ABDERA, a Greek town of Thrace, on the coast of the Egean Sea. Now Ruins near Cape Asproroso.

ABIA, a town of Messenia. Kitries.

ABYDOS, a Greek town in Asia, on the Hellespont. Hissar Sultani. ACADEMY, a garden and gymnasium outside the walls of Athens. ACARNANIA, a country in the Northern part of Greece. Karlali. ACANTHUS, a town of Chalcidice.


ACHAIA, a country in the Peloponnesus. The Northern part of. the Morea.

ACHARNE, a town in Attica.

ACHELOUS, a river of Acarnania. The Aspro Potamos or White River.

ACHERON, a river of Epirus. A River flowing from Lake Tchouknida.

ADRANUM, a Greek town in Sicily. Aderno.

ADRIATIC Sea, on the Northern Coast of Italy. Adriatic, or the
Gulf of Venice.

ÆGALEUS, a mountain of Messenia. Kondoboundo Mount.
EGEAN Sea, between Greece and Asia Minor.

The Archipelago.

ÆGESTA, or Segeste, a Greek town in Sicily. Calatafimi.
ÆGINA, an island in the Saronic Sea. Egina in the Gulf of Egina.
ÆGIRA, a town in Achaia. Blobouki. In the Northern part of the

ÆGIUM, the principal town in Achaia. Vostitza. In the Northern part of the Morea.

EGOS-POTAMOS, a river of the Thracian Chersonesus.

ENIANES, a people of Thessaly.



ENOS, a Greek town of Thrace on the coast of the Ægean Sea.


EOLIANS of Greece. Under this name were included all the Gre

cian Nations which derived their origin from Eolus, the son of Helen; as the Thessalians, Locrians, &c., and their colonies. EOLIS, or EOLIA, a country of Asia Minor, opposite the island of Lesbus. Korasi.

ÆTNA, a mountain of Sicily. Mount Etna.

ETOLIA, a country of Greece. Lepanto.

AFRICA, one of the three ancient parts of the globe. Africa.
AGANIPPE, a fountain in Boeotia.

AGRIGENTUM, a Greek city in Sicily. Girgenti.

AJAX, tomb of, in Troas, on the shore of the Hellespont. Now a hill.

ALIPHERA, a town of Triphylia.

ALPENUS, a town of the Locrians, near the Pass of Thermopyla. Molo.

ALPHEUS, a river of the Peloponnesus, now Roufia.

ALTIS, a sacred grove near Olympia.

AMAZONS, a warlike nation, who dwelt on the banks of the Thermodon in Asia, on the Southern side of the Pontus Euxinus. AMBRACIA, a town of Epirus. Arta.

AMBRACIA, Gulf of, between Epirus and Acarnania. Gulf of Arta. AMBRYSSUS, a town of Phocis.

AMMON, a place in Libya. Sant-Rich.

AMORGOS, ISLAND, one of the Cyclades. Amorgo Island.

AMPHIPOLIS, a town in Macedonia, on the verge of the Strymonic Gulf.

AMPHISSA, the capital of the Ozolian Locrians. Salona.

AMYCLE, a town in Laconia, about four English miles from Sparta.

ANACTORIUM, a town of Acarnania in the entrance to the Ambracian Gulf. Azio.

ANAPHE, ISLAND, one of the Sporades, or islands in the Ægean Sea. Anaphi.

ANDROS, ISLAND, one of the islands in the Ægean Sea, close to Euboea. Andro Island.

ANTHEDON, a town on the coast of Boeotia.

ANTHELA, a town of Thessaly, near Thermopylæ.

ANTHEMUS, a town of Macedonia, about five English miles from Thessalonica.

ANTICYRA, a town of Phocis, on the Corinthian Gulf. Asprospiti. ANTISSA, a town in the island of Lesbus, near the Hellespont. AORNUS, or AVERNUS, a place in Epirus.

APHETÆ, a promontory in Thessaly, near the Egean Sea. Point Fetio,

APHIDNA, a borough of Attica.

APOLLONIA, a Greek town of Sicily. Pollina. There were also two cities thus called in Bithynia.

ARABIA, a country of Asia. Arabia.

