The Journal of the Royal Agriculture Society of England third series

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9. oldal - Whoe'er has travelled life's dull round, Where'er his stages may have been, May sigh to think he still has found The warmest welcome at an inn.
4. oldal - THE world goes up and the world goes down, And the sunshine follows the rain ; And yesterday's sneer and yesterday's frown Can never come over again, Sweet wife : No, never come over again. For woman is warm though man be cold, And the night will hallow the day ; Till the heart which at even was weary and old Can rise in the morning gay, Sweet wife ; To its work in the morning gay.
358. oldal - Hotel is conveniently situated, being within three minutes' walk of the Railway Station, and is patronised by their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, and other members of the Royal Family.
732. oldal - ... life, the child that resembled neither the paternal nor the maternal side of the house would be regarded as a kind of monster. So that the one end to which, in all living beings, the formative impulse is tending — the one scheme which the Archaeus of the old speculators strives to carry out, seems to be to mould the offspring into the likeness of the parent. It is the first great law of reproduction, that the offspring tends to resemble its parent or parents, more closely than anything else.
110. oldal - technical instruction" shall mean instruction in the principles of science and art applicable to industries, and in the application of special branches of science and art to specific industries or employments.
110. oldal - The Council of any such County or County Borough may contribute any sum received by such Council in respect of the residue under this section, or any part of that sum, for the purposes of technical education within the meaning of the Technical Instruction Act, 1889, and may make that contribution over and above any sum that may be raised by rate under that Act.
110. oldal - ... instruction in the branches of science and art, with respect to which grants are for the time being made by the Department of Science and Art...
109. oldal - Forestry, and may also undertake the inspection of, and reporting on, any schools which are not public elementary schools, and in which technical instruction, practical or scientific, is given in any matter connected with agriculture or Forestry, and the aiding of any school which admits such inspection, and in the judgment of the Board is qualified to receive such aid and the aiding of any system of lectures or instruction connected with agriculture or Forestry, and the inspection of and reporting...
17. oldal - ... which supplied our timber, were upon a mill brook which brawled down from the hills and wound through the loveliest of meadows into the Connecticut. There were no landlords in this country. Almost every man owned the land he cultivated. And they believed in the motto of Poor Richard : — " He that by the plough would thrive, Must either hold himself, or drive.
693. oldal - ... plants, by taking up, or attacking and bringing into a more readily available condition, combined nitrogen not otherwise, or only very slowly, available for the higher plants. For example, it is probable that fungi generally derive nitrogen from organic nitrogen; and in the case of those of fairy rings, there can be little doubt that they take up from the soil organic nitrogen, which is not available to the meadow plants, and that, on their decay, their nitrogen becomes available to the associated...

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