Queensland: A Sketch

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Centennial Printing & Publishing Company, 1888 - 51 oldal

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42. oldal - IMMIGRANTS' LAND ORDERS. To approved persons of European extraction, paying in full their own passages or those of members of their families to Queensland from Europe, the United States of America, or any British possession other than the Australasian colonies, land orders are issued of the value of £20 sterling for each person of 12 years and upwards, and of £10 for each child between 1 and 12 years of age. These land orders are available, for ten years from the date of issue, to their full nominal...
26. oldal - Grain tin, reduced to small fragments by fusing and pouring it into cold water. TURMERIC. The rhizome of Curcuma longa, Linn. TURMERIC PAPER. Unsized white paper steeped in Tincture of Turmeric and dried by exposure to the air. TURMERIC TINCTURE. Take of Turmeric, bruised, 1 oz.
32. oldal - River with Bundaberg as its center, the soil and climate being good; Millaquin, the gigantic refinery, performs duties similar to that at Yengarie and is supplied with juice in the same manner. The sugar-growing district of Rockingham is in a comparatively dry belt of country. There is a mill at Yeppoon. Mackay, the sugar metropolis, is situated in the tropical district of the colony, and here the industry has attained its greatest development. Immense sums of money have been expended in the district,...
31. oldal - Ficus indica is applied to the teeth and gums, to ease the toothache ; it is also considered a valuable application to the soles of the feet when cracked and inflamed. The bark is supposed to be a powerful tonic, and is administered by the Hindoos in diabetes.
6. oldal - ... on a reed, are used by the Polynesians as a substitute for candles and as an article of food; they are said to taste like walnuts. When pressed, they yield largely of pure palatable oil, as a drying oil for paint, and known as artists
11. oldal - Class 51. — Agricultural implements and processes used in the cultivation of fields and forests.
23. oldal - It grows abundantly and luxuriantly on many uncultivated fields and commons, and furnishes grazing from April till frost. It thrives under much grazing and many mowings, and grows promptly after each if the soil is moist enough.
6. oldal - December 10, 1859, on its separation from New South Wales. The power of making laws and imposing taxes is vested in a Parliament of two Houses — the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. The former consists of 41 members, nominated by the Crown for life. The Legislative Assembly comprises 72 members, returned from 61 electoral districts for three years, elected by ballot, a six months' residence qualifying every adult male for the franchise.
32. oldal - Maryborough is the chief town of the district next in order. Here the sugar industry was early established. The sugar manufacture is carried on by Messrs. Cran & Co., at their immense refinery, Yengarie, the juice of the cane being supplied by the farmers, each of whom must have his own crushing machinery. The refinery is fitted with the most modern appliances, and is colossal, in extent. The farmer has to cut, cart, and crush his own cane, while the juice previously charged with...

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