Communicating Science: The Scientific Article from the 17th Century to the Present

Első borító
Oxford University Press, 2002. ápr. 11. - 280 oldal
This book describes the development of the scientific article from its modest beginnings to the global phenomenon that it has become today. Their analysis of a large sample of texts in French, English, and German focuses on the changes in the style, organization, and argumentative structure of scientific communication over time. They also speculate on the future currency of the scientific article, as it enters the era of the World Wide Web. This book is an outstanding resource text in the rhetoric of science, and will stand as the definitive study on the topic.

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Communicative and Argumentative Development Illustrated
Style and Presentation in the 17th Century
Argument in the 17th Century
Style and Presentation in the 18th Century
Argument in the 18th Century
Style and Presentation in the 19th Century
Argument in the 19th Century
Style and Presentation in the 20th Century
Argument in the 20th Century
Explaining the Development of the Scientific Article

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