The Miser's Daughter, 1. kötet

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Frederick Warne, 1855 - 326 oldal

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29. oldal - Twas drink made me fall into love, And love made me run into debt ; And though I have struggled and struggled and strove, I cannot get out of them yet. There's nothing but money can cure me, And rid me of all my pain ; 'Twill pay all my debts, And remove all my lets ; And my mistress that cannot endure me, Will love me, and love me again; Then I'll fall to loving and drinking again.
29. oldal - I HAVE been in love, and in debt, and in drink, This many and many a year ; And those three are plagues enough, one would think, For one poor mortal to bear.
300. oldal - Surely no one ever hit upon a worthier hero of romance, not from the days of Apuleius to those of Le Sage or of Bulwer Lytton. Sometimes the scene and the very title of his romance have been some renowned structure, a palace, a prison, or a fortress. It is thus with the * Tower of London,' ' Windsor Castle,'
299. oldal - ... images of guilt and woe, they so clear our judgment by profound analysis, •while they move our hearts by terror or compassion, that we learn to detect and stifle in ourselves the evil thought which we see gradually unfolding itself into the guilty deed.
235. oldal - ... for of making passionate love to innocence and inexperience. Zoe herself was eager for the drive, and came down, followed by Rosa with some wraps, and waited in the morningroom for the dog-cart. It was behind time for once, because the careful coachman had insisted on the axle being oiled. At last the sound of wheels was heard. A carriage drew up at the door. "Tell Mr. Severne,
296. oldal - WHITE'S NATURAL HISTORY OF SELBORNE. A new Edition. Edited by the Rev. JG WOOD, and Illustrated with upwards of 200 Illustrations by W. HARVEY. Printed on tinted paper. " A very superior edition of this most popular work.
300. oldal - Certainly no custom was ever more popular ; the fame of it is bruited throughout the length and breadth of the land. It is a subject that gives excellent scope to a writer of fiction : and Mr. Ainsworth, by skilful treatment, has rendered it most entertaining. The materials are put together with dramatic force.
298. oldal - And shall we cut ourselves off from beauties like these with a theory? Shall we shut up our books, and seal up our senses, to please the dull spite and inordinate vanity of those " who have eyes, but they see not — ears, but they hear not — and understandings, but they understand not," — and go about asking our blind guides, whether Pope was a poet or not?
300. oldal - But the readers of Mr. Ainsworth— who number thousands upon thousands — need hardly be informed of this; and now that a uniform edition of his works is published, we do not doubt but that this large number of readers even will be considerably increased.
300. oldal - It is scarcely surprising that Harrison Ainsworth should have secured to himself a very wide popularity, when we consider how happily he has chosen his themes. Sometimes, by the luckiest inspiration, a romance of captivating and enthralling fascinations, such as ' Crichton,' the

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