37. King Street Gate, Westminster, demolished Anno 1723; re

duced from a Print by G.Vertue in 1725. John Brock sc. 38. Whitehall Gate, said to be designed by Hans Holbein; from

a Print by G. Vertue in 1725. John Brock sc. 39. A View of Westminster, taken from Mill-Bank. G. Arnald

del. 1807. John Hall sc. 40. North View of the City of Westminster, taken in Sept.

1807, from the Roof of the Banquetting House, White

hall. Drawn and etched by J.T. Smith. 41. View of the Savoy, Somerset House, and the Water En

trance to Cuper's Gardens. Samuel Scott del. W. M.

Fellows sc. 42. The Southern Front of Somerset House, with its extensive

Gardens. Drawn by L. Knyff about 1720. Engraved by

Sawyer, jun. 43. The North Front of Somerset House ; reduced from a Print

drawn, etched, and published by W. Moss in 1777. En

graved by W. M. Fellows. 44. Internal View of Somerset Ilouse ; reduced from a Print

drawn, etched, and published by W. Moss in 1777. 45. View of part of Westminster, taken from the Reservoir in

the Green Park. Painted by G. Arnald, 1807. Etched

by Isaac Mills. 46. A View of Westminster, taken from Tothill Fields. G. Ar

nald del. 1807. W. M. Fellows sc. 47. Veuë et Perspective du Palais du Roy d'Angleterre à Lon

dres qui s'appelle Whitehall. From a rare Print by

Silvestre, etched by Sawyer, jun. 48. South West View of the Old Horse Guards. Engraved by

W. M. Fellows from a Drawing by Canaletti. 49. Part of the Church of St Margaret, Westminster; from a

rare Print by Brook, prefixed to Warner's Edition of the

Book of Common Prayer. John Brock sc. 50. View of Westminster, taken upon the Thames at the Pe

riod of the Building of the Bridge. Painted by Cana

letti. W. M. Fellows sc. 51. The Savoy, from the River Thames ; reduced from a View

taken by G. Vertue in 1736. 52. View of Westminster, taken from Lambeth Stairs. G. Ar

nald del. 1808. W. M. Fellows sc. 53. The Front of Northumberland House next the Strand. Co

pied by Sawyer, jun. from a large Print engraved by J. June, 1752.

54. Two Views of part of Westminster, from the Water. Co

pied from portions of a rare Print by Visscher in the

Reign of K. James Ist, and etched by Richard Sawyer. 55. A View of Broken Cross, formerly so called, situate at the

Southern extremity of Thieving Lane, alias Bow Street, and partly overhanging old Long Ditch, which now forms Princes Street. Drawn by J. T. Smith, April 1, 1808.

Engraved by W. M. Fellows. 56. Burlington House, Piccadilly, as it appeared about 1720.

L. Knyff del. Richard Sawyer sc. 57. Statue of King James II. in Privy Garden, Whitehall.

J. Mills del. & sc. 58. Three Views of parts of Westminster; viz. the Parliament

House, the Abby, and Westminster Hall. One from a
Drawing by J. C. Keirincx, the others from the original

Etchings by Hollar. Robt Sawyer sc. 59. Plan of Peterborough House, on Mill Bank, lately the Re

sidence of the present Earl Grosvenor. 60. Views of the East side of the House of Lords; the East

end of the Prince's Chamber, &c. taken Oct. 8, 1807.

Drawn and etched by J. T. Smith. 61. South East View of the Prince's Chamber, shewing its

Connexion with the adjoining Buildings, taken Oct. 10,

1807. Drawn and etched by J. T. Smith. 62. A picturesque View of St James's Park, taken from the

Mall in front of St James's Palace. Drawn and etched

by J. T. Smith. *** Immediately after the plates is inserted "Mr. John Smith's Vindication; being an Answer to a Pamphlet written and published by John Sidney Hawkins, Esq. F.A.S. concerning Mr. J. T. Smith's Conduct to Mr. H. in relation to the Antiquities of Westminster,'” but which is usually bound up in the preceding volume, and is placed after the Advertisement. This - Vindication" closes with the following Note: “Since the above · Vindication’ was written, and a portion of it printed, a dreadful Conflagration in the Warehouse of Mr. Bensley has rendered useless four hundred remaining copies of Mr. Smith's Antiquities of Westminster,' and has destroyed five thousand six hundred prints, two thousand of which were elaborately coloured.”



towards Mr. John Thomas Smith, against the Misrepresentations contained in the Advertisement prefixed to MR. SMITH'S ANTIQUITIES of WESTMINSTER; and in such of the Notes, Alterations, Insertions, Additions, and other parts of that Work as have been introduced by Mr. Smith without Mr. Hawkins's knowledge, since the Letter-press was written by Mr. Hawkins, and approved by Mr. Smith, and since the Proof Sheets were corrected by Mr. Hawkins. Drawn up and published by Mr. Hawkins

himself. LONDON : Sold by Messrs. Faulder, Bond Street, 1807. Oc

tavo, 87 pages; with a separate leaf prefixed, stating the Motive for printing this Pamphlet.



