Where it is comprised all thèt is requisite to perfect the Learner in the English Tonglie. "

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The FOURTH EDITION, excactlij corrected

and altered after the modern spelling by

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Printed and fold by J. HENDRIKSEN,

in the Highstreet. MDCCCVI.



Behelzende al wat noodig is om den Leer

ling iu de Engelfche Taal te volmaken.

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De VIERDE DRUK, naauwkeurig verbe terd, en naar de Hedendaagsche Spelling,

i veranderd door

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Bij J. HENDRIKSEN, Drukker en Boek

verkooper op de Hoogstraat. MDCCCV Le

The Holy Scripture informs us, that at first, there was but one original Language in the world, by which mankind communica. ted their sentiments 10 one another. The difference of Languages was introduced by an act of infinite and adorable wisdom and power, to punish the rebellion of the children of men, in their foolish and vain enterprise et Babel: by this single act of confounding their Speech, God has at once divided the children of men into a great variety of inclinations and interests, and reduced them to small Communities, that could not understand one another: and thus they were compelled to desist from their foolish undertaking, by a judgement then resting upon them; but such a judgement, as should remain on their posterity, as a mark of the folly and madness of sin, anil rebellion

against God.



e Heilige Schrift onderrige ons, dat 'er in ' cerst maar cene oorspronkelijke Taal in de wereld geweest is, waardoor de menschen kunne gevoelens aan elkanderen mededeelden. De verscheidenheid der Talen werd ingevoerd door ecne daad van oneindige en aanbiddelijke wijsheid en magt, om de wederspannigheid der menschenkinderen in hunne dwaze en ijdele ondernemingen te Babel te straffen: door deze enkele daad van hun. te spraak te verwarren, heeft God op cenmaal de menscbenkinderen in eene groote verscheiden. heid van verschillende geneigdheden en belangen verdeeld, en hen tot kleine Gemeenschappen gebragt, die elkander niet konden verstaan : cndus werden zij gedwongen hunne dwaze onderneming te staken, door een op hun ruscend oordeel; doch zoodanig een oordeel, 't welk op hunde nakomelingschap zoude blijven, tot een merk. teeken der dwaasheid en vitzinnigheid van de zon. de, en wederspannigheid tegen God.

As the difference of tongu-s now among men would naturally increase, by the commixtion, occafioned by the tr fick of one Na. tion with several other Nations of different Tongues and Languages; and where as this diversity always occasions a difference of affeliions and interests: it mul therefore fol. low, that the discord of the childr072 of men, upon this one principle must greaily increase with their numbers; seeing it is proper to the human nature, to separate from those with whoin they cannot be conversant, and to it. nite with those with whom they can converse. Mankind are by the constitution of our nature, always indigent, whose necessitiis not only place them in a necessary dependunce upon God; but also in a mutu: I dependance upon one another; and whatsoeyip may be the ne. cessities and wants of single Perfos or Com. munities, yet they may by the help of others, conveniently be fupplied or removed; but o her's cannot give us their assislance, excep: they forse know our firaits and concerns; which

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