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POETRY_To a father on the death of his

only child. 143
The better land. 144
For a sick child. 168
A peace which the world can-

not give. 191
Hymn for Sunday school teach.

ers. 192
Thoughts of death. 214
Pitying the ignorant. 215
Preparation for worship: 215
The three children in the fiery

furuace. 216
Lines upon a new born infant.

Child's prayer. 238
Matt. vii. 13. 139
Matt. vii. 14. 240
Psalm cxlv. 10. 263

Seasons of prayer. 264
Sabbath, the 94
She has done what she could. 135
Short Prayer. 206
Short Sermon. 175, 225, 257
Sin of murmuring. 41
Solomon. 145
St. Bartholomew way. 5
Stories for very little children. 234
Sunday School Teacher's address. It
Truth. 37
Vessels of bulrushes. 69
Walker, Dr. Wm. 65
Widow's son raised to life. 218

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fronte, Peloter, Kity Lovedala

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