RHENEA, island, one of the Cyclades. One of the Dili Isles, in the Archipelago.

RHODA, a Greek town in Iberia. Roses, a town in Spain.

RHODES, island, anciently Ophiusa, on the coast of Caria, and forming part of Doris. Rhodes.

RHODES, the principal city in the island of Rhodes. Rhodes town. ROAD OF THE LADDER, a road leading from Arcadia into Argolis.

SACE, a great nation in the interior of Asia, subject to the king of Persia. They inhabited the country of Sakita, near that of Balk, in Independant Tartary.

SAIS, a city in Egypt. Sa, a place in Egypt.

SALAMIS, an island in the Saronic Sea, and forming part of Attica. Koulouri Island.

SALAPIA, a Greek city in Italy, afterwards removed to a distance from the sea. Torre delle Saline.

SALGANEUS, a town in Boeotia. Ruins in Negropont.

SAMOS, an island in the Ægean Sea, forming part of Ionia. Samos Isle.

SAMOTHRACE, island of, in the Egean Sea. Samotraki.

SARDIS, the capital of Lydia. Sart in the district of Sarukhan in Asia Minor.

SARDINIA, or rather Lardo, a large island in the sea of Tyrrhenia. Sardinia Island.

SARONIC SEA, between Attica, Corinthia, and Argolis. Gulf of Ægina.

SATURN, mount of, in Elis, near Olympia.

SAURUS, a fountain in the island of Crete.

SCAMANDER, a river in Troas, mentioned by Homer. Kirke Keuzler.

SCAMANDER, another river in Troas, the Simois of Homer. Mendereh River.

SCANDEA, the town and port of the island of Cythera. Kapsali, in the island of Kerigo.

SCILLUS, a town of Elis in the Peloponnesus.

SCIRITIS, a small district of Arcadia, on the confines of Laconia, and in the environs of Scirtonium.

SCIRON, the road of, led from Megaris into Corinthia, passing over rocks on the edge of the sea.

SCYROS, an island in the Ægean Sea. Skyro Isle, on the coast of Negropont.

SCYTHIA, a large country in Europe, extending from the Ister to the Tanais. Little Tartary, Crimea, Moldavia, and Wallachia. SEA, Red, or Gulf of Arabia, separating Arabia from Egypt. Arabian Gulf, or Red Sea.

SEA, Saronic, between Attica, Corinthia, and Argolis. Gulf of Egina.

SEA of TYRRHENIA, on the Southern coast of Italy. The Sea of Tuscany.

SELINUS, a Greek city in Sicily. Ruins near Cape Granitola.

Also a small river in Elis, flowing past Scillus.

SELYMBRIA, a Greek city in Thrace, on the Propontis. Scilivri, near Constantinople.

SERIPHOS, one of the Cyclades. Serpho Isle.

SESTOS, a town in the Thracian Chersonesus, on the Hellespont.


SICILY, OF SICILIA, a large island close to Italy. Sicily.

SICYON, the capital of Sicyonia in the Peloponnesus. Mouzi, near Corinth.

SIDON, a city of Phoenicia. Said, a city.

SINOPE, a Greek city on the Southern shore of the Pontus Euxinus. Sinope.

SIPHNOS, island of, one of the Cyclades. Siphanto Isle.

SMYRNA, a city of Ionia in Asia Minor. No vestiges remain of the ancient city, which was removed a short time after the supposed travels of Anacharsis to the spot where the present city of Smyrna stands.

SORON, a grove in Arcadia.

SPARTA, or LACEDEMON, the capital of Laconia.
Mistra, in the Morea.

SPERCHIUS, a river in Thessaly. River Hellada.
SPHACTERIA, an island on the coast of Messenia.
the Bay of Navarino.

Ruins near

Sphagia Isle, in

STAGIRA, a city of Chalcidice, in Macedonia. Ruins, on the Orphano Gulf.

STYMPHALUS, a mountain, town, lake, and river, in Arcadia. Zaraka in the Morea.

STYX, a celebrated stream in Arcadia.

SUNIUM, a promontory of Attica. Cape Colonna.

SUNIUM, a town and fortress in Attica.


SUSIANA, a large country in Asia, subject to the King of Persia. Khoristan, a province of Persia.

SUZA, or rather SUSA, the capital of Susiana. Toster, or Shuster. SYBARIS. See Thurium.

SYCURIUM, a town in Thessaly.

SYRACUSE, a Greek city in Sicily, and the capital of the island. Sy


SYROS, or SYRA, island of, one of the Cyclades. Syra Isle.

TÆNARUS, a town in Laconia. Alika, near Cape Matapan.
TENARUM, a promontory of Laconia.

South of the Morea.

Cape Matapan, on the

TALETUS, the, the summit of Mount Taygetus in Laconia.
TAMYNE, plain of, in the island of Euboea.

TANAGRA, a town in Boeotia. Gramada, in Negropont.

TANAIS, the, a great river in Scythia, falling into the Palus Mæotis. The Don.

TARENTUM, a Greek city in Italy. Taranto.

TARTESSUS, island of, in the Atlantic Sea, on the coast of Iberia. An island at the mouth of the river Guadalquiver, in Spain. TAUROMENIUM, a Greek city in Sicily. Taormina.



TAYGETUS, a chain of mountains in Laconia, Mount Pentadactylon.

TEGEA, a town in Arcadia. Tripolitza, in the Morea.

TELCHINIANS, an ancient people, who inhabited the island of Crete, and afterwards emigrated to the island of Rhodes. TEMESA, a Greek city in Italy. Torre di Nocera.

