them he was in the daily practice of to the enmity of the Old Man of the discoursing on the subject of the Para- Mountain, could escape assassination. dise announced by the Prophet, and of His territory being situated within the his own power of granting admission; dominions of Ulau ( Hulagu,' the broand, at certain times, he caused draughts ther of the grand khan Mangu, i that of a soporific nature to be administered prince had information of his atrocious to ten or a dozen of the youths; and, practices, as above related, as well as when half dead with sleep, he had of his employing people to rob travelthem conveyed to the several apart. lers in their passage through his counments of the palaces in the garden. try, and, in the year 1262, sent one of Upon awakening from this state of le- his armies to besiege this chief in his thargy, their senses were struck. with castle. It proved, however, so capable all the delightful objects that have been of defence, that for three years no imdescribed, and each perceived himself pression could be made upon it; until surrounded by lovely damsels, singing, at length he was forced to surrender playing, and attracting his regards by from the want of provisions, and being the most fascinating caresses; serving made prisoner, was put to death. His him also with delicate viands and ex- castle was dismantled, and his garden quisite wines; until intoxicated with of Paradise destroyed." excess of enjoyment, amidst actual ri Now the whole of this story, abatvulets of milk and wine, he believed ing the extravagance of the diction, and himself assuredly in Paradise, and felt high colouring of the picture, (which, an unwillingness to relinquish its de as Marco derived it from Persia, furlights. When four or five days had nishes an additional proof of his fidethus been passed, they were thrown lity in repeating what he heard,) is a once more into a state of somnolency, well authenticated historical fact.* Diand carried out of the garden. Upon vested of the marvellous, it is simply their being introduced to his presence, this :— The term mulihet, or “impious, and questioned by him as to where was applied by the orthodox Musselthey had been, their answer was, “in mans to an odious and fanatic sect, wheParadise, through the favour of your began to flourish about the year 1090, highness; and then, before the whole and dwelt in the mountainous district court, who listened to them with eager of Kohistan. Hassan (the hero of the curiosity and astonishment, they gave beautiful tale of Abu-Hassan in the a circumstantial account of the scenes 6 Thousand and One Nights”) was the to which they had been witnesses. The name of the founder, but in the time chief thereupon addressing them, said, of Marco Polo, the reigning “Old • We have the assurances of our Pro- Man” was, as he says, Alo-eddin, phet that he who defends his lord shall against whom and his son an expediinherit Paradise, and if you show your- tion was undertaken by the Moghuls, selves devoted to the obedience of my on account of their numerous massacres orders, that happy lot awaits you and other cruelties; and though this Animated to enthusiasm by words of intelligent traveller may be mistaken a this nature, all deemed themselves hap- few years in the date of Alo-eddin's py to receive the commands of their “ castle being dismantled, and his Pas master, and were forward to die in his radise destroyed,” yet it is quite cera service. The consequence of this tain that Hulagu Khan, the grandson system was, that when any of the Gengis, put this chief, and, according neighbouring princes, or others, gave to Mirkhoud, 12,000 of his infatuated umbrage to this chief, they were put to death by these his disciplined assas * The name of the “Old Man of the sins; none of whom felt terror at the Mouutain," has given to it, an air of rorisk of losing their own lives, which mance, which the sober and more accu. they held in little estimation, provided rate translation of Sheikh al Jebal, Chief they could execute their master's will.

of the Mountaineers," at once destroys

for the word Sheikh, like Signor, (as Mr. Thus there was no person, however Marsden has observed,) bears the double powerful, who having become exposed meaning of Elder and Lord.

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followers, to death, about the time connected with it. The five, which mentioned by Marco Polo.

are now happily established in the Such is the origin and history of the East-Indies--at Calcutta, Madras, Bom56 Old Man of the Mountain and his bay, Colombo, and Prince of Wales Assassins,?* a branch of whom, having Island afford to the Society facilities, established themselves in the moun- which it had never before possessed, of Jains of Anti-Libanus, rendered these advancing true religion and piety in names famous and formidable in the these extensive countries. The comhistories of the Crusades.

mittee add. To do good to all men, and to endeavour that all may come to

the knowledge of the truth, is assuredSociety for Promoting Christian Knowledge, England.)

