CORICIUS, cave, in Phocis.

CORONEA, a town in Boeotia.


CORSICA, OF CYRNE, an island in the Tyrrhene sea.


Cos, island of, one of the Sporades. Kos, in the Gulf of Kos.
COTYLIUS, a mountain of Arcadia, in the Peloponnesus.

CRETE, island of, the largest and most southern island in the
Egean Sea. Candia, or Kriti.

CRISSEAN GULF, part of the Corinthian Gulf. Bay of Salona, in the Gulf of Lepanto.

CROMYON, OF CREMMYON, a place in Corinthia, near Kenkries, in the Gulf of Ægina.

CROTON, a Greek city in Italy. Cortrone, in Calabria Ultra.
CUMA, a Greek city in Italy, near Naples.

CYCLADES, a cluster of islands in the Ægean Sea, now included
under the term Archipelago.
CYDNUS, a river of Cilicia, in Asia.
CYDONIA, a town in Crete, near the
CYLLENE, a maritime town of Elis.
CYLLENE, a mountain of Arcadia.

Tersoos, in Itchil. present Hierami.

Lechena, in the Morea.

CYME, or CUMÆ, the principal city of Æolis, in Asia Minor, on the present Gulf of Chandeli.

CYNETHA, a town in Arcadia. Kalabrita.

CYNOSARGES, a garden and gymnasium, without the walls of


CYNTHUS, a mountain in the isle of Delos, one of the Cyclades. CYPARISSIA, a town of Messenia. Arkadia, on the western coast of the Morea.

CYRENAICA, a country of Africa, subject to the king of Persia. Country of Derna.

CYRENE, a Greek city, the capital of Cyrenaica.

CYTHERA, an island to the south of Laconia.


CYTHNOS, one of the Cyclades. The Island Thermia.

CYZICUM, or CYZICUS, a Greek city on the island of Cyzicum, near the present Artaki, in the sea of Marmara.

DECELIA, a town in Attica, near Tatoi.

DELIUM, a small town in Boeotia, near Dramasi, in the channel of Egripo.

DELOS, island, the smallest but most celebrated of the Cyclades. Delos, near Mikoni island.

DELPHI, a celebrated town in Phocis. Kastri.

DODONA, a town in Epirus, near the present lake Zerobina.
DOLOPES, a people of Thessaly.

DORIANS OF GREECE. These comprehended all the nations of Greece which derived their origin from Dorus, the son of Helen, as the Lacedemonians, Messenians, Corinthians, Argives, &c., and their colonies.

DORIS, a district of Caria in Asia Minor, including some islands in the Ægean Sea. The country now included between the Gulf of Scala Nuova and the Island of Rhodes.

DORISCUS, the plain of, in Thrace.

DYME, a town in Achaia, near the present Carabosla in the north

of the Morea.

DYSPONTIUM, a town of Elis.

ECBATANA, the capital of Media.


EGYPT, a great country in Africa. Egypt.

EIRA, a mountain and fortress of Messenia.

ELAIAS, a mountain in Arcadia.

ELATEA, a town of Phocis. Elephta.

ELATIA, a town in Thessaly, near the mouth of the present river Salambria.

ELEA, a Greek town in Italy.

ELEUSIS, a town in Attica. Lepsina near Athens.

ELIS, a district of the Peloponnesus. The north-western part of

the Morea.

EPHESUS, a city of Ionia in Asia Minor.


Ruins near Scala

EPIDAMNUS, a Greek town in Illyria. Durazzo in Skutari, on the Adriatic.

EPIDAURUS, a town near Argolis. Pidavro on the Gulf of Dara. EPIRUS, a country of Europe, north-west of Greece. The southern part of Albania.

ERESSUS, a town in the island of Lesbos. Eresso in Mytilini. ERETRIA, a town in the island of Eubœa, near Vathya in Negropont.

ERYMANTHUS, a river of Arcadia, a branch of the river Roufia. ERYTHRÆ, a town of Ionia in Asia Minor. Ruins opposite the island of Khio.

ETHIOPIANS, inhabitants of the interior of Africa. Nubians and Abyssinians.

EUBEA, a large island in the Ægean Sea. Egripo, or Negropont island.

EUBŒA, a mountain in Argolis, near Mycena.

EURIPUS, the strait separating the island of Euboea from Greece. Egripo.

