View of the Russian Empire During the Reign of Catharine the Second, and to the Close of the Eighteenth Century, 2. kötet

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467. oldal - Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queene of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc.
385. oldal - On our first arrival, they bit off the noses, the fingers, and the toes of our dead, while we were preparing the grave, and thronged in such a manner about the infirm and sick, that it was with difficulty we could keep them off.
384. oldal - our motions, and accompanied us in whatever " we were about to do. If the fea threw up an " animal of any kind they devoured it, ere a man " of us could come up; to our great difadvan...
383. oldal - During my unfortunate abode, fays he, on Behring's Ifland, I had opportunities more than enough for ftudying the nature of this animal, far excelling the common fox in impudence, cunning, and roguery. The narrative of the innumerable tricks they played us might eafily vie with Albertus Juüus'a hidory of the apes on the ifland of Saxenburg : they forced themfslves into our habitations by night as well as day...
385. oldal - intending to fleep, they came and fmelled at ." our nofes to try whether we were dead or alive; " if we held our breath, they gave fuch a tug to " the nofe as if they would bite it off.
466. oldal - ONE onely strengthener of all things, and God without beginning, which was before the world, the Father, the Sonne and the Holy ghost, our onelie God in Trinitie, and maker of all things, whom we worship in all things, and in all places, the doer and...
29. oldal - ... or hot-bath, by which the yard is inclosed. All these structures are built of bauks, unhewn, placed on one another, and notched into each other at the four corners; sometimes, though but rarely, on a brick foundation; these houses are covered with boards, and when the owner can afford it, with oak shingles. The meanest dwelling-houses consist solely of one little room, which therefore has the door to the street. In it is an oven, taking up almost one fourth part of the whole space; adjoining...
411. oldal - Scared by thefe, the wild rein-deer run dire&ly to the tame ones which are (landing with the fledges ; but here they are alarmed at the concealed hunters, who drive them to their companions that are provided with arms, who immediately commit great (laughter among them. — If it fo happen, that a favage herd are feeding in the proximity of a mountain, then the hunters hang up all their clothes on...
385. oldal - While this was doing, others ftood upon guard " and watched us. If they faw any one coming " at a diftance, the whole troop combined at once " and began digging all together in the fand, till
387. oldal - their coat ; in June and July they had only the " wool upon them, and looked as if they went in " waiftcoats. In June they drop their cubs, nine " or ten at a brood, in holes and clefts of the " rocks. They are fo fond of their young, that " to fcare us away from them they barked and " yelled like dogs, and thereby betrayed their co

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