ly the part of every sincere Christian :

but his more especial care should be Ar the annual meeting of the memo those who are already of the household bers of the Society, the Secretary stat- of faith; those who at least name the ed, that 32,199 Bibles, 45,682 New name of Christ; so that while the docTestaments and Psalters, 85,301 Com- trines of Christianity are earnestly of mon Prayers, and 75,550 other bound fered to the full examination of all books, had been distributed gratuitously, men, the practical effects of them is and on the terms of the Society, within the minds and hearts of Christians, the last year. Thecommittee had also may openly demonstrate their truth and distributed 827,044 small tracts, half- power. Nothing could more powerfully bound, &c. and other books and papers contribute to awaken the ignorant and to the amount of 176,315---making a deluded people of these countries to a total in one year of 1,242,091. Of the sense of their deplorable state, than to Society's Family Bible four impressions witness what human nature

may be have been already printed, and about come under the influence of Christiani20,000 copies sold a fifth was now ty. To see the young imbued with publishing in parts.t

principles of holiness, from which they Our readers will feel interested in the do not dare to deviate, and even in following particulars respecting the So- their early years influenced by the love ciety's proceedings in India. It is re and fear of God; to see the members marked in the report of the Calcutta of Christian society in general united Diocesan Committee for 1819, “ The in one bond of faith and love, and haSociety for Promoting Christian Know- bitually exercising all the charities of ledge has found no means of carrying on the heart among themselves; to see its benevolent designs so effective as the wicked reclaimed to virtue and the diocesan and district committees peace, and the wretched supporting There are few words whose etymology

with resignation and cheerfulness all has exercised, and, at the same time, the dispensations of Providence; and baffled the ingenuity of the learned more to see death deprived of its terrors, and than this. Perhaps the following may not considered only as the gate of life and be very remote from the truth. Through happiness; to see all this fully exemout all the East a preparation of hemp; plified in the professors of Christianity which we call bang, is universally used “ to exhilarate the feelings by a luxurious

would effectually conduce, under Dispecies of intoxication." This is known vine Providence, to conversion. And to the Orientals by the name of Haschisch, while it is the duty of all who have the and those who are addicted to it are cal.

means and opportunities of contributing ed Haschischin and Haechaschin, “ two ex

to produce such an effect on the genepressions," says De Sacy, “ which explain why the Ismaelians have been called

ral mass of Christians, readily to afford by the historians of the Crusades, at one them, it cannot be doubted that they iime Assissini, and at another Assassini :” shall also be blessed in their deed.' so that, instead of a secret murderer," The facts stated in the following assassin implies, in point of fact, “ an habitual drunkard."

passage are very important. “The † This Bible is now republishing in committee cannot remark without saNew-York, by T. &J: Swords, under the tlsfaction the considerable increase in superintendence of Bishop Hobart. the demand upon them for Bibles; Vol. V.


while at the same time they have cause at Palamcottah, to R. Clarke, Esq. to regret, that they have in some cases the secretary of the Madras committee, been unable to meet the call. At the presents an interesting picture of the time of their first establishment, there native Christian converts. was reason to imagine that the demand for Bibles in this country was always

Palamcottah, September 2d; 1819. met by an adequate supply, and they “My dear Sir-Having just returned tvere therefore willing to apply a larger from a visit to the Protestant churches, proportion of their resources to other in this distriet, I hasten to report thies means of religious instruction. But ei present condition. ther the general demand has increased, • There is a Church at every station; perhaps by the influx of Europeans but, with only two exceptions, they are within the few last years, or a more built with raw brick, and covered with immediate cause may be, that the wider palmyra leaves. The ground on which dispersion of the books and tracts pub- these churches stånd. was given to the lished by the Society for Promoting mission by the Nabob's government Christian Knowledge, has diverted the nearly twenty years ago, and most of call for Bibles also to its committee at the buildings were erected at the same Calcutta in a greater degree than be time. Those I have seen are in very fore. By far the greater number of good repair, and it requires but a small the applications made for these books sum annually to keep them so. comprise also a request for Bibles and « The mission has received an imPrayer Books.

