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Sect. VI. Of the solemn festivals. The political laws

of the Jewish nation. Their dress, punishments,


Sect. VII. Nadab and Abihu use strange fire in the

sacrifices, and are destroyed by the Lord...... 40

Sect. VIII. The wonderful increasc of the people of

Israel. They are numbered by Moses and Aaron.

The order of their encampments and marching.. 42

Sect. IX. The princes' offerings towards the taber-

acle service...r.


Sect. X. The passover kept. The Lord in a pillar of

a cloud guide ththe Israelites. The prayers offered

by Moses. The journeying of the people of Israel 47

Sect. XI. The peoplc provoke the Lord at Taberah.

His fire consumes many of them. Manna loath-

ed. Quails sent


Sect. XII. Aaron and Miriam murmur against Mo-

Miriam punished, and restored...


Sect. XIJI. Spies sent to search the land of Canaan;

they bring an evil report. The people desire to

return into Egypt. The taitofoi report of Caleb

and Sushua


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Sect. XIV. The punishment of the Israelites, and

the death of the false spies. Moses intercedes

for the people, and the Lord pardons them 63

Sect. XV. The sabbath-breaker stoned to death.

Korab, Dathan, and Abiram punished.... 68

Sect. XVI. The people murmur for want of water.

Moses and Aaron offend the Lord by striking

the rock.


Sect. XVII. The king of Eden refuses a passage to

the Israelites. The death of Aaron. Eleazar

succeeds him


Sect. XVIII. The people speak against God, and

against Moses; are punished by fiery serpents.

The brazen serpent set up in the wilderness 79

Sect. XIX. Sibon king of the Amorites, and Og the

king of Bashan defeated ; their land given to

the Israelites


Sect. XX. Balak king of Moab sends for Balaam the

proplet to curse Israel. Balaam's ass speaks.., 84

Sect. XXI. Balaam and Balak offer sacrifices, Ba-

laam by God's command blesses the Israelites

Sect. XXII. Balaam continueth to bless the Israel-

ites. He pronounces a prophecy concerning

the Israelites and other nations. He returns

home. A memorable victory over the Midianites 97

Sect. XXIII. Moses has a view of the promised land

from mount Abiram; is, forewarned of his

death; and appoints Joshua as his successor.. 104

Sect. XXIV. Moses exhorts the Israelites to obe-



Sect. XXV. Moses continues his exhortation. 114

Sect. XXVI. Moses continues his exhortation 118

Sect. XXVII. Moses continues bis exlortation.... ,122

Sect. XXVIII. Moses continues his exhortationa. 129

Sect. XXIX. A further account of Moses's exhor..



Sect. XXX. Moses's exhortation continued


Sect. XXXI. Moscs encourages the people to trust

in the Lord. He delivers the written law to the




Sect. XXXII. The death of Moses

... 146

Sect. XXXIII. Joshua appointed by the Lord to

govern Israel ; he is accepted by the people .. 149

Sect. XXXIV. Joshua sends spies to Jericho. They

are concealed from their pursuers by Rahab .. 152

Scct. XXXV. The waters of Jordan divide, and the

Israelites pass over on dry land

... 157

Sect. XXXVI. Circumcision renewed. The people

eat the corn of the land. Manna ceases...... 163

Sect. XXXVII. The Lord appeared to Joshua, as

prince of the host of the Lord. The city of Je-

richo is taken. Rahab and her family preserved 165

Sect. XXXVIII. Achin disobeys the commandment

of the Lord, by taking part of the spoil. He

and his whole family stoned to death


Sect. XXIX. The Gibeonites deceive Joshua and

the princes of Israel. The Gibeonites condemn-

ed to servile offices

... 173

Sect. XL. A battle with the kings of the Amorites.

The sun stands still at the command of Joshua,

The kings defeated ...,


Sect. XLI. Joshua completes his conquests ....

Sect. XLII. The division of the land of Canaan.

Hebron allotted to Caleb


Sect. XLIII. The tabernacle set up at Shiloh. Lots ,

cast for the inlıeritance of the land of Canaan... 190

Sect. XLIV. Joshua exhorts the people to obedi-

He reininds them of the faithfulness of

the Divine promises


Sect. XLV. Joshua continues his exliortations. A

covenant made. Joshua's death. The death

of Eleazar the priest


Sect. XLVI. Jerusalem and other cities taken. Gi-

ants slain


Sect. XLVII. -An angel sent to reprove the new ge-

neration of Israelites. They are punished.

Othniel raised up to deliver Israel


Sect. XLVIII. The history of the Danites. War

with the Benjamites. The tribe of Benjamin

nearly extirpated.....



Sect. LXII. Samson puils down the temple of Da..



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