(Siege of Sebastopol, 1854-5). Journal of the operations conducted by the Corps of royal engineers, by H.C. Elphinstone (sir H.D. Jones) Pt.1,2. [With] Maps and plans. by W.E.M. Reilly [entitled] An account of the artillery operations conducted by the Royal artillery and Royal naval brigade, 2. rész

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86. oldal - The river itself is generally fordable for troops, but its banks are extremely rugged, and in most parts steep; the willows along it had been cut down, in order to prevent them from affording cover to the attacking party, and, in fact, everything had been done to deprive an assailant of any species of shelter. " In front of the position on the right bank, at about 200 yards from the Alma, is the village of Bouliouk, and near it a timber bridge, which had been partly destroyed by the enemy.
110. oldal - It is difficult to arrive at any positive conclusion as to the actual numbers brought into the field by the enemy. The configuration of the ground did not admit of any great development of their force, the attack consisting of a system of repeated assaults in heavy masses of columns...
110. oldal - Sir De Lacy Evans, who had been obliged by severe indisposition to go on board ship a few days previously, left his bed as soon as he received intelligence of the attack, and was promptly at his post, and though he did not feel well enough to take the command of the division out of the hands of Major-General Pennefather, he did not fail to give him his best advice and assistance.
88. oldal - Major-General the Earl of Cardigan exhibited the utmost spirit and coolness, and kept his brigade under perfect command.
109. oldal - Sir George Cathcart, with a few companies of the 68th regiment, considering that he might make a strong impression by descending into the valley, and taking the enemy in flank, moved rapidly forward, but, finding the heights above him in full occupation...
109. oldal - ... but those in front of the works of the place, and the ship guns, till the afternoon, when the symptoms of giving way first became apparent ; and shortly after, although the fire did not cease, the retreat became general, and heavy masses were observed retiring over the bridge of the Inkermann, and ascending the opposite heights, abandoning on the field of battle five or six thousand dead and wounded, multitudes of the latter having already been carried off by them. I never before witnessed such...
93. oldal - I beg you will acquaint the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that the siege batteries of the allied armies opened fire upon the Russian works, south of Sebastopol, about half-past six o'clock yesterday morning with great effect and small loss. " 2. In consequence of the most urgent request of Lord Raglan and General Canrobert, it was agreed by the Admirals of the allied...
109. oldal - ... that the enemy, under cover of a vast cloud of skirmishers, supported by dense columns of infantry, had advanced numerous batteries of large calibre to the high ground to the left and front of the 2nd Division, while powerful columns of infantry attacked with great vigour the brigade of Guards.
88. oldal - In the detail of these operations, which I have gone into as far as the space of a despatch would allow, your grace will perceive that the services in which the general and other officers of the army were engaged were of no ordinary character; and I have great pleasure in submitting them for your grace's most favourable consideration. " The mode in which Lieutenant-general Sir George Brown conducted his division, under the most trying circumstances, demands the expression of my warmest approbation....
100. oldal - ... to remove the captured guns, the Earl of Lucan was desired to advance rapidly, follow the enemy in their retreat, and try to prevent them from effecting their objects.

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