Care has therefore portant accession, since the last report, been taken to remedy the inconveni- in another native priest, named Viserence which has been felt, by making varsemarden. He seems to be a man provision for a larger stock than has of respectable abilities and genuine heretofore been ordered for the com- piety; and the discourse I heard him mittee's stores."

preach to his own congregation would From Madras the Calcutta diocesan have done credit to a minister possesscommittée have received much value ed of the advantage of a superior eduable information respecting the Socie- cation to that which he has received ty's concerns in that quarter. The He is stationed at a village called, by, Madras district committee have adopt- the Christians, Nazareth, about twenty ed the plan of depot stations, and are miles to the south of this : and Abracarrying on their exertions with vi- ham, the other country priest, is at Mogour; and they have the happiness of thelloor, a few miles further. If I may seeing the ancient missions of the So- judge from appearances during my ciety reviving with every promise of short stay among the people of these continued success. Within the last two villages, they are much attached to year, three missionaries of the Society their priests, as are the Christians of have arrived at Madras; Mr. Spersch- the surrounding country, and I am perneider, a young man of excellent pro- suaded they only require to be well mise, and Messrs Haubro' and Rosen, supported and encouraged to prove of who had received ordination from the the most essential service to the conBishop of Zealand, and brought the gregations intrusted to their care. Even highest testimonials to the Society. Mr. from my hasty visit, the joy diffused Sperschneider is already stationed at through all classes was indescribable, Tanjore, and Messrs. Haubro' and and the people flocked in from the Rosen are qualifying themselves at neighbouring villages in every direction. Madras for active service. The Rev. On catechising such as were introduced Dr. Rottler had, as our readers are to me as the principal people, I found aware, completed and published a Ta- them much better tanght in their relimul translation of the whole Book of gion than I had anticipated; and, conCommon Prayer, a work of great la- sidering the space of time that they had bour and merit.

been, without a missionary, it was The following extract from a letter, highly gratifying and encouraging to written by the Rev. J. Hough, chaplain find the benign and peaceable genius of

Christianity still keeping them at unity in use, and they readily acceậed to the amongst themselves. The two villa- proposition." ges named above consist entirely of The number of children baptized at Protestants, nor is there an idol or this station during the year was 117; heathen temple any where to be seen : besides 52 converts from heathenism; while the stillness that prevailed, con- the number of communicants was 127. trasted with the tumult of heathen abodes, seemed to invest these favoured spots with a degree of sanctity, and

Obituary Notices. made one forget for the moment that

Mrs. SARAH HOFFMAN. they were in the midst of a pagan land. Died, in this city, on Saturday, July One of the priests led me to a part of 28th, 1821, aged 79 years, Mrs. Sarah the village where was seated, under the Hoffman, relict of the late Nicholas shade of cocoa-nut trees, a consider- Hoffman, and daughter of the late Hom able company of women spinning cot- nourable David Ogden, one of the ton, and singing Lutheran hymns to the Provincial Judges of New Jersey. motion of their wheels.

It pleased God that the last few “ After service a great part of the years of the long life of this venerable congregation showed no disposition to “ mother in Israel,” should be spent in disperse, and, seating themselves around painful preșages of slowly approaching the door, sang their hymns to a late dissolution. This, however,

through hour. There were two old men among his blessing, served but to illustrate the

group, who were converted to the more fully the strength of her faith, and Christian faith by your missionary the ardour of her piety. She knew in Janické, about twenty years ago, and whom she trusted, and found in him they sang to me several hy mns he had support under every trial, and a refuge taught them : what they sang or said from every wo. This faith, though was not so intelligible, indeed, as the then strengthened, and more fully than language of younger men, but you will ever, tested, was far from being merely readily imagine them to have been the effect of that consciousness of fast amongst the most interesting of the approaching the eternal world, which company. I state these, perhaps trifling, the infirmities of age cannot but proparticulars, to show that there appears duce in every reflecting mind. It had to be something more than the bare been long cherished, and its truth and náme of Christianity here; and that life been long manifested, by that only the enemies of missionary exertions are evangelical test, working by love. It mistaken in asserting, as many have had led to uniform and devout applicaaşserted, that there is not a genuine tion to those religious duties which are convert to Christianity among the na the required hômage of creatures to tive Protestants. No, Sir, if the Society their Creator, and the appointed means for Promoting Christian Knowledge of that grace whereby alone the heart had no other fruit of their cares, their can be renewed and sanctified, the life exertions, or their expenditure for the be rendered holy, and the Christian Promoting of Christian Knowledge in become meet for the heavenly inheritIndia, they might point triumphantly ance which was purchased, by the Reto these two villages; in proof that their deemer's merits, for all who, by patient labour has not been in vain. I have continuance in well-d@ing, seek for seldom witnessed so much religion in a glory, and honour, and immortality. town in England as is conspicuous Accordingly, besides that private and here: and some heathen in the neigh- domestic religion, in which the true bourhood of one of the villages told. Christian finds such a delightful and me candidly, that it was a very quiet. edifying expression of his faith and de. and good place. I spoke with the priests votion, this excellent woman, when of the Tamul Liturgy that you propose health and strength permitted, was an sending hither, and recommended them exemplary attendant on the services of to adopt it in all the churches, in room the temple and the altar. She loved the of the German form of worship now church, because she considered it as

