Maurice, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the Sir Henry had three sons, all officers in late Rex. Pryce Maurice, rector of

rice Maurue rector of the Austrian army. Chyn, &c., 20h Jan,

Muner, Eluabeth, relict of John Milner, Mr Leanan, Cape. Donald, Toth Jan., at E-4., 6th Jan, Dowell, aged 70.

Sitioni, Robert, Esq., of Gately Hall, Mc Lad, Swinton, E., Deputy Inspec. Nurloik, 6th Jan.

tor General ofliopita's, and late of the Horar, Carl of. The demise of this no42nd Highlanders, 27th Dec., agd Diana' trok place at Darnaway Castle,

in inshire, on the 12th Jan. llis Mercer, Col. E!ward Sinyth, ('omman. londizip haul mariy completed his

dant of the livmouth Division of the } seventy-mienth year. He married. Rural Marines, 24th Dec.

tirət, in 1793, Lucy, second daughter Merricks, Richard, Esc. sound son of of General John Scott, of Baleomie,

the late R. Merricks, E, of Raucton and winter of the Duchess of Portland, House, Easri, 14th Jan.

Ad of the late Vintr (anninx. Mildmat, Sir II. C. St. John, Bart. The By this la lr, who survived her mar

death of this gentleinan, by his own riage only three years, he had two hand, unicr temporary itisnity, ox son - Francis his successor, and precurd at his residence, ilaikin-ter sent Earl, and Jalın, t'aptain in the race, Belgrave-hare, early on Monday army. 11« lordship married, secondly, morning, the 17th of Jan. For several in INOT, his (O ), Margaret Jane, day previous, Sir Ileary's bull: hul d.in. of Sir Philip Ainie, Knight, Duluad his master's deprxsino spinty of Pilton, and leaves by her two xur. but, on Sunday, this second, in some viving sons and four langhters. Tha measure, to have decrcasei. On that founder of the poble house of Morny evening Sir Harry retired to rest be was James Stuart, Prior of St. An tweet elesen and twelve, and, on the dns vertimate min of King Jan. following morning, was found in his the Fah. famous in history as th chaber, hoteles and wilerig in his -* Rstot Vlor." The derind Pris blood, his bead whattered tw) atuns, and was hari-Liritennut of the min'r of a stail double-barreled pistol lying min, in which shire he resided, at the close to his right hand. Sir lleiry (# of Darnaway. He als) p.. was eldent of the late Sor llenry Mpend the Castles of Dumbrival, in Paulet St. John, Bart., who, hava Free shire; of Dune, in Perthshire, and married Jane, Idest daughter and r). of Stuart, in Invernessaire. heir of (arew Jildmay, k , of Sh . Murmans, Orige, E-n of Budd-ston wood Hotme, hants, sumed the sur Park, Bachs and Alxreuthy, co. Carname and artus ot induia. in puri marthen, 24th Dec. suance of the testamentary 11. jui.ction Monson, lienry Monta'ue, E-, 24th of ('arrw lline Midlay, E , of Ihre, at Bentley Green, llants, ngeul 10. Hale (US , Co, Mot1 re t. 1 th , ater Merris, John, 19. of Brighton. In's of bally and maternally, the descarrd the Altos-vihe, J.C.C., 11th Jan.. Baronet derived iruin lames of great antiquity; the St. Jibris, dere need! Munds. Frederick Clinton, Ed.. third frum Wstam de St. John, a distin son f Gen, and the Hon. Mirs. Muide, g'ished companion i arns of Wolam 2th Iber, are 39. the Conquerorand the Midmavs, Murely, Eith Caroline, eldest dau. of trai ir ktheir pedrae tolo de (nje. Funny Miller Mundy, 341h N.I., Mindaue, invin A. I. 1147. Su H ry, Stia lor, in India. w bo sucorded us la her in i wil, Jarray, Lalla seratge, relict of the fourth Haronet, married, first, in 1x19, Hon. James Wolte Murray, Land Crin. Chariotte, eldest daughter on the Ilon. pietie, Senator of the College of Jos. Bartholomew Beaverie, and, by her, tice in Saarland, 95th ler, at Pans wbu draithe flowing year, had a will, Maus, Fanny, wife of Major Muter, Henry Dunne l'auit, Captain in the (adian Rdes, sth Dec, at Tinuto. Queen's Bars who $urter's to the Xe't'i ship, ('atharine, relact of the Rét. barvnetcy. Sir Henry married. se. Wiljam ettie'isp. late Rector of cutd., at Nuhari, by sprutal ikenue (hurchill, co. Worcester, &c. 28th of the hine oturte Insulin IIS.