EUROPE, one of the three ancient divisions of the world. Europe. EUROTAS, a river in Laconia. The river Basili.

EUHESPERIDE, port, in Africa, where Bernice was afterwards built. Bernic.

FIVE HILLS, the, a place near Sparta.

GADES, or GADIRA, a town of Iberia.

CARGAPHIA, a fountain in Boeotia.

Cadix in Spain.

GAUL, or CELTICA, a large country of Europe inhabited by the Celts.


GELA, a Greek city in Sicily.
GERENIA, a town in Messenia,
GOMPHI, a town in Thessaly.

Terra Nova.

near Kitries, on the Gulf of Koroni.. Staghi or Kalabaka.



GONNUS, a town in Thessaly, near the mouth of the river Salam


GORTYNA, one of the principal cities in the island of Crete. Ruins. GORTYNIUS, a river in Arcadia. River Garitena.

GORTYS, a village in Arcadia, near Raphti, in the centre of the Morea.

GREECE, a large country of Europe inhabited by the Greeks, comprehending the islands, and sometimes even the Greek colonies. The southern part of Turkey in Europe.

GREECE, Great, Magna Græcia, the southern part of Italy, inhabited by Greek colonies.

GYAROS, Island of, one of the Cyclades. Ghioura.

GYRTON, a town in Thessaly, near Larissa in Trikhala.

GYTHIUM, a town in Laconia; the port was thirty stadia from the town. Near Trinissa, in the Gulf of Kolokythi.

HÆMUS, a mountain in Thrace. The Balkan in Bulgaria. HALIARTUS, a town in Boeotia, near the present Korunies in Negropont.

HALICARNASSUs, a Greek city in Caria. Boodroom in the Gulf of Cos.

HALUS, or ALOs, a town in Thessaly, on the Gulf of Volo.

HEBRUS, a river in Thrace.

Maritza in Roumelia.

HECUBA, Tomb of, in the Thracian Chersonesus on the Hellespont. HELENE, an island in the Ægean Sea. Makronisi.

HELICE, a town in Achaia, near Manioucha, on the Gulf of Lepanto.

HELICON, a mountain in Boeotia. Mount Zagora in Negropont. HELISSON, a river in Arcadia.

HELLESPONT, a strait connecting the Propontis and the Ægean Sea. The Dardanelles.

HELOS, a town in Laconia, near Kolokyna in the south of the Morea.

HERACLEA, a Greek city in Asia on the Pontus Euxinus. Eregri, or Erekli, in Anadoli.

HERACLEA, a town in Thessaly, near Thermopyla. Near Hellada on the Gulf of Zeitoun.

HERCULES MELAMPYGUS, Stone of, an altar of Hercules, near Thermopyla.

HERCYNA, a river in Phocis.
HEREUM, a town in Thrace.
HERMIONE, a city of Argolis

The river of Libadia.

Mouria on the sea of Marmara.
on the Ægean Sea. Kastri in the

HERMUS, a river in Asia Minor. River Koduschay near Smyrna, in Sarukhan.

HERO, Tower of, near Sestus, on the Thracian Chersonesus.

HESPERIDES, Garden of the, an imaginary place, supposed, by the

Greeks, to be situated at the western extremity of the world.

HIMERA, a Greek city in Sicily, close to Termini.

HIPPOCRENE, a fountain in Boeotia.

HOMER, Grotto of, at the source of the Meles in Ionia.

HOMOLIUM, a town in Thessaly, near Baba in Albania.
HYLICA, a lake in Boeotia.

Thiva near Lake Topolias.

HYMETTUS, a mountain in Attica.

HYPATA, a town in Thessaly. Patradgik, on the river Hellada. HYPERBOREANS, an imaginary people, said, by the Greeks, to in habit the north of Greece.

HYSIÆ, a town in Argolis, in the mountains near Tripolitza.

IALYSUS, a town in the island of Rhodes.
IASUS, a town of Caria in Asia Minor.

IBERIA, a large country in Europe. Spain.
ICARIA, a borough in Attica.

Ruins near Triondo.

Asym Kalessi in Mun

Nikaria Island. Psiloriti Mountain. Kaz Mountain, near

ICARUS, or ICAROS, an island in the Ægean Sea.
IDA, a great mountain in the island of Crete.
IDA, a mountain of Troas in Asia Minor.

the Dardanelles.