ARAXUS, a promontory of Achaia, in the North of the Peloponnesus. Cape Kologria, or Papas.

ARCADIA, a country of Greece, in the interior of the Peloponnesus. Tripolitza stands about the centre of the ancient Arcadia. ARETHON, a river of Epirus. River Arta.

ARETHUSA, a town of Chalcidice. Also a fountain in Syracuse, a city of Sicily.

ARETHUSA, a fountain in the city of Chalcis, in Euboea.

ARGOLIS, a country of the Peloponnesus. Napoli di Romania stands in the ancient Argolis.

ARGOS, the capital of Argolis. Argos, on the East of the Morea. ARISBA, a town of the island of Lesbus, near the Hellespont. ARMENIA, a great country of Asia, subject to the King of Persia. Armenia.

ARNE, a town of Thessaly.

ARTEMISIUM, a temple of Diana, in the North of the island of

ARVISIA, a district of the island of Chios.
ASCRA, a town of Boeotia. Veo Chorio.

ASIA, one of the three great divisions of the Ancient World. Asia. ASIA MINOR, a large part of Asia, subject to the King of Persia, and containing several provinces. On the side next to Europe, the Greeks had their principal settlements. Asia Minor, now subject to the Porte. It is also called, Anadoli.

ASINARUS, a river of Sicily. Noto River.

ASOPUS, a town of Laconia, or Southern Part of the Peloponnesus, near the present Phiniki.

ASOPUS, a river of Boeotia.
Channel of Egripo.

River Asopo, emptying itself into the

Asopus, a river of Thessaly, in Trachinea.

ASSYRIA, a great country of Asia subject to the King of Persia, Babylon was its capital. Curdistan, part of Mesopotamia, or Al Gezria, and Irak Arabi, provinces of Turkey.

ASTACUS, a maritime city of Bithynia.

ASTYPALEA, ISLAND, one of the Sporades, in the Ægean Sea. ATARNEUS, a town of Mysia, in Asia Minor, opposite to Mytilene.

ATHAMANIA, a district of Epirus. Now included in the province of Albania.

ATHENS, the capital of Attica, and one of the most powerful cities of Greece. Athens.

ATHOS (Mount), in Chalcidice on the Ægean Sea. Monte Santo, or Aionoros.

ATLANTIC SEA, beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The Atlantic Ocean.

ATTICA, a country of Greece, to the North-East of the Peloponnesus; its capital was Athens.

AULIS, a port of Boeotia, opposite to the present town of Egripo. AVERNUS. Vide Aornus.

BABYLON, the capital of Assyria. Ruins near Hella.

BACTRIANA, a great country of Asia subject to the Kings of Persia. Balk, part of Independent Tartary.



BELBINA. A strong town of Laconia, near the present Agio Basili. BEOTIA, a country of Greece, now included in Libadia.

BIBLINUS, a river in the island of Naxos.

BIBLIS, a river in the island of Naxos, one of the Cyclades.

BISANTHE, or RHEDUSTUS, a town of Thrace, on the Propontis. Rhodosto.

BITHYNIA, a country of Asia Minor, on the coast of the Propontis and Pontus Euxinus. Khodjaili.

BORISTHENES, a great river in Scythia. The Dneiper.

BOSPHORUS, Cimmerian, the strait which joins the Palus Mæotis to the Pontus Euxinus. Strait of Kaffa.

BOSPHORUS, of Thrace, the strait which joins the Propontis to the Pontus Euxinus. The Strait of Constantinople.

BRAURON, a borough of Attica. Vraona.

BRUTII, a people of Italy, inhabiting the two Calabrias in the kingdom of Naples.

BRYSEA, or Brasia, a town of Laconia. Rheonta.

BULIS, a town of Phocis.

BURA, a town of Achaia. Manioucha stands near the spot. BUTHROTON, a town of Epirus. Butrinto, in the province Delbino. BYBLOS, a town of Phoenicia.


BYZANTIUM, a Greek town of Thrace. Constantinople.

CADIZ, strait of, which separates Europe from Africa. The Strait of Gibraltar.

