Long-span Railway Bridges

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E. & F.N. Spon, 1873 - 157 oldal

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156. oldal - ... contemplate the extremes to which men are carried, now by the one and now by the other. As from antagonist physical forces, as from antagonist emotions in each man, so from the antagonist social tendencies men's emotions create, there always results, not a medium state, but a rhythm between opposite states. The one force or tendency is not continuously counterbalanced by the other force or tendency ; but now the one greatly predominates, and presently by reaction there comes a predominance of...
iii. oldal - Long-Span Railway Bridges, comprising Investigations of the Comparative Theoretical and Practical Advantages of the various adopted or proposed Type Systems of Construction, with numerous Formulae and Tables giving the weight of Iron or Steel required in Bridges from 300 feet to the limiting Spans ; to which are added similar Investigations and Tables relating to Short-span Railway Bridges. Second and revised edition. By B. BAKER, Assoc. Inst. CE Plates, crown 8vo, cloth, 5*.
118. oldal - Where the two lines of railway are supported upon three main girders, the above loads may be reduced by 2 cwt.
3. oldal - ... the cost of a long-span bridge. The size of a bridge is too commonly the popular standard by which the eminence of its engineer is measured.

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