Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, written by himself [tr. by sir F.C.L. Wraxall]. Copyright ed, 2. kötet

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7. oldal - Thus, for instance, I can safely assert that a lady seeing another pass at full speed in a carriage, will have had time to analyze her toilet from her bonnet, to her shoes, and be able to describe not only the fashion and quality of the stuffs, but also say if the lace be real or only machine-made.
17. oldal - Mayhew — Paved with Gold ; Or, THE ROMANCE AND REALITY OF THE LONDON STREETS. An Unfashionable Novel. By AUGUSTUS MAYHEW (one of the Brothers Mayhew). With Twenty-six Illustrations by "PHIZ." Demy Svo, cloth. 14*. Melincourt ; Or, SIR ORAN HAUT-TON. By the Author of ' Headlong Hall,
9. oldal - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
9. oldal - The Inferno. A Literal Prose Translation, with the Text of the Original printed on the same page. By John A. Carlyle, MD 5*. — The Purgatorlo. A Literal Prose Translation, with the Text printed on the same page.
229. oldal - And I showed him the watch in my hand. The Marabout quickly put his hand in his waist belt, to assure himself of the truth, and was quite stupefied at finding the five-franc piece. The spectators were astounded. Some among them began telling their beads with a vivacity evidencing a certain agitation of mind; but the Marabout frowned without saying a word, and I saw he was spelling over some evil design. "I now believe in your supernatural power...
269. oldal - Child of the Islands ; a Poem. By the HON. MRS. NORTON. Second Edition. Square 8vo, cloth. 6*. Nuts and Nutcrackers. With upwards of 50 Illustrations by
9. oldal - ROBERT BLAKE, ADMIRAL AND GENERAL AT SEA. Based on Family and State Papers. By HEPWORTH DIXON, Author of ' Life of William Penn.' Cheap edition, post 8vo. boards. 2s. Post 8vo. cloth, with portrait. 2s. 6d. — WILLIAM PENN. AN HISTORICAL BIOGRAPHY. By WILLIAM HEPWORTH DIXON, Author of
26. oldal - ANALYSIS OF ORNAMENT: THE CHARACTERISTICS OF STYLES. An Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art. With many Illustrations.
6. oldal - I took a domino, the cinq-quater for instance, and laid it before him. Instead of letting him count the points of the two numbers, I requested the boy to tell me the total at once. « Nine,
4. oldal - My two children were playing one day in the drawingroom at a game they had invented for their own amusement. The younger had bandaged his elder brother's eyes, and made him guess the objects he touched, and when the latter happened to guess right, they changed places. This simple game suggested to me the most complicated idea that ever crossed my mind. Pursued by the notion, I ran and shut myself up in my workroom, and was fortunately in that happy state when the mind follows easily the combinations...

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