The Works of John Home, Esq: Now First Collected. To which is Prefixed an Account of His Life and Writings by Henry Mackenzie, 3. kötet

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A. Constable and Company, 1822

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6. oldal - I have, I will erect the royal standard, and proclaim to the people of Britain, that Charles Stuart is come over to claim the crown of his ancestors ; to win it, or...
7. oldal - Stuart is come over to claim the crown of his ancestors, to win it, or to perish in the attempt : Lochiel, who, my father has often told me, was our firmest friend, may stay at home, and learn from the newspapers the fate of his prince." — " No," said Lochiel, "I'll share the fate of my prince ; and so shall every man over whom nature or fortune hath given me any power.
7. oldal - better than you know yourself. If this "Prince once sets his eyes upon you, he will make you do "whatever he pleases...
71. oldal - He was in the prime of youth, tall and handsome, of a fair complexion; he had a light coloured periwig with his own hair combed over the front: he wore the Highland dress, that is a tartan short coat without the plaid, a blue bonnet on his head, and on his breast the star of the order of St. Andrew.
105. oldal - ... great many gentlemen from the counties of Aberdeen and Banff, who, with their servants well armed and mounted, formed a body of cavalry that served under his command ; he also brought with him a small body of infantry, (consisting of six companies,) which was called Lord Pitsligo's foot. This peer, who drew after him such a number of gentlemen, had only a moderate fortune ; but he was much beloved and greatly esteemed by his neighbours, who looked upon him as a man of excellent judgment, and...
62. oldal - Being now in a condition to make our way into the capital of his Majesty's ancient kingdom of Scotland, we hereby summon you to receive us, as you are in duty bound to do...
62. oldal - ... peace and quiet of the city, which we are very desirous to protect. But if you suffer any of the usurper's troops to enter the town...

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