CAYSTER, a river of Ionia. Kuchuk Meinder.

CALYDON, a town of Etolia. About 12 English miles from the present Mesolonghi.

CALYPSO, isle of, on the coast of Italy, near Croton. A rock near Cape Colonna.

CAMARINA, a Greek town in Sicily, near the present Cape Scalambra.

CAMIRUS, a small town in the island of Rhodes.

CAPHYÆ, a town of Arcadia.

CAPPADOCIA, a country of Asia Minor.



CARESSUS, or CORESUS, a town in the island of Ceos, now Zea.

CARIA, a country of Asia Minor. Muntenha.

CARTHAGE, a great city on the coast of Africa, situated near the present Tunis.

CARYSTUS, a town in Eubœa. Karysto.

CASPIAN SEA, in the interior of Asia. Caspian Sea.

CASSITERIDES, islands in the Atlantic Ocean, generally supposed

to be the Scilly Isles.

CASTALIA, a fountain near the town of Delphi.

CATANA, a Greek town of Sicily.


CAUNUS, a town of Caria, on the coast of Asia Minor.

CELTS, a great people of Europe, inhabiting Gaul or Celtica.

CENCHREA, the port of Corinth.

CENTAURS, an ancient people of Thessaly.

CEOS, isle of, one of the Cyclades. Zea, on the eastern coast of the


CEPHALLENIA, an island in the Ionian Sea. Cephalonia.
CEPHISUS, a river of Phocis. Mavro Potamos.

CEPHISUS, a river near Athens.

CEPHISUS, a river near Eleusis, in Attica, properly a branch of the river just mentioned.

CERAMICUS, a village beyond the walls of Athens.

CHERONIA, a town of Boeotia.


CHALCEDON, a Greek town of Bithynia on the Propontis. Kady Kini.

CHALCIDICE, a district of maritime Thrace, on the Egean Sea, now included in Saloniki.

CHALCIS, the principal city in the island of Euboea. Egripo, or Negropont.

CHALDEANS, a people of Asia, in the vicinity of Babylon.

CHAONIUS. Chaones, a people of Epirus, inhabiting part of the present Albania.

CHENA, a place in Laconia.

CHERSONESUS, Thracian, a peninsula between the Propontus and Pontus Euxinus. Gallipoli.

CHERSONESUS, Taurica, a peninsula between the Palus Mæotis and Pontus Euxinus. The Crimea.

CHIOS, an island in the Ægean Sea. Khio.

CHRYSOPOLIS, a town of Asia Minor, on the Bosphorus of Thrace. Skutari.

CHRYSORRHOAS, a river near Trazene. River Damala.

CILICIA, a country of Asia Minor. The country of Itchil and Adana.

CIRPHIS, a mountain of Phocis, near the present town of Djesphina. CIRRHA, a maritime town of Phocis, near the present Scala, in the bay of Salona.

CISSIANS, a people of Susiana in Asią, now in the territory of Khusistan in Persia.

CITHARON, a mountain between Attica and Boeotia. Gupto Kastro. CLAZOMENÆ, a city of Ionia, in Asia Minor. Vourla. There was

also an island thus named in the Gulf of Smyrna. CLITOR, a town of Arcadia, near the present Platinder.

CNIDUS, a town of Doris, in Asia Minor. A port near the present Barbanikola.

CNOSSUS, one of the principal cities in Crete. Knossoli.

COCYTUS, a river in Epirus, flowing out of the present lake Joannina.

COLCHIS, or COLCHOS, a large country of Asia, on the Pontus Euxinus. Mingrelia, Gariol, and Imeritia.

COLONOS, a borough of Attica. Church of St. Euphemia.

COLONIDES, a small town of Messenia, in the Peloponnesus, near Cape Gallo.

COLOPHON, a city of Ionia, in Asia Minor.

COPAIS (lake) in Boeotia. Lake Topolias, in Negropont.

CORCYRA, in the Ionian sea. Corfu.

CORINTHIAN GULF. Gulf of Lepanto.

CORINTHUS, the capital of Corinthia, in Peloponnesus. Corinth.

CORONE, a town of Messenia. Koroni, in the gulf of Koroni.

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