Two Summer Cruises with the Baltic Fleet in 1854-5: Being the Log of the "Pet" Yacht, 8 Tons, R.T.Y.C.

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Smith, Elder, 1855 - 333 oldal

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331. oldal - This book is one which, perhaps, no other man could have written, and one for which the world ought to be and will be thankful. It is in the highest degree eloquent, acute, stimulating to thought, and fertile in suggestion. It...
333. oldal - THE BHILSA TOPES ; OR, BUDDHIST MONUMENTS OF CENTRAL INDIA. By Major CUNNINGHAM. One vol., 8vo, with Thirty-three Plates, price 30s. cloth.
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332. oldal - A very extraordinary and delightful book, full of truth and goodness, of power and beauty." — North British Review. " One of the most remarkable works on art which has appeared in our time.
333. oldal - Fourteen years' residence among the half-civilized natives have given the author — whose powers of observation, penetration, and analysis are of no ordinary kind— ample opportunities of studying the character of the Hill tribes of Assam.
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