Studies and Notes in Philology and Literature

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Published under the direction of the Modern Language Depts. of Harvard University by Ginn & Company, 1903 - 250 oldal

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173. oldal - Per me si va nella città dolente; per me si va nell' eterno dolore; per me si va tra la perduta gente.
66. oldal - Extensive influence of poetic Genius over the remotest and most uncivilized nations : its connection with liberty, and the virtues that naturally attend on it. [See the Erse, Norwegian, and Welch Fragments, the Lapland and American songs.] § " Extra anni solisque vias - " Virgil. " Tutta lontana dal camin del sole.
27. oldal - E'en yet preserv'd, how often may'st thou hear, Where to the pole the Boreal mountains run, Taught by the father to his listening son, Strange lays, whose power had charm'da Spenser's ear.
203. oldal - The Norwegian account of Haco's Expedition against Scotland; AD MCCLXIII. now first published, in the original Islandic, from the Flateyan and Frisian MSS. with a literal English Version and Notes.
25. oldal - Landgartha, a tragi-comedy, as it was presented in the new theater in Dublin, with good applause, being an ancient story. Written by HB' ' Landgartha ' is stated to have been first acted, ' with the allowance of the master of the Revels,
216. oldal - A Letter, from Germany, to the Princess Royal of England, on the English and German languages. With a. Table of the different Northern Languages, and of different periods of the German: and with an Index.
94. oldal - Anecdotes of Olave the Black, King of Man, and The Hebridian Princes of the Somerled Family, to which are added XVIII. Eulogies on Haco King of Norway, by Snorro Sturlson...
83. oldal - Trondhiem's heath; I saw her sons to battle move ; Though few, upon that field of death, Long, long, our desperate warriors strove. Young from my king in battle slain I parted on that bloody plain. With golden ring in Russia's land To me the virgin plights her hand.
34. oldal - On that of the Goths, its introduction into these islands by the Saxons and Danes, and its duration. — On the Origin of Rhyme among the Franks, the Saxons, and Provencaux.
37. oldal - Sictryg was in danger of a total defeat; but the enemy had a greater loss by the death of Brian, their King, who fell in the action. On Christmas-day (the day of the battle...

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