lar Harriet, mind dau la. B. la Xi Bis in Leat. Luis Henry, of 53 Yerie (buv Mury his wife, sister of liver Bakal X I., 28nd Ler, agd 27. and lard Arundel, of Warduur), her Dubins, the Rev. G. FL.. NA. Rre. L oslip's te mer marriage with the tor of nt. Michael Roval, (olk ge Hill, Euro Rose'ny having been dissolved and N. Martin's Vintry, 13th lec, by Ait of Parliament By this lats Vui. V., 10.1 I.

Osborne, George, Esq., at Old Brentford, 12th December, 1791, the eldest dau. 18 Dec., aged 72.

of Francis II., Emperor of Austria, by Oswell, Amelia, relict of William Oswell, Maria Theresa, daughter of Ferdinand

Esq., and third dau. of the late Joseph IV., King of Sicily. Her marriage to Cotton, Esq., 7th Jan.

Napoleon took place on the 2nd April, Pain, Mary, relict of Joseph Pain, Esq., 1810—the most brilliant epoch in the

of Banbury, and previously relict of career of that illustrious soldier. Paris W. R. Wykham, Esq., of Thame Park was then the capital of an European and Swatcliffe House, 9th Jan.

Empire. The spoils of all nations, Parker, Sir George, K.C.B., Admiral save one, were collected in her halls; of the Red, 24th Dec., aged 81. This the Princes of all nations, save one, distinguished naval veteran died at his formed the circle of the Imperial Court. residence, near Grest Yarmouth, of a And yet, within four brief years, this severe attack of influenza, in the 81st mighty power passed away, like a meyear of his aye, and after seventy years' teoric splendour. The Emperor dedevotion to his country's service. He parted an exile from France, and his entered the navy, under his uncle, Sir Austrian bride became Sovereign of Peter Parker, and was early employed the little Duchy of Parma: in the Phænir, on the Malabar coast. In 1791, he participated as Lieutenant

Her fitter place was by St. Helen's wave,

Her only throne was in Napoleon's grave! of that vessel, in the capture of the French frigate, La Resolve. He next The only child of Maria Louisa, by served under Duncan, in the North Bonaparte, was a son, the late Duke of seas, and made several captures, when Reichstadt, born 20th March, 1811, in the Santa Margaretta. In 1808, he who died uninarried, at the Palace of sailed in command of a squadron to Schoenbrunn, near Vienna, 22nd July, the Baltic, and was frozen in for some 1832. time at Gottenburg. In the same year, | Parr, Mrs., widow of the Rev. Dr. Samin company with the Nassau, he cap-| uel Parr, of Hatton, 13th Jan. tured and destroyed the Danish 74-gun Parry, Gertrude Trevor, third dau, of the ship, the Prince Christian Frederick. late Dr. Caleb Hillier Parry, of Bath, On his return home, he was appointed 2nd Jan. to the Aboukir, and proceeded with it Parson, P. S. Esq., Lieut. R.N., fourth to Walcheren. Sir George was born son of the late Capt. Parson, of Teignin 1767, the son of George Parker, mouth, Devon, 7th Jan., aged 25. Esq. His grandfather, Rear-Admiral Pattisson, William Henry, Esq., of Sir Christopher Parker, gained naval Witham, Essex, J.P., 8th Jan. distinction in the early part of the Paul, Georgina, wife of John Dean Paul, eighteenth century; and his uncle, Sir Esq., of Parson's Green, and the Strand, Peter Parker, Adiniral of the Fleet, Banker, 25th Dec. was created a Baronet, 28th Dec., Pavin, John, Esq., of Bath, formerly of 1782, in requital of his gallant services, Milford Haven, and once of Bombay, more particularly in an attack on 11th Jan, aged 80. Charlestown. The action was one of Peacock, Sandford, Esq., of Chelsea, 9th the most sanguinary fought during the Jan. American war. The quarter-deck of Peebles, Col. Thomas, Royal Marines, 3rd the Bristol (Parker's ship) was cleared Jan. Colonel Thomas Peebles, who of every man but himself.

