Brazil: Its Provinces and Chief Cities: the Manners & Customs of the People; Agricultural, Commercial, and Others Statistics, Taken from the Latest Official Documents

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Murray, 1866 - 398 oldal

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144. oldal - Rio Grande do Norte, Parahyba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe, Bahia, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, S.
40. oldal - ... economic. A coarse kind is made in Parana, Brazil, from the leaves alone, and these being unpulverized, are used in the same way as Chinese tea. At first Europeans do not like mate, it having a herby and somewhat bitter taste, but among the inhabitants of the South American States it is a much prized article of luxury and necessity, and is the first thing offered by them to their visitors ; indeed, their tables are rarely seen unoccupied by it ; and the
222. oldal - Par£, on the south side of the river Para. PROVINCE OF MARANHAO. HOW BOUNDED. It is bounded on the north by the Atlantic, on the west by Para, from which it is divided by the river Gurupy; on the south-west by Goyaz, the Tocantins and Manoel Alves Grande separating them ; and on the south and east by Piauhy, the river Parnahiba being their boundary. Its length from north to south is 195 leagues, from east to west, 163 leagues ; its seacoast, 130 leagues, and its area about 12,500 square leagues....
xii. oldal - ... nature, in the collocation and accumulation of its mineral and agricultural wealth, seems to have smiled benignantly, and to have lavished with a munificent hand her choicest treasures, we think that few would be willing to leave the prospects which it offers to the enterprising and industrious farmer, whether in the pursuit of agriculture or of grazing — prospects far superior to those offered by Australia, New Zealand, or the United States. It is too much the fashion with foreigners to make...
6. oldal - ... very plain apparel, employed industriously in some small domestic economy. Many of the ladies are very attractive in their appearance and in their manners. Among them you cannot find the blue-stocking or the strongminded lady, for in literary pursuits the Brazilian ladies are content to be modest. The Brazilian gentlemen are remarkable for temperance and frugality, and for natural talent may compete with any other nation, but so much cannot be said of their industry. Some yield themselves up...
9. oldal - ... upper class are content with a monotonous daily round of existence, made up of many naps during the day, gapes over the balconies in the afternoon, and a reunion in the evening, with an . occasional visit to the opera. The Brazilians show much courtesy and kindness to strangers who come among them ; and it is by no means a rare thing for them to voluntarily take a great deal of trouble to do them a service.

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