The Resurrection and Immortality

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Xulon Press, 2006 - 332 oldal
THE RESURRECTION AND IMMORTALITY Is man born with an immortal soul, or do the saved put on immortality at the resurrection? This is one of the most important questions of all times. It has more influence on our conception of our nature, our view of life in this world, and life after death, the nature of God, than any other question. The resurrection and an undying immortal soul are not compatible. If one is true, then the other one cannot be. YOUR WHOLE THEOLOGY [what you believe] IS DETERMINED BY YOUR VIEW OF THE SOUL. Not only does man now having an immortal soul make the resurrection impossible, it makes the judgment be passed; and the second coming of Christ pointless for there could not be a resurrection or a judgment at His coming. The resurrection doctrine of unconditional immortality are contradictory to each other. You must choose one or the other. You cannot believe both. Christ taught the resurrection. It is our only hope of life after death, not now having immortality and never dying. The undead cannot be raised. If the soul is immortal and never dies ----- there cannot be a resurrection of those not dead If there is to be a resurrection of the dead the dead cannot be alive, cannot be living immortal souls The doctrine of unconditional immortality: Changes the nature of God, makes Him cruel and sadistic Changes the message we preach to the lost and their fate, whether they will have an eternal life with torment or a second death form which there will never be a resurrection Changes the nature of man, whether he is now mortal or immortal Changes the nature of the resurrection of Christ, whether He was dead and raised by God or only His earthly body was dead and He justcame back from Heaven to it Changes the nature of our resurrection, whether we are dead and resurrected or just come back from somewhere The resurrection an immortal soul. The wages of sin is death the wages of sin is an eternal life of torment.

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