charles from the junior. the chivalruus Earls Tinney, aged three years and seven of Pembroke, the Lords Herbert of months, the children of Jr. and Mrs. Cherbury, &c. "The noble house of Lawis, of 13, Crescent-place, Morung. Ranelagh is also a sm of the Jones's ton-crescent. of Llanarth. The de caxed grutleman, Linwon, William, Esl of Forty Inill, who was eldest of Jolina Jones, Euteli, 6th of May, aged 83. Esq. of Llanarth and t'peon Court, Lloyd, Maria Simlope, cldest daughter of had six brothers, the second of w buta, the late Francis Lloyd, Esq., M. P. for Willain, naw of Clytha, inherited the 00. Mont:omerv, 7th Mav. great property of his grand-uncle, W. Llorid, Miss Charltte, 29th April, at Jones, Es4, of Clythe

Nottingham-street, agedie.

Lach. On the 14th of February, of fever, Kaye, Miss, 17th May, at Gnesthing, on board ller lasty'ship Nimrud, Sussex.

at Muzambique, dieply lainented, Geo. Keane, James, Es, 24th April, aged John Laxhi i Laculetinut, RX, 76.

aged 25, only won of John Laxh, Esq. Keary, Anne, wife of William Kcary. Loring. On the 1st April, at his risie

E-T., of Suke-upon-Trent, and second dene, Englefield, Toronto, Canada daughter of Jolana Jee, of East Het Wes, Lieuk natt-Colonel Rulmrt Rite ford, both May.

bert. Larung, you gun won of the late Kell, Euza, wite of Robert Prise hard Kell.

Jisshun Larili. E Esq.. of the Bank of Eng and, 12th Louch, Henry, Esq. of Manor Cottage, May.

E. I kond, zurh April Kensii, Mary, wife of the Rer. G. R.

Lownder, Charles, Est., at l'aisely, 18th Kenuit, Vicar of Bicichworth, Surrey, April. 9th May, aged 46.

Lucas, R. W., FM, 2005 May. At the Kent, Henry, of ('ulbam House, Real. JW Malalals Co, Gluc-str, a 1:6. ing. In blay, aged 63.

Lunan, Mina Catharine, late of kingstati, Kent, Henry, E. 2:1h April, at War.

Jamaica, 2310 April wick Lodge, Maida lill, aged 54. Lyndon, Jane, wie of Robert Lyndon,

Ew., 14th May, a: Barnes. Lake, Sarah, wife of William Walton Lylon, Emily Eluabeth Bulwer. It is

Lake, Est- of Islington, 1ith May, with deep regret that we have to an4600 71.

Rounce the death of this young lady, the only daughter of Sir Edward | Maule, William Henry, Esq., of GodmanBulwer Lytton, Bart., of Knebworth chester, 22nd May, aged 67. Park, Herts. The inelancholy event McLean, Miss, at Norland-square, aged occurred on Saturday, the 29th April. 54. Miss Bulwer Lytton was, through her | McDermott, Charles, Esq., of Kennington, father, descended from the Bulwers of Surgeon, 3rd May. Norfolk, one of the oldest families in McDowall, Mrs. Susanna, of Oldbury-onthat county, the Robinsons of Gwersylt, the-Hill, co. Gloucester, and Esher, and the Norreyses of Speke, as well as Surrey, 4th May, aged 71. from Anne Tudor, sister of Sir Owen Meredith. On the 23rd April, of dyseaTudor, grandfather of King Henry tery, aged 21, William Saunders MereVII. Through her mother, Rosina diih, Esq., third son of John Meredith, Wheeler, she deduced descent from the Esq., Lambeth-road, and late of the noble house of Massy.

diplomatic department, Hong Kong, Maberly, the Rev. Samuel, of Mells, co. China.

Somerset, youngest son of Joseph Ma- | Monk, Mrs. Sarah. This highly-esteemned berly, Esq., of Harley-street, 22nd lady, who died at Tickall, in Yorkshire, May.

on the 23rd April, was a centenarian, Mackenzie, Mary, wife of William Mac

having at the time of her decease passed kenzie, Esq., of Warwick-square, Pim her 101st year. Mrs. Monk, whose lico, C. E.

sense, accomplishments, and piety were Mackie, William, Esq., late of Wands

very generally known and valued, was worth, and formerly Paymaster of the

the daughter of the Rev. Joshua Wad27th Reg., 22nd April, aged 71.

dington, Vicar of Harworth, in Notting. Maitland. At Ramornie, Fifeshire, on hamshire, and the widow of Charles

the 26th May, James Heriot, Esq., of Monk, an officer in the 45th Regiment, Ramornie, second son of the late Capt.

youngest brother of the late Sir James the Hon. Frederick Lewis Maitland, Monk. Chief Justice of Montreal. R.N., of Rankeilour and Lindores.

Mrs. Monk's son, the Right Rev. Janes Manners. At Shirley, near Southampton, Henry Monk, D.D., is the prese.it Bi.

on the 6th May, in her 76th year, most shop of Gloucester and Bristol; her deeply regretted by her family and nephew, the Very Rev. George Wadfriends, Louisa Ann, eldest daughter of

dington, is Dean of Durbam; another the late Robert Manners, Esq., grand nephew, Horace Waddington, Esq., is daughter of the late Lord William a distinguished member of the bar, and Manners, and niece of the late Countess Recorder of Lichfield. Among her of Dysart.

other numerous relations are Mrs. McCarthy. On the 13th Mav, at Pem

Shirley, widow of the late Bishop of broke-place, Dublin, Anne, relict of the Sodor and Man; Lady Hall, wife of late Denis McCarthy, Esq., of Max

Sir Benjamin Hall, M.P.; and Madame grove, county of Cork, and sister of

Bunsen, wife of the Prussian Minister the late Robert Power, Esq., of White at St. James's. church-house, co. of Waterford, Ire Monro, Sir Hugh, Bart. Sir Ilugh land.

Monro, of Foulis, whose death we here McKenny. At Sydney, New South

record, was the representative of a very Wales, on Sunday, October 31, the ancient Scottish family. The first of Rev. John McKenny, Wesleyan minis the race designated of Foulis lived as ter, aged 57. He was a native of far back as the eleventh century. The Newry, in Ireland, and received his first

nineteenth Baron of Foulis in descent appointment as a Wesleyan missionary, from hiin, Hector Monro, was created to the Cape of Good Hope, in 1813. a Baronet of Nova Scotia the 7th June, In 1816 he was appointed to Ceylon, 1634. The Baronets who succeeded and in 1835, to Sydney, New South him were persons of distinction in ScotWales. The high esteem in which he land. The sixth Baronet, Sir Robert was held in the colony was manifested Monro, fell gallantly fighting on the by the attendance at his funeral. The Hanoverian side at the battle of Falkirk. ministers of other denominations, as His son, Sir Hairy Monro, M.P., marwell as the Wesleyan ministers, and the

ried Anne, daughter of Hugh Rose, officers of the society in Sydney and Esq., of Kilravock, by whom he was, Parramatta, were present. About 50 with other issue, father of Sir Hugh coaches followed the body to the grave, Monro, the subject of this notice, who where the Rev. Frederick Lewis, who succeeded him as eighth Baronet in in 1835-6 had been his fellow-voyager 1781. Sir Hugh married, several years from England, gave a suitable address, ago, Jane, daughter of Alexander Law,

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