had recently succeeded to be second in Parker, Francis Henry, eldest surviving command of the Woolwich Division of

son of Henry I. Neil Parker, 29th Dec., Royal Marines, was an officer of high aged 8.

military reputation. The course of his Parma, Duchess of, Maria Louisa. Ac active service extended from 1799 to

counts from Italy announce the death, 1831. Within that period, he was pre. on the 9th Dec., of Maria Louisa, sent at many hard-fought engagements. Duchess of Parma, Placentia, and In 1800, he commanded the Marines Guastalla;

in the attack on Finale; and, in 1801, The still pale s'adow of the loftiest Queen

he was on board the Minotaur when it That earth has yet to see or e'er hath sewa.

captured the Spanish ships Le Pax and

Emralda, under the batteries of BarceMaria Louisa had lived to be very lona. He was twice wounded, once at nearly the longest reigning sovereign a sea-fight off Ivica, and again in of Europe, thirty-four years having 1805, in the West Indies. He was apelapsed since she exchanged, for the pointed a full Colonel the 7th Dec., portion of an Archduchess, her share 1846. Colonel Peebles served for several in the Throne of the French Empire. yearson the Staff as Adjutant and DepuHer Highness was born at Vienna, ty Judge Advocate, and had the gratifi. cation of receiving a reward from the Montgomery hire, Knight of the Gar. Patriotic Fund. 'l he gallant Colonel i ter, and Recorder of Shrewsbury, des at his residence in the New Royal His Lardship married, 9:h Fib,INIR, Starine Barracks Walmah.

Lady Lot Gribam, third dag. of Inderton, Mrs, of Hay, South Wales, James, third Duke of Mattrunr; and Orh J m., pd 3.

leaves ise five moins, vis.. Edward l'enn, Winnin, youngest son of the late James, now Earl of wis born in Granurile Penn, km, of Scoke Park, INI; Perry Frerton, Captain in the Bucks, ith Jan, agii 37.

army, burn in 182; George, born in l'ennyman, F abreh, dan, of the late 1825; 1bert Charles, burn in 1827; Sir Jam Pennyman. of Ormsby, co.

and William Henry, born in 1834, and York, 31. Dee.

three daughters, of whom the oldest, Philips, John Burton, E., of the Heath Lally (harlutte Elizalmih (live, mar. House, et Statlerd, 23th Dec., agrd med, 20th (ktober, 116. liugh Mont

gomery, F., of Gray Ably. county Pinder, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Pin. Down. Ito Dowager Duchess of der, F . at Cheltenham, 7th Jan.

Xorthumberland is the only surviving Pock, Marin, youngest dan, of the late sister of the deceaud Larl.

1 bomas Piasket, L . of Clatti rd. Pratt, Maria Francesedint dnu. of the stret, lith Jan.

Res. Juhn Pratt, Rector of Scddles. PollockMars, relict or William Pollock, comb, Sussex, 31 Dic.

F... of Lublin, 24th Dec, at Eminott Proctor, the Townger Lale, relict of Sir Hall, co, Lancaster, aged 3.

Thomas Beauchamp Tructor, Bart., Poole, Fhuabeth, wife of the Rev. John 25th Dec., aga kg.

Powie, of lemore l'ar-map, 3rd Jan. Proase. John Williams, Fsq., of WürthPriptugal, Fredenck H. Faq, Surron, of flert, 3rd Jan., Aged 21.