TEMPE, a celebrated valley in Thessaly, near the mouth of the river Peneus.

TENEDOS, an island in the Egean Sea, forming part of Æolis. Tenedo Isle.

TENOS, one of the Cyclades. Tino Isle.

TEOS, a town of Ionia, in Asia Minor. Sevry-hissar, on the Gulf of Scala Nuova.

THASOS, an island in the Ægean Sea, near the coast of Thrace. Thaso Isle.

THAUMACI, a town in Thessaly. Thaumako, in the district of Trikhala.

THEBAIS, a district of Egypt. Upper Egypt.

THEBE, a town of Phthiotis, in Thessaly. Sesklos, near the coast of the Gulf of Volo.

THEBES, the capital of Thebais. Aksor, ruins.

THEBES, or THEBÆ, the capital of Boeotia. Thibai, in Negropont.
THEODOSIA, a town of the Tauric Chersonesus. Caffa.
THERA, island of, one of the Sporades. Santorini Isle.

THERMAIC GULF, between Macedonia and Thessaly. The Gulf of Saloniki.

THERMODON, a river in Asia Minor, which falls into the Pontus Euxinus. Termeh, river.

THERMODON, a small river in Boeotia.

THERMOPYLÆ, a strait between the sea and the mountains, forming the entrance from Thessaly into the country of the Locrians, and into Phocis. Thermopyla.

THERMUS, the principal town of Etolia. Macrina, near Lepanto. THERON, a river in the island of Crete.

THESPIE, a town in Boeotia, near Thebes.

THESSALY, the most northern country of Greece. The territories of Larissa, Zeitoun, and Trikhala.

THESSALIANS, the, were the powerful inhabitants of the Valley of
Peneus and all the country to the north.
THESSALONICA, a town of Macedonia.

THIUNS, a river in Arcadia.


THORICUS, a town and fortress of Attica. Alegrana.


THRACE, a large country in Europe, situated on the Pontus Euxinus and the Egean Sea, subject to Philip of Macedon. province of Roumeelia. THRACE, MARITIME.

This name comprehended the coasts of Thrace on the Ægean Sea, and those of Macedonia as far as Thessaly. In later times, the name was applied only to a small kingdom formed on the coast of Thrace, which was soon after destroyed by Philip of Macedon.

THRONIUM, the principal town of the Epicnemidian Locrians. Ruins.

THURIUM, a Greek city in Italy, anciently called Sybaris. Ruins near Torre Brodogneto.

THYREA, a town of Cynuria, a district of Argolis.

TIRYNS, a town in Argolis, near the present Napoli di Romania. TITANA, a town of Sicyonia, in the Peloponnesus.

TITARESUS, a river in Thessaly. A northern branch of the river Salambria.

TITHOREA, a town of Phocis.

TOMARUS, a mountain near Dodona, in Epirus. A mountain in the district of Delbino, near Lake Zerobina.

TRACHINIA, a district of Thessaly, near Thermopyla. The territory of Zeitoun.

TRACHIS, or TRACHIN, a town of Trachinia. The town of Heraclea was built near the spot on which Trachis formerly stood. Near Thermopyla.

TRAPEZUS, a town in Arcadia.

TRIOFIUM, a promontory of Doris, in Asia Minor. Cape Krio, opposite the Isle of Kos.

TRIPHYLIA, a district of Elis, in the Peloponnesus.

near the mouth of the river Roufia.

The country

TROAS, a country in Asia Minor, on the Hellespont, in which stood the city of Troy. The Asiatic side of the Dardanelles. TREZEN, a town on the frontiers of Argolis, near the Saronic Sea. Demala, near Cape Skillo.

TROPHONIUS, Cave of, near Lebadea, in Boeotia.

TROY, or ILION, or ILLIUM, a city of Troas, destroyed by the Greeks, afterwards rebuilt by the Æolians under the same name and in the same place. Ruins.

TYRE, the capital of Phoenicia. Sour, ruins.

TYRRHENE SEA. Vide Sea of Tyrrhenia.


WHITE MOUNTAINS, the, in the island of Crete. mountains.

ZACYNTHUS, an island in the Ionian Sea. Zante Island.
ZANCLE. Vide Messina.

ZARETRA, Fort, in the island of Euboea. Cupo, a town.

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ABERCROMBIE, Sir Ralph, repulses the Dutch and French armies, between the Helder and Alkmaar in Holland..

Adour, Wellington crosses the
Aire, Lord Hill defeats the French at
Albuera, battle of, Lord Beresford defeats the French
under Soult

Alexandria, battle of, Sir Ralph Abercrombie killed,
French defeated

capitulated to General Hutchinson, now

....10 Sept. army lands in Egypt 8 Mar.


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.16 May 1811

.21 Mar. 1801

Lord Donoughmore.....

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surrendered to General Frazer

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Almarez, Lord Hill defeats the French, and captures
the bridge of......

Amboyna, the Dutch settlement of, surrenders to the

Americans repulsed from Lower Canada

evacuated Fort Erie

Anholt attacked by nearly 4000 Danes, who are re-
pulsed by 350 of the Royal Marines, under Captain
Maurice, leaving behind 500 prisoners
Arcola, battle of, Buonaparte defeats the Austrians
under Alvinzi

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Arroyo del Molina, Lord Hill surprises the French.
under General Girard
Assaye, battle of, Wellington defeats the Mahrattas
under Scindia

Austerlitz, battle of, Napoleon defeats the Emperors
of Austria and Russia...

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