Gràciously look upon our afflictions'
With pi ty' behold the sorrows of our hearts'
Mercifully forgive the sins of thy people"
Fàyourably' with me'rcy' hear our prayers'
O Son of David' have mercy upon us"

Both now and ever' vouchsafe to hear us' Ó Christ'

Graciously hear us' Ò Chrīst" graciously hear us' o Lord Christ'

O Lord' let thy mercy be she'wed upon us' As we do put our trust in thēe=


We hūmbly beseech thèe' o Fāther' me'rcifully to look upon our infi'rmities" and for the glory of thỹ nāme' turn from us all those evils' that we most ju'stly have deserved" and grant that in all our troubles' we may put our whòle trust and confidence in thy me'rcy' and evermore serve thee' in holiness and pureness of living' to thy honour and glory' through our ònly Mediator and Advocate' Jésus Christ our Lörde

It must be manifest, I think, to every careful observer, (although it is unnoticed by Sheridan,) that there

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is here a change as to the person addressed. Most of the petitions in the Litany, are addressed to the second person in the Trinity: to Him who submitted to " baptism, and fasting and temptation;" to "agony and bloody sweat;" to the “cross and passion” for us. This is especially true, of the fervent responsive petitions immediately preceding this concluding prayer. “O Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world, grant us thy peace,” &c. “ Graciously hear us, O Christ,” &c. But this prayer, is manifestly addressed to the first person in the Trinity; and this change is distinctly marked by reading the introductory address with the emphasis upon the word theè, as follows, “We humble beseech theè' o Fāther' &c." Whereas, in the common mode of reading it, the important change is passed over without notice, and this most solemn and interesting part of our service is deprived of one of its distinguishing beauties.




Most grācious Göd' we humbly beseech thee' as for the People of these United States in ge'neral so especially for their Senate and Representatives' in Congress assembled" that thou wouldest be pleased to direct and prosper' all their consultations' to the advancement of thị glòry' the good of thị Church' the safety' honour' and welfare of thy people” that all things may be so ordered and settled by their endeavours' upon the best and sùrest foundations' that peace and happiness' truth and justice' religion and piety' may be established among us' for all generations'" Thēse' and all other necessaries for the'm' for u's' and thy whòle church' we humbly begʻ in the name and mediation of Jesus Christ' our most blessed Lord and Saviour=


Ó Fāther of mērcies' and Göd of all comfort' our only help in time of need" look down

from heaven' we humbly beseech thee" behold' visit and relieve thy sīck servant for whom our prayers are desired'" Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy" comfort him with a sense of thy goodness" preserve him from the temptations of the enemy" give him pàtience under his affliction" and' in thy good time restore him to health' and enable him to lead the residue of his life in thy fear' and to thy glory" Or else' give him grace sò to take thỹ visitation' that after this painful life ended he may dwell with thēē' in life everlasting' through Jesus Christ' our Lord"

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Ó Etērnal God' who alone spreadest out the heavens' and rulest the raging of the sèa" we commend to thy Almīghty protection' thy servant for whose preservation on the great dēēp our prayers are desired" Guard him' we beseech thee' from the dangers of the sea" from sickness" from the violence of enemies' and from e'very evil to which he may be exposed" '" Conduct him in sàfety to the hāven where he would be with a grāteful sense of thy mercies' through Jesus Christ' our Lord'


O Mērciful God' and hēavenly Father' who hast taught us' in thy holy Word' that thou dost not willingly afflic't or grieve the children of men" look with pìty' we besēēch thee' upon

the sorrows of thy servant for whom our prayers are desired' In thy wisdom' thou hast seen fit to visit him with trouble and to bring distre'ss upon him" Remember him' o Lord' in mērcy' sanctify thy fātherly correction to him" endue his soul with patience under his affliction' and with resignation to thy blēssēd will" comfort him with a sense of thy goodness' lift up thy countenance upon him and give him peace through Jesus Chrīst' our Lord"


Almighty and everla sting Göd' who' by thy Holy Spirit' didst preside in the councils of the blessed Apòstles' and hast promised through thy Son' Jēsus Christ' to be with thy Church' to the end of the world" we besēēch thee' to be present with the coùncil of thy Church' hère assembled in thy name and presence' Sāve them from all error' ignorance' pride'

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