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under the blessing of its divine Head, dled in her breast all a mother's love, the appointed channel and mean of tenderness, and anxiety for the little grace and salvation, to a fallen and children in whose cause she so actively perishing world.

and cheerfully laboured. When the To the love of God above all things, infirmities of age' and disease precluded she added that other branch of the per- labour, she still manifested, if possible, fect law of the Gospel, loving her an increasing interest in their welfare. neighbour as her self. In the full cir- Almost the last words 'she uttered excle of relative and social duties, by pressed an anxiety for the Orpban which the influence of this holy princi: Asylum. ple iş to be manifested, and was so, It was to be expected that a life like most faithfully, by her, those which her's would be succeeded by an easy form the interesting connexion between and a happy death. She found it so. the needy and their benefactors, appear Divine mercy, secured by divine verato have been her favourite employ: city to the humble, the penitent, and ment. She felt for others' wo. The the faithful, vouchsafed that peace widow and the orphan were peculiar which is the never-failing reward of objects of her commiseration, and call- the piety which divine grace renders ed forth peculiar efforts for their relief. attainable. The consolation and sup Having spent several years in faithful port which she had enjoyed in the participation in the 'care and managed many troubles and trials of her proment of the Society for the Relief of tracted pilgrimage, were peculiarly erPoor Widows with Small Children; perienced in the lingering and painful she was one of two or three, in whose disease which brought it to its close: minds the active care of the needy ob- But she knew too well the only suffijects of that most excellent charity, cient ground of confidence, to attribute suggested the idea of forming that no: her present comfort; or her strong hope ble sister instituțion, the Orphan Asy- of future glory, to any merit of her Zum Society.

Her mind was too own righteousness: Whén near her strongly imbued with those Christian end, the good fight she had fought was principles which strengthen and sanc mentioned to her. "I rely," was her tify the tender sympathies of nature, answer, “my full and only reliance, is not to enter warmly and heartily into a on the atonement made for my sins by project so disinterested and so heaven the Redeemer.” In this triumphant ly. The blessing of Divine Provi- faith, she fell asleep, leaving an examdence was vouchsafed ; and her fa- ple most worthy of imitation; having yourite topic, to the last, was the cause given long and practical proof, that of gratitude which this gave to the private station affords, to those who conductresses of that institution. Ac are willing to improve them, many opcustomed to acknowledge, in all events, portunities of effecting lasting public the wise and good control of a kind heas good; and exhibiting the glorious sucvenly Parent, 'she would dwell, 'with cess of that faith to which all are callpious joy, on the special evidences of ed and which all may possess, and the so consoling a truth, in the experience of sufficiency of that grace which is offerthe Orphan Asylum. Often, when its ēd to all, and which will enable all managers knew not from what human jvho duly seek and improve it, to atsource the next week's necessary sup: tajn, through the merits of him who port of their numerous family could be purchased it by his blood, to a true, a derived, some liberal benefactor has living, and a saving faith. appeared as the almoner of him whó has promised to be the Father of the fatherless. It was delightful to hear

Mrs. HELENA DUFFIE. our' venerable departed sister speak of Dırd, in this city, on Friday, August these instances of providential care. 17th, 1821, in the 25th' year of her age, They confirmed her faith. They re- Helena, wife of Mr. Cornelius R. Duffie, newed her hope. They encouraged and daughter of Mr. James Bleecker. ber in that exalted charity which kin Besides the unspeakable consolation

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