a mere conjecture, and the question why our author should have chosen such titles is one rather of curiosity than utility. The poem was very accurately published by Petersen, Hamburgi, 8vo, 18-13, the text of which edition has now been again collated with the only two MSS. known to exist, namely, Cantab. I i, 2, 31, fol. 46. and Mus. Brit. 13. D iv. fol. 209.

IV. The poem DE MEMBRIS CONSPIRANTIBUS, [p. 299.] has been reprinted from the text of Fabric. Bibl. med. et inf. Latinit. vol. iv. see also Histoire Litteraire de France, in vol. xiv. p. 117. I am not aware that any Manuscript copy of it exists.

V. VITA ANSELMI ARCHIEPISCOPI CANTUARIENSIS, [p. 305.] was printed in Wharton's Anglia Sacra from which it has been copied into this edition. It is a mere sketch of Anselm's life, and was written in consequence of the interest which Becket aroused among the people towards the life and character of his famous predecessor.

VI. Vita STI THOMÆ. [p. 359.] This short tract has already appeared in the collection of contemporary biographies, entitled, Vita Sancti Thomæ, Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi et Martyris, 2 vols. 18mo. Lond. et Oxon. 1845, from the text of which edition it is here repeated.

A Commentary on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians was also published formerly as a work written by John of Salisbury, [Amst. 4to, 1646, and Cant. fol. 1630.] but there is no evidence of his having written such a work; which, if it were genuine, would certainly be not worth reprinting.

A work also on Church Discipline, entitled Summa de Poenitentia, is ascribed to our author by Tanner. The only correct MS. of this work is in the Burgundian library at Brussels: it appears to have been written by Joannis Decanus Saresberiensis. The Bodleian MS. of it is very imperfect.

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