on this affair, may assure us, they would not have suffered the government in so loose a posture, so long as they did.

IV. That the Swedes knowing, that it is impossible on any occa. sion, that all men should be of the same mind, wisely ordained, that the minor part should submit to the major, or be declared enemies to the publick peace. And sure this example will be followed, where.ever reasonable and disinterested men meet on the like occa. sions; for sure no body can deny, but that it is better for any nation, that some laws should be made, and others broken, against the opinion of the minor part, than that all laws, morality, and good nature, should give place to passion, injustice, and cruelty, through their obstinacy.

Now may God Almighty open the eyes of all Englishmen to see, and their hearts to embrace this truth.






BY DOCTORS.COMMONS, LONDON; Attested by three eminent Quakers, whose Names are undermen.

tioned : With a Copy of the Administration in Latin, taken out of the said Office, signed by Thomas Wellham, Deputy-Register, containing two columns; that on the left-hand, being the Ori. ginal, in his false English and Spelling; the other, on the right. hand, put into true English, the Original being unintelligible. Published to convince the World, That he who made this Will, and could not write one Line of true English (and yet pretended high Skill in the Learned Languages, witness his Battledoor, and Primer to the two Universities; who said, in his Battledoor,' All Languages were no more to me than Dust, who was, before Languages were') is not the Author of any one Page in all those Books, which the Quakers have impudently published under his Name. Printed on a Broad-side

E Registro Curiæ Prærogative A Copy of the Will of George Cant. Extract.

Fox, in true English, the Oria

ginal being unintelligible. give

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my sadell, the ar at Jhon Nel I Do give to Thomas Lover my

-song, and bridall, and sporg and saddle and bridle, they are at bootes, inward letherethd, and the John Elson's, and spurs and

• Endorsed on the first paper, numb. 1, for Thomas Lorer, this.


Newingland Indan Bible, and boots, inward leathers, and the my great book of the signifing of New England Indian Bible, and names,


my book of the New my great book of the signifying Testement of eight langves; and of names, and my book of the all

my fisekall things, that came New Testament of eight lan. from beyand the seay, with the guages; and all my physical ovt landesh cop, and that thing things, that came from beyond that people doe give glisters with, the sea, with the outlandish cup, and my tov diales, the one is an and that thing that people do eknocksa diall.

give clysters with, and my two And all my over presh bookes dials, the one is an equinoctial to be devided amoyng my 4 sones and all my overplus books in law; and also all my other to be divided among my four bookes, and my hamack, I doe sons-in-law : and also all my give to Thomas Lover, that is, at other books, and my hammock, Bengamin Antrvbys his closet, I do give to Thomas Lower, that and Rachall may take that which is at Benjamin Antrobus's closet; is at Swarthmor.

and Rachel may take that which And Thomas Lover may have is at Swarthmore; and Thomas my walnut eqvnockshall diall, and may have my walnut-equinoctial if he can, he may geet one cut by dial, and if he can, he may get it, which will be hard to doe; one cut by it, which will be hard and hee. shall have one of my to do; and he shall have one of prosspect glaseses in my trovnk my prospect glasses, in my trunk at London, and a pare of my at London, and a pair of my gloveses, and my seale G. F. gloves, and my seal, G. F. And and the flaming sword to Nat. the flaming sword to Nath. Mead, Mead, and my other 2 seales J. and my other two seals, J. Rouse, Rose, the other Dan Abraham. and the other, Daniel Abraham ;

And Thomas Lover shall have and Thomas Lower shall have my my Spanesh lether hyd, G. F. Spanish leather hood, and s. And S. Mead shall have my mag. Mead shall have my magnifying nifing glas, and the torkellshell glass, and the tortoiseshell comb com and cace.

G. F. *II. And all that I have writ. And all that I have written ten, consaring what I doe give to concerning what I do give to my my relashons, ether mony or relations, either money, or other. other waes,

Jhon Loft may put ways, John Loft may put it up it up in my tronke at Jhon El. in my trunk at John Elson's, sones, and wright all things downe and write all things down in a in a paper, and make a paper


paper, and make a paper out of of all my papers, how I have all my papers, how I have or. orderd things for them; and dered things for them; and John Jhon Loft may send all things Loft may send all things down dovn by Povelesworth carrer, in by Poulsworth carrier, in the the trovnke, to Jhon Fox, at trunk, to John Fox, at Pouls. Povelesworth in Waricksher; worth, in Warwickshire ; and let and let John Fox send John Loft John Fox send John Loft a full

and case,

• On the second, pumb. 9. This is to be put up among George Fox's sealed up papers, that pacquet that Sarah Mead hath.

a full receat and a discharge, and receipt, and a discharge, and in in this matter, and non of you this matter none of you may be may be consarned, but John Loft concerned, but John Loft only. only; and my other lettell tronke, And my other little trunk that that standeth in Bengmin Antru- standeth in Benjamin Antrobus's bes is cloeset, with the ovtlandesh closet, with the outlandish things, things, Thomas Lover shall have; Thomas Lower shall have; and and if it be ordered in any other if it be ordered in any other papers to any other, that must papers to any other, that must not stand soe, but as pow order. not stand so, but as now ordered, ed, G. F. And Sary, thou may G, F. give Sary Frickenseld half a And Sarah, thou may give gine, for shee hath bene sarve. Sarah Freckleton half a guinea, sable to mee, a honest carfvll for she hath been serviceable to young womon, G. F.

me, an honest careful young wo. Make noe noves of thes thngs, man, G. F. Make no noise of but doe them in the life, as I have these things, but do them in the orderd them; and when all is life, as I have ordered them : don and cleared, what remenes to And when all is done and the printing of my bookes, Beng- cleared, what remains to the min Antrrbves and Mary hath printing of my books, Benjamin 100 pound of mine, take noe Antrobus and Mary hath one. yoves of them for it, when yov hundred pounds of mine, take no doe recve it.

