The history of Rome ... to the destruction of the western empire, 2. kötet

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169. oldal - Upon seeing them all with their «wounds in front, their countenances, even in death, marked with noble resolution, and a sternness that awed him into respect, he was heard to...
66. oldal - The feet vowed they would carry it no longer ; the hands vowed they would feed it no longer; and the teeth averred they would not chew a morsel of meat, though it were placed between them. Thus resolved...
175. oldal - Admirable Fabri'cius !" cried he, " it would be as easy to turn the sun from its course, as thee from the path of honour.
379. oldal - Pompey embraced her •without speaking a word, and for some time supported her in his arms, in silent despair. Having taken in Cornelia, he now continued his course, steering to the southeast, and stopping no longer than was necessary to take in provisions, at the ports that occurred in his passage. He was at last prevailed upon to apply to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to whose father Pompey had been a considerable benefactor.
148. oldal - ... was soon after found desirous of privately possessing more land than by his own law he was entitled to share, and, in consequence thereof, was punished by his own edict. In this manner the flame of contention was carried on between the two orders of the state, with acrimony and perseverance, while foreign enemies only served to allay, not to extinguish it.
382. oldal - While he was thus piously employed, he was accosted by an old Roman soldier, who had served under Pompey in his youth.
336. oldal - Caesar so intimidated them with repeated victories, that they no longer resisted in the plains, but fled to the forests. Here, however, they were unsafe, and soon yielded to the necessity of suing for a peace. In the course of nine years this ambitious general and waster of huro^o life conquered, together with Britain, all that country which extends from the Mediterranean to the German sea.
377. oldal - As for Pompey, who had formerly shown such instances of courage and conduct, when he saw his cavalry routed, on which he had placed his sole dependence, he absolutely lost his reason.
383. oldal - ... among all the miseries of my exile, it will be my last sad comfort, that I have been able to assist at the funeral of my old commander, and touch the body of the bravest general that ever Rome produced.
93. oldal - Appius, and some rare, et rather incursions made by the Romans into the territories of the Volsci, suspended, for a time, the people's earnestness for the Agrarian law ; but these being composed, the tribunes began new commotions, and had the boldness to assert, that the people ought. not' only to have a share in the lands, but also in the government of the commonwealth, and that a code of written laws should be compiled, to mark out the bounds of their duty.* The opposition to this was not less...

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