No.55-102, Apr. 16, 1726-Mar. 25, 1727

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booksellers of London and Westminster, 1734

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126. oldal - Antony the world ? A woman. Who was the cause of a long ten years' war, And laid at last old Troy in ashes ? Woman, Destructive, damnable, deceitful woman ! Woman to man...
60. oldal - Twas then, as slumbering on my couch I lay, A sudden splendour seem'd to kindle day, A breeze came breathing in a sweet perfume, Blown from eternal gardens, fill'd the room ; And in a void of blue, that clouds invest, Appear'da daughter of the realms of rest...
234. oldal - ... observation. On the contrary, we shall find, that all our attempts to prescribe bounds to the activity of this so powerful agent will end only in surprise at the extent of its authority ; in astonishment at the universality of its influence. Its claim to an undisputed empire over language is asserted by the author from whom I have taken the motto of this paper; with what justice, the testimony of a succeeding age may declare ; when a Caesar who made and unmade the laws of the world at his pleasure,...
65. oldal - Ever long, and ever late, Full of meats, and full of wine ; This takes his temper from the swine.
47. oldal - If we see right, we see our woes: Then what avails it to have eyes? From ignorance our comfort flows. The only wretched are the wise.
65. oldal - Twas hence in drinking on the lawns New turns of humour seiz'd the Fauns. Here one was crying out, " By Jove !" Another, " Fight me in the grove ;" This wounds a friend, and that the trees; The lion's temper reign'd in these.
352. oldal - I would have been glad to have seen Mr. Cowley, before he died, celebrate Captain Douglas's death ; who stood and burnt in one of our ships at Chatham, when his soldiers left him, because it should never be said, a Douglas quitted his post without order...
61. oldal - Tis love that angels praise and men adore, 'Tis love divine that asks it all and more. Fling back the gates of ever-blazing day, Pour floods of liquid light to gild the way ; And all in glory wrapt...
60. oldal - And all her sweet companions sons of light. Straight as I gaz'd, my fear and wonder grew, Fear barr'd my voice, and wonder fix'd my view ; When lo ! a cherub of the...
83. oldal - ... in innocency, a far better wearing. She doth not, with lying long abed, spoil both her complexion and conditions.

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