TION, prefixed to the First Number of his Supplemental Plates to his Antiquities of Westminster: containing also some Remarks on the Review of the Antiquities of Westminster, inserted in the European Magazine for the Months of August, September, and October 1807. By JOHN SIDNEY,Haw

KINS, Esq. F.A.S. LONDON : Sold by Messrs. Faulder, Bond Street, 1808. Octavo.

79 pages.


TION of WESTMINSTER ABBEY, as discoverable from the best Authorities now remaining, both Printed and Manuscript. To which is added an Account of the Writers of the History of the Church. By RiCHARD WIDMORE, M.A. Librarian to the Dean and

Chapter of Westminster. LONDON: Printed for J. Stagg, in Westminster Hall. 1743.

Quarto. Title-page as above.

Dedication to the Right Reverend Father in God Joseph (Wil

cocks), Lord Bishop of Rochester, Dean of Westminster, and
to the Chapter of the Collegiate Church.
The Preface, 2 pages.
The Enquiry, and Appendix, [A-D 2] 22 pages.
Half Title: An Account of the Writers of the History of

Westminster Abbey."
The Account of the Writers, p. 3-8.
Title-page: “ An History of the Church of St Peter, Westmin.

ster, commonly called Westminster Abbey; chiefly from Ma-
nuscript Authorities. By Richard Widmore, M.A. Librarian
to the Dean and Chapter, and Author of An Enquiry into
the Time of the First Foundation of the Abbey. London:
Printed and sold by Jos. Fox and C. Tovey, in Westminster
Hall; and by the Author, at his House in the Cloysters,

Westminster Abbey. MDCCLI."
Dedication to the Right Reverend Father in God Joseph (Wil-

cocks), Lord Bishop of Rochester, p. iii-v.
Preface, p, vi-xii.
The History of Westminster Abbey, (B-2 4] 176 pages.
Half Title : “ An Appendix of Instruments and Papers relating

to the foregoing History,” (A a]
The Appendix, [A a 2-11 2] p. 179–244.
Index, p. 245–252.
Titles of Instruments and Papers in the Appendix, p. 253–254.
Errata, 1 page.
Error of paging :-page 55 for 75.

With an Arch in Outline, to face page 53.

REGES, REGINE, NOBILES, et alij in Ecclesia Colle-

giata B. Petrí WESTMONASTERII Sepulti, usque

ad Annum reparatæ Salutis 1606. “ Sepulchrorum memoria magis viuorum est consolutio, quàm defunctorum vti

litas.—AUGUST. De Civit. Dei.

Βροτοϊς άπασι καταθανείν οφείλεται. .
LONDINI: Excudebat Melch. Bradwoodus. MDCVI. Quarto.
Title-page as above, within a broad ornamented Border.
Fundatio Ecclesiæ Beati Petri Westmonasterii, 4 pages.
The Epitaphs, (a 4-L 4] 82 pages.

The Author of the above first printed Account of this Church


[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors]

was William Camden, the well known Antiquary. It was first printed in 1600; and was republished, with additions said to be made from a Collection begun by J. Skelton the Poet, in 1603 and in 1606. Of this last Edition Dr. Rawlinson had a fair copy on Large PAPER, its margin adorned with the Arms of the Persons mentioned in it, finely illuminated, and emblazoned in their proper colours.—Gough.


NOBILIUM, Sumptuosissima, Artificiocissima, Magnificentissima, Londini Anglorum, in Occidentali Urbis Angulo structa, h. e. eorundem Inscriptiones Omnes in Lucem reductæ cura Valentis Arithmæi, Professoris Academici. Literis et Sumptibus JoANNIS EICHORN.

FRANCOF. Marchion, 1618. Duodecimo.-GOUGH,


or an HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of the Original, Increase, and present State of Sr. PETER's, or the ABBY CHURCH OF WESTMINSTER; with all the Epitaphs, Inscriptions, Coats of Arms, and Atchievements of Honor belonging to the Tombs and Gravestones; together with the Monuments themselves faithfully described and set forth, with the addition of Three whole Sheets. By H. K. (HENRY KEEPE.)

of the Inner Temple, Gent. LONDON : Printed for G. Wilkinson and T. Dring, at the Black

Boy, and at the Harrow, in Fleet Street. 1683. Oclavo.
Title-page as above.
Dedication to the Rt. Hon. Henry Lord Howard, Earl of

Arundel, 5 pages.
To the Reader, 7 pages.
Monumenta Westmonasteriensia, (B-Aa 8] 368 pages.
Addenda, [a] 16 pages.

The Table, [b 7] 29 pages. Errors of paging :-p, 252 for 242;-p. 256-257 for 246-7.

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