Priptural street, 25th Deriaged 48. Pye, Mrs. Henry, 29th Dec., at Louth. Powell, Gieorke, Eq, of lsington, 13th Randall, Wulam, E-9. of Milton, Jan., apdos

Gravesend, 16th Jar., aged 76. Puwis, Jarl of. His Lovship ha* fallen Ranun, les, P . of Rise Hill,

A victim to the unfortunate accident he Dr. Liverpwl, J. P., iuch Dee aged 72. met with whule out shouting on the Raynsford, John, Em. 2.5th Der, at ith inst, when, by the Bridenia Henlew Grange, eu. Bertford, aged 63. discharge of his son the Hon. Rid, Ana Ivania, dau, of the late oural e Robert Albert's fouing. (ft. Rend, of the Risai dullery, 22d pime, the contents lodged in his land. lir., #9d2. shop's thixh, and canud a wound, su. krodes, Mrs of Cumberland-street, Hyde perindouing martih, atjoni, ani rrsult. i Park, eth her, aged 79. 1x in the Fari's death on Monday | Richards, Jlary, act of Win. R.chards, morning last. 'Ile dera si, Exlwand F-9. of Marlborough llouse, l'etko Herbert, second Earl of Purwas, was I ham, 26th Thec. born 22r.d of March 1763, the elder kon Ricketts, Elizabeth, rrlict of Rear. of the late peer, by Hennetta Arfon Admiral Ricarete, 19th Dres, agrd 68. his wife, sister and her of the laut Rippan, Sarhulle, E, nt Acm Bauk, Larl of Punis of the family of Ilir Temple Smarby. 9th Jan., aged 44. bert. His grandinther was the cele ! Rix. Mary, relat of Nathaniel Rix, F«q. brated Rolert Land (live, so pre-I of Blundeston, Suffolk, and Chessledočio eminently distinguished by his pal. Grange, Essex, 27th Dec lant a hirvemet.ts as a mhitary au Roberts n, Ante, wife of Henry Robert. mander in India, and his ancestors win, E-, MD, 4th Jan. at Bole gue. were the lives of Strahe, a family of Robinson, Mould, E-4, formerly of consideral.'s antiquity, in the county of Beverly, co. York, 12th Jan., aged 79. Salop. Maternalis. Lord Powis de- Romney, the Dowager Countess, 2515 rived, in a dir denent, from the Inc., aged 53. chuvalrous lard liertert of (herbury. ! Rowland, Mrs. John lenty, of Upper land Powis wa4 eucated at the In. Goner-street, 9th Jan, repuity of Cambridge, wbror lor gained Salter, David, Eq, at Watford, Herts, considerable distiff, ani w bare te, 6th Jan, suppetatis 86ed the famous conta | Sarby, Mr. William, of Kensitgton, 25th with Iruk? A rt, for the ( naneribus ! Trc., aged 49. ship of the t'mrrv. Prespons to his ! Sandra Kichard. E«.of Slade Lange,

hrersion to the permite he ruptunt. rrar Strut, 6th Jan, aged 75. ed the britma04 Luik* in trn sue. I franel. Hart, youngest dan, of the late

ve Parla'. *st*. As the pmfrd of Henry Sasell. Euty 13th Jan., at bus decea* be mm. Dat luttienant of l'enbul, Bitteborgley.

Sedgwick, Mrs. James, of Kensington, commendation of Lord Howe, the First 1st Jan.

Lord of the Admiralty. In January, Sercombe, Mrs. Eliza, last surviving 1791, he accompanied Vancouver on

sister of the late Bayer Otto Bayer, board of the Endeavour, on his voyage Esq, of Bentinck-street, 1st Jan.

of discovery, as first Midshipman. He Seaward, Henry Hake, Esq., of South was actively engaged in the arduous Audley-street, 19th Jan.

boat service during that expedition on Seymour, Frederica Georgiana, eldest the shores of North America, where

dau. of Col. and Lady Emily Seymour, his name is recorded, as appears by the 12th Jan., aged 7.

charts of that celebrated circumnavigaShepherd, W. C. Esq., eldest son of the tor; and having completed the voyage

late Julius Shepherd, Esq., of Faver round the world, returned to England sham, 13 Jan. aged 83.

in September, 1795. He then served Sherlock, Col. Francis, K.H., late of the as Lieutenant on board the Spitfire and

4th Royal Irish Dragoons, and J. P., Princess Charlotte, successfully; and, for co. Notts, 15th Jan., aged 71.

afterwards, as Commander of the Sidworth, the Hon. Mary Anne Ursula Raven frigate, which was ordered to

Addington, eldest child of Henry, the Mediterranean, and was wrecked Viscount Sidworth, 24th Dec, aged off the coast of Sicily, in 1804. He 65.

was subsequently appointed to the Silk, William Henry, Esq., of Cherries Helicon and Statira, having obtained street, 7th Jan,

his Captain's commission in 1810. In Smith, William, Esq., of Connaught consequence of the arrangements at square, 22d Dec., aged 71.

the Admiralty, in 1846, he was proSmith, William, Esq., of Twickenham moted to the high rank of RearPark, 21st Dec., aged 73.

