The History of Rome from the Foundation of the City of Rome to the Destruction of the Western Empire

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Charles Wood, 1823 - 564 oldal

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274. oldal - permit me to share in this honour also ; among all the miseries of my exile, it will be my last sad comfort, that I have been able to assist at the funeral of my old commander, and touch the body of the bravest general that ever Rome produced.
470. oldal - ANIMULA ! vagula, blandula, Hospes, comesque, corporis, Quae nunc abibis in- loca — Pallidula, rigida, nudula, Nee, ut soles, dabis jocos...
49. oldal - The feet vowed they would carry it no longer ; the hands vowed they would feed it no longer; and the teeth averred they would not chew a morsel of meat, though it were placed between them. Thus resolved...
127. oldal - Admirable Fabri'cius !" cried he, " it would be as easy to turn the sun from its course, as thee from the path of honour.
274. oldal - While he was thus piously employed, he was accosted by an old Roman soldier, who had served under Pompey in his youth.
268. oldal - He talked with terror of the blood he was goingto shed, and pleaded only the necessity that urged him to it. He deplored the many brave men that were to fall on both sides, and the wounds of his country, whoever should be victorious.
242. oldal - Caesar so intimidated them with repeated victories, that they no longer resisted in the plains, but fled to the forests. Here, however, they were unsafe, and soon yielded to the necessity of suing for a peace. In the course of nine years this ambitious general and waster of huro^o life conquered, together with Britain, all that country which extends from the Mediterranean to the German sea.
330. oldal - He disguised his new despotism, under names familiar and allowed by that constitution which he had destroyed. He claimed to himself the title of emperor, to preserve authority over the army ; he caused himself to be created tribune, to manage the people ; and prince of the senate, to govern that body. After he had fixed himself in the government, he long hesitated whether he should restore to Rome its liberty, or retain his present situation.
384. oldal - ... the notorious Messalina, his wife. § The stupidity of Claudius was such, that he was alike indifferent, whatever was done, and often was he so operated upon by his fears, that he would consent to any act however unjust. His own family on one pretence or another was almost exterminated, and great numbers of others fell a sacrifice to the jealousy of .Messalina and her minions, who ruled him at will. The historian, Suetonius, assures us, that there were no less than thirty-five Senators and above...
268. oldal - Caesar's soldiers were now rushing on with their usual impetuosity, when, perceiving the enemy motionless, they all stopped short, as if by general consent, and halted in the midst of their career. A terrible pause ensued, in which both armies continued...

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