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"The Philippine Teachers' Association"

Guillermo Santos, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.
Anastacio Quijano, MANAGER.

ADDRESS all comunication, regarding, publications, advertisments, subscrip tions, and business matters to the Manager, Mr. A. Quijano, Manila, P. 1. P. 0. Box. -/- 1090

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The advertising rates of "the Filipino Teacher are: -P- 1.00 per month and -P- 10.00 per year for a space of 1x5 inches. Special discounts for large space.

Any subscriber wishing to stop his paper must notify the Manager, otherwise he is responsible for payment as long as the paper is sent.

Missing Number:---Should any subscriber fail to receive his copy, notification should be sent to the manager and another copy should be mailed.

Change of address:--- Subscribers must notify us of any change in their addresses, giving the former and new addresses.



lay aside that mantle of seclusión

which keeps us down; let us all ride The spell of the long night's dark on this car of ours now, for, if you ness has been broken up after many put it until to-morrow you shall be a struggle and at last the long-hop- left behind; let us unite all our strength ed-for Goddess of Hope comes smiling. in holding the reins! let us show to ly from the east annihilating the miasma the world what Filipino Teachers around us and presenting before our really are. eyes the brightness of the morning sun. Before we bend our sinews to our

"The Filipino Teacher”! This is pursuit, before we start on the race, the name of the car which the Fi we send our most cordial greetings to lipino Teachers have built for them the authorities, to Mr. G. A. O'Reilly selves on which they mean to ride Superintendent

of Manila Public and catch the golden chariot of Pro- Schools, to the Manila Press and last gress. Filipino Teachers, let us all but not least, to the public in general.

P. O. BOX. N.° 1090, MANILA.


IMP. DE Sto. Tomás.

you that

Our Purpose.

all these thought-to-be unsurmountable

mountains of difficulties will shrink and "In union there is strength."-"Two

vanish away like summer clouds under heads (minds) are better than one.” In

a hot summer sky. Let us repeat to like proportion the united thoughts and efforts of one thousand persons is

our hope, our desire our

aim and our success lie entirely upon A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER

our shoulders. than the knowledge and opinion of

"The Filipino Teachers” starts out one single individual. People who

in the field of battle with the unbend. try to fight life's battle alone often

ing hope and purpose that may it be times fail. Why is this so? Because

a guiding star which will illumine our they did not wisely seek the help and

pathway whereby we may trace the cooperation of others.

once obscure path of success which Our main and sacred purpose is leads to the treshold of Truth, Wisdom the pursuit of the advancement of the and knowledge. Filipino Teachers along educational line.

Our next aim is to defend the interest The question which arises now is,

of the Filipino Teachers in general how can we carry out this high aim?

and that of the "Philippine Teacher' How can we bring out this noble

Association." That we may preserve pursuit?- This difficulty is answer

our integrity we shall be strictly neutral ed in one short sentence: “We must

in matters concerning nolitics and have union."-Yes, our progress and

religion. We shall limit our selves our success depend entirely upon our

within in the sphere of Educatign..B. being united, for without union there can be no strength. The word "union,"

"IN UNION THERE IS STRENGTH." short as it is, is full of grand meanings. Without union there can be no Union is the realization of a well nations. It is the golden chain that thought idea born in the mind of ties them

solidifies them.

any person, which requires the agreDrops of water ;-what is their power ement of will of others, and when when separated from one another? It the idea, knowledge and opinion are does not amount to much. But when combined together they form a strength they unite together. what a what a great which constitutes the great

the great vigor power they then possess! They can turn

and energy of union. Therefore union huge wheels of machineries, or it may is absolutely necessary to strengthen devastate an enormous track of land the idea in order to obtain the sucSo, fellow teachers. must be

that is evidently secured united; we must join our efforts into

do not intend to define the one and use this power in scaling word "union" but only to illustrate the hill of success. Of course its path the utility and importance of the is so abstructed with thorns and count. theme that heads this item in order less obstacles, but, what of that? We to carry out the work that is alare determined to free them. to fight ready begun into a good effect, bethem and to conquer them, and by cause without union there is the strength of all our united efforts strength, and without strength there

Up and





is no life, that is, I dare say that stand then in order to reach our our Association is dead. Therefore success, that sincere affection is extremIt is needless to say that union is ely indispensable towards its progress; the safeguard of any association as otherwise the aim will be only a we all know; beside this union is pernicious illusion to the interest of also the very esential basis of our all the members of our society. object. We ought to put it into

IMPORTANCE OF AN EDUCATIONAL practice because there rests the success which will bring to


US not only the solid establishment of the

From the time public schools were Association but also the perpetual established throughout the Philippine fraternity that thereupon we are bo- Islands to the present era were regret unded; and as

well as
the welfare

to say that there has never been yet of the Association as the prosperit- a magazine of any kind published by ies of its members if its affairs are the Filipino Teachers. This was, as carried on honestly.

far as we know, not because there Knowing then that the unity of were no sufficient Filipinos capable of ideas, and opinions are the essential publishing such a periodical nor was it factors that are required to reach because of lack of knowledge, but was the union, Why do we not then unite due to the fact that they had neither together immediately and work la- tried nor thought of doing so. For boriously and constantly to reach this reason, we, after having throughly the goal? Let then put unity discussed the matter, have decided to and energy into our life in order publish a monthly educational journal, to advance our Association, because hoping from our dear countrymen without union nothing of this kind then help for the prosperity of our of work can be done and there is

paper, as it is a step towards the prono possibility to reach the goal, even gress and enlightement of our own though one puts his entire soul and people. energy into the work.

Our main purpose in the publicapersons, compell them to work with. tion of The Filipino Teacher, as our out the union of their strength, journal is called, is purely educatioeven they are excellent

engeneers nal, that is, we will do all we can and expert architects they will not for the development and advancement be able to build a simple bridge of our race in what is known as learnnor to construct an ordinary house. ing. It is also. our aim to form a For the same reason let us then all more nearly perfect union among the together unite our best and energe teachers and the people at large, to tic efforts to give life to asso defend their interest, to suggest to the ciation. It is because po one will authorities what we think best in regard

to it, but wę, the mem to our duties, to give them as much bers. Undoubtedly we will reach the assistance as possible and to love that benifitial result of our purpose if we sweet and noble thing in the world, do this.

justice. But after all we have to under A good educational journal at these

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Take many


give life

P. O. BOX. N.° 1090, MANILA.


IMP. DE Sto. Tomás.

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