Admiral on the retired list of naval Sinith, Mrs. Edward James, of Brixton, officers. On the death of Colonel 27th Dec.

Watson, in 1835, Admiral Swaine was Smith, James, Esq., Com. R.N., 5th Jan. appointed by the Bishop of Ely, to the Sockett, Henry, Esq., one of the Senior ancient and honourable office of Chief

Benchers of Gray's Inn, 26th Dec., Bailiff of the Isle of Ely, which he held aged 82.

at the time of his death. We have Somerville, James Craig, Esq., M.D., of sketched an outline of his public apPangborne, Berks, 26th Dec.

pointments, but it was not in these Souper, Woodford Crowe, eldest son of alone that his character was developed.

Philip D. Souper, Esq., of Bedford, During the last thirty years he has 17th Jan., aged 14.

lived in the quietude and happiness of Spiers, Graham, Esq., Advocate Sheriff domestic life, and there exemplified in

of Edinburghshire, 24th Dec. at Gran all things the stirling qualities of a ton House

gentleman and a Christian. By his Staunton, Major John, of the 1st Royal friends and acquaintances he was

Veteran Battalion, 13th Jan., aged universally respected ; and by his 71.

family his loss will be deeply lamented. Stirling, Mary, wife of Thomas J. Graham Tane, Lient.-Col. Waldegrave, Royal

Stirling, Esq., of Strowan, N.B., 23d Marines, aged 88.

Tebbs, John, Esq., formerly of Gilmorton, Stuart, Lady Frances, relict of Sir Simeon co. Leicester, 9th Jan., aged 61.

Stuart, Bart., and eldest dau. of the Thompson, F. F., Esq., late of the last Earl of Carhampton, 4th Jan.

E. I. C. S., and of the 1st Somerset St. Lo, Laurence Edward, Esq., 14th Regiment of Militia, 3d Jan.

Dec., at Little Fontinell House, Dorset, Thornton, Anne Christian, relict of Aged 88.

Thomas Thornton, Esq., late of Swaine, Rear Admiral Spelman Swaine, Springfield-grove, Horsham, 5th Jan.

14th Jan. Admiral Swaine was Tinling, Mary Anne, relict of Majorthe second son of Spelman Swaine, Gen. Tinling, Grenadier Guards. Esq., of Leverington, Cambridgeshire, Tompkins, Sarah Savill, eldest dau. of the descendant of an ancient and Berijamin Tompkins, Esq., of Goshinghighly respectable family formerly re hill, 12th Jan., aged 17. siding in Dorsetshire. He entered the Trench, Anna Marria, relict of Charles naval service as Midshipman, in April, Trench, Esq., and eldest dau. of the 1782, at the ear y age of fourteen, under late Luke White, Esq., 19th Dec. the charge of Captain Alberinarle | Trounce, Eliza, eldest dau. of the late S. Bertie, of the Crocodile, then engaged Trounce, Esq., R.N., of Blackheath, in the Channel service; and afterwards 12th Jan. on board of the Champion, on the re. | Truman, Mrs. Christopher, of West

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Briurn-street, Hyde Park Gardens, 9th he perimmed mont gracefully, in a Jan.

manner highly creditable to the chiv. Trie. Marv, relict of Charles Brandon alrous and triumbant nation whom

Trye, E.... of Lechlampton Court, heuriri. The Loperur felt so pleased 14th Jan

with his conduct that he presented Turnet. Mrs. Thomas of Wirgham, lain with his suit-box, of great value. hent, l1th Jan., agrd 38.