ILION, OF ILIUM, a city in Troas, destroyed by the Greeks, and rebuilt by the Æolians under the same name. Ruins.

ILISSUS, a small river near Athens.

ILLYRIA, or ILLYRICUM, a large country in Europe. Dalmatia and Albania.

IMBRASUS, a river in the island of Samos. River of the Mills.
IMBROS, an island in the Ægean Sea. Imbro island.

INACHUS, a river in Argolis. River Petri, flowing near Argos.
INDIA, a great country in Asia, partly subject to the King of Per-

sia. Hindoostan.

INDUS, a great river in Asia, the eastern boundary of the empire of the Persians. The Sind or Indus.

INOPUS, a river in the island of Delos.


IONIA, a district of Asia Minor, including the coast of Lydia and part of that of Caria, with the isles of Chios and Samos. maritime country from the Gulf of Chandeli to the Gulf of Asyn Alessi.

IONIAN SEA, separated Greece from Italy and Sicily. Part of the Mediterranean between Turkey, Italy, and Sicily.

IONIANS of GREECE. This name included all the nations of Greece which derived their origin from Ion, the grandson of Hellen; as the Athenians, &c., and their colonies.

Ios, island of, one of the Cyclades. Nio island.
IOULIS, the principal city in the island of Ceos.


ISTER, a great river in Europe, which flows into the Pontus Euxinus. The Danube.

ISTHMUS of CORINTH, connecting the Peloponnessus with the continent of Greece.

ITHACA, an island in the Ionian Sea. Thiaki, or Ithaca.
ITHOME, a mountain and fortress in Messenia, near Messene.

JUNO, Temple of, near the city of Samos.

JUNO, Temple of, between Mycena and Argos.



JUPITER, Cave and Tomb of, in the island of Crete, near Cnossus.

LABYRINTH of CRETE, near Gortyna.

Cavern in Mount Ida. LACEDEMON, the capital of Laconia. Ruins near the town of Mistra.

LACONIA, a country in the Peloponnessus. The South Eastern part of the Morea.

LADON, a river in Arcadia.

centre of the Morea.

A branch of the river Roufia, in the

LAMIA, a town in Thessaly. Zeitoun, in Libadia.

LAMPSACUS, a Greek city in Asia, on the Hellespont. Lampsaki. LAPITHE, an ancient people of Thessaly.

LARISSA, the principal city of Thessaly. Ienitcheri, or Larissa. LARISSUS, a river separating Elis and Achaia. River near Cape Kologria, or Papas.

LATMUS, a mountain in Ionia and Caria.

[blocks in formation]

Mountain near the

LEBEDOS, a town of Ionia, in Asia Minor. Ruins near Hypsili. LECHEUM, the port of Corinth. Alica.

LELANTUS, a river in Euboea.

LEMNOS, an island in the Ægean Sea. Lemno, or Stalimene, isle. LEONTINI, a Greek city in Sicily. Lentini.

LEPETHYMNUS, Mount, in the island of Lesbos.

LERNA, Marsh of, in Argolis. The Lake of the Mills.

LEROS, island of, one of the Sporades. Lero, in the Gulf of Asyn Alessi.

LESBOS, a large island in the Ægean Sea. Mytilini, near the Gulf of Smyrna.

LETHE, a fountain near Lebadea, in Boeotia.

LETRINES, a small town in Elis, near the mouth of the Alpheus, near Pyrgos.

LEUCADIA, a peninsula or island on the coast of Acarnania. Santa Maura, one of the Ionian islands.

LEUCATE, a promontory in Leucadia. Cape Dukato.

LEUCTRA, a town of Boeotia. Lefka, in Negropont.

LIBYA, OF AFRICA, one of the three ancient divisions of the world.

LILEA, a town in Phocis, on the side of Mount Parnassos.
LINDUS, a town in the island of Rhodes. Lindo.

LOCRI, or LOCRI EPIZEPHYRII, a Greek town in Italy. Gerace, on the coast of Calabria Ultra.

LOCRIANS (Ozolian), a people of Greece situated between Phocis and Etolia, between Salona and Lepanto.

LOCRIS, a general name for the three distinct countries inhabited by the Epicnemidian Locrians, the Opuntian Locrians, and the Ozolian Locrians.

LEUCANIA, a district in Italy. Principato Citteriore, a province of Naples.

LYCABETTUS, a hill within the city of Athens.

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