Unsettling Science and Religion: Contributions and Questions from Queer Studies

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Lexington Books, 2018 - 280 oldal
This book borrows from the intellectual labor of queer theory in order to unsettle--or "queer"--the discourses of "religion" and "science," and, by extension, the "science and religion discourse." Drawing intellectual and social cues from works by influential theorists such as Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, and Eve Sedgwick, chapters in this volume converge on at least three common features of queer theory. First, queer theory challenges givens that on occasion still undergird religiously and scientifically informed ways of thinking. Second, it takes embodiment seriously. Third, this engagement inevitably generates new pathways for thinking about how religious and scientific "truths" matter. These three features ultimately lend support to critical investigations into the meanings of "science" and "religion," and the relationships between the two.

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A szerzőről (2018)

Lisa Stenmark teaches humanities and comparative religious studies at San Jose State University. Whitney Bauman is associate professor of religious studies at Florida International University.

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