An ane dole reunded of this momentTwining, Mrs. Giorge, of how, 16th Jan. ous journey ulustrates the classic taste Tyson, Lucy Elzalth, relict of William and curteous readiness of lisher

Tyson, E . 13:h Jan, at Bradley The 1.11.rur. one day during the Hul, co. Derhy

pesage, reprised himself a little apl'aber, Rear Admiral Sir Thos., K.C.B.. prehensive of the apparent roughness hcl. Cothmander-in-chief on the of the weather. "Fear nothung. Sirt," Irish Seation, 6th Jan, aged 69. The replied toler. I have more contiDame of l'auber, one of the most gallant dence than (war's pilot." ('aptain of our naval ters, will have record Ussher was created a C.B. in inis, in history, not for its fume alone, but and a K.C.H. in IN31. In the lattar for its connection with that of Saleon year be wis also appointed Commis. on a memorable occasion. Thumas ster of Burmuda and Halifax dockt'mber was the son of a lighly re yanus; he was subsequently made a Spectable Irish fams.x, wwh went to Commodore, and was secund in ccmthe sister country with King Jobin, when mand of the first in the West Indies. their chief changed his name of Neville He received the nomination of Rear. for that of the office which he tilled Almiral of the White, and as such under the monarth. lasher (utted huid bus flag on board of the among his ancestors the clebrated i (rocodile, only a few days before his Archbishop ssber. This father was death. Sir 'Thuinas l'xsher married a the Her, Tienry l'swher; and he him daughter of Thumas Foster, E., of self was born in 1779. He entered the the Girove, Buckinghamshire, hy whom British Navy early in life, and was a helcates thrre sons and two daughters. midshipman on Imard the Invincible, 'I he eldest son is a lot (Captain in the in Howr's action, in 1794. He was Xats. the second a (aptain of Marines, Arting Lieutenant of the Minotaur, and the third, we believe, is in the and knied onshore with a division of Commissary Department serving at manien, at the production of se. LAKA Canda. Sir Thomas I'm her, who He was subsequently Artin Lint Wills Chief of the Irish Station, died of the Pelican, in the action with the at the Arliniralıy lluese, (ove Cork, French frigate Medra, in 1996; at the on 'he 6th instant, in his 69th year. Sir sinking of the French 16-gun privateer 'I botas had a pension of £230 per Frompeur, in 1:97; and at the capture annum for wounds received in the of Trinidad. He commanded the snier, and another £'3" tur m rit, lie fronts of the Pelean in twenty-fiva was, indeed, in esery risori, ar ornaartung, and was twice bar!ly w:vnded. ment to the British air. lle When ('ernmatter of the Redwing, in remarkable on all wasons, even IM06 and 107, he drove on shore a among the bravest of his cuti panions Spanish totalla at Tanitia; and another in arms, for his det minst n and at (allasrl, Valencia, and he after. daning against the enemy; and yet how waris destrol the privaterrs, and brightly does his treatment of his Imattacked a tala of Cape Trafalgar, perial captive contrast with the conduct sinking frur, and capuring the of others who forget our national vestris lie was captain of the law. chivalry when the Emperor was at St. den, in the r eturn to Walcheren:

Helena. and of the Hanth, in lll. While Vales, the Rev. Edward, of Feltham in cun mand of the beats of the latter Vicarage, 2d Jan., aged 70. ship), in cungnetron with those of the Vanglan, John, E-. late of the Bengal (edank an Ritute, be entered the Civil Service, 2154 Der., aged 65. hart tar of Malaga, spárd the guns on vire, Mrs. relict of P. Vere, Esq., of the Mole head traffity, and bearded Grusvenor place, ith Jan. and brought out two privateers. In Verner, Elizabeth, wite of Lieut. Col. 1912 (ber was captain of the t'ne Verner, and only sister of the Dowager daunted; and, after w e briliant Duchess of Donigal, 1th Jan. Par to norm tward of beamong them, Vincent, Henry David, E-4., of Kenning. the capture of the town of ('

Hje - hejtmath Jan., apud 63. and his voor were employed to convey Wadililose, Henry Jerse, Eq., of Doctor's Aapnieon to Eiba. This difficult tank (mmons, aged 43.

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