use of them for it, when you do And in my cheast, in Benga- receive it. men Antrvbs chamber, ther is a And in my chest, in Benjamin letell gilt box, with som gould Antrobus's chamber, there is a in it; Sary Mead to take it, and little gilt box, with some gold in let it doe sarveses amoung the it; Sarah Mead to take it, and çest, soe far as it will goe; the let it do service among the rest, box is sealed up, G. F.

so far as it will go ; the box is And let Thomas Docker, that sealed


G. F. knoeth many of my epeseles, and And let Thomas Dockra, that wrten books, which hee did knoweth many of my epistles, wright, com vp to London, to and written books, which he did assist frends in sorting of my write, come up to London, to epeselas, and other writings, and assist friends in sorting of my give him a gine, G. F.

epistles, and other writings, and *III, I doe orde Wm. and Sa. give him a guinea, G, F. Mead, and T. Lover, to take I do order William and Sarah care of all my bookes and epe. Mead, and Thomas Lower, to seles, and papers, that be at Benj. take care of all my books and min Antribses, and at R. R. epistles, and papers, that be at Chamber, and thoes that com Benjamin Antrobus's, and at from Swarth mor, and my Jor. R. R. Chamber, and those that nall of my Life, and the paseges come from Swarthmore, and my and travells of frends, and to Journal of my Life, and the pas. take them all into ther hands; sages and travels of friends, and

• On the third, numb. ș. For George Fox, to be laid in the trunk, W. M. the eighth month 1689.


other papers;

may assist

and all the over pluch of them to take them all into their hands; the may have, and keep together and all the overplus of them they as a libary, when the have gether. may have, and keep together as ed them together, which ar to be a library, when they have gathered

them together, which are to be And for them, to take charge printed; and for them to take of all my mony, and defray all charge of all my money, and as I have ordered in my other defray all, as I have ordered in papers.



any thing And any thing of mine the of mine they may take, and God may take, and God will, and will, and shall be their reward. shall be ther reward : the 8 Mo, The Sth Month, 1688. G. F. 1688.

Thomas Lover, and John Thomas Lover, and John Rovs, Rouse, may assist you: and all yov, G. F.

the passages, and travels, and And all the pasiges and trave. sufferings of friends, in the be. les and syferings of frinds, in the ginning of the spreading of the beging of the spreading of the truth, which I have kept together, trouth, which I have keept to. will 'make a fine history, and gether, will make a fine histery, they may be had at Swarthmore, and the may be had at Swarth. with my other books; and if they mor, with my other bookes ; and come to London with my papers, if the com to London, with my then they may be had either at papers, then the may be had, W. M. or Benjamin Antrobus's either at Wm. or Ben Antrubs closet, for it is a fine thing to closet, for it is a fine thing to know the beginning of the spread. know the beging of the spreading ing of the gospel, after so long of the gospell, after soe long night of apostasy, since the aposnight of apostace, since the apo- tles days, that now Christ reigns, seles dayes, that now Christ as he did in the hearts of his peo, raines, as he did in the harts of ple, Glory to the Lord for ever, his people. Glory to the Lord, Amen. for ever, Amen, G. F.

G. F. The 8 Mon, 1688.

The 8th Month, 1688.

The Date of the Administration, the Thirtieth of December, 1697. Tricesimo die mensis Decembris anno Domini millesimo, sexcente. simo, nonagesimo septimo emanavit commissio, Margaretæ Fox, relictæ & legatariæ nominatæ in testamento Georgii Fox, nuper de Swarthmore in comitatu Lancastriæ, sed in parochia omnium Sanc. torum, Lombard.street, London, defuncti habentis, &c. Ad adminis. trandum bona jura & credita dicti defuncti juxta tenorem & effec. tum testamenti ipsius defuncti (Eo quod nullum omnino nominaverit executorem) declaratione in præsentia Dei Omnipotentis, juxta sta. tutum parliamenti in hac parte editum & provisum de bene & fideliter administrando eadem per dictam Margaretam Fox prius factå.

Tho. Wellham, registrarii deputatus The Persons hereafter named, by their solemn Declaration, suba

scribed under their hands, did affirm the above-written to be
wrote with the proper hand of the said George Fox deceased,
they being acquainted with his hand-writing.

S. MEAD, wife of W, Mead, of the parish of St. Dyonis Back Church,
London, citizen, and merchant taylor of London.

W. Ingram, of the parish of St. Margaret, New Fish-street,
London, aged about fifty-seven years; he knew George Fox, about
forty years.

G. Whitehead, of the parish of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate,
London, Gent, aged about sixty years, knew George Fox above
forty years,
N. B. In this will, the pride and vanity of the deceiver is as

notorious, as the credulity of his deluded followers. For what
else could make him think, that his nasty comb and clyster-pipe
would be such acceptable relicks among his friends ? But this
is he who first deluded them, their infallible Pope, and who to
his death continued their admired idol. This is he who taught
them to renounce their baptism, and the hope of a resurrection
after death ; and notwithstanding all their sly equivocations, by
this his will is manifest, that he neither believed nor expected
it. The reader is not to wonder that here is no confession of
sin. Pope George alas ! was all perfection and sinless, and
his disciples have ever since so conceited of the sufficiency of
their own merit, that no true quaker was ever known to die, with
a Lord have mercy upon him in his mouth,

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LETTER ļo King James, see Vol. i. p. 23.
ADDRESS for the French WAR, see Vol. i. p. 74,

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