All previous misfortunes were forgotten of his wife by death. To suppress the in the present holy joy. The ghost of sorrow occasioned by this loss, he went the departed Adhemar came and re- frequently to a public house; there he joiced: and as at the resurrection of found companions whose mirth caused Christ the bodies of the saints arose, him to forget for a moment his troubles. so at the resurrection of the temple At first he was surprised and shocked from the impurity of the infidels, the by their profaneness, but he soon provspirits of many of those who had fallen ed that “Evil communications corrupt on the road from Europe to Jerusalem, good manners." These men were inappeared and shared in the felicity of FIDELS; and it was not long before they their friends. Finally, the Hermit persuaded their new associate to imiwho, four or five years before, had tate their example, in abondoning the wept over the degraded condition of the profession, and casting off the restraints Holy City, and who had commisserated of Religion. On SUNDAY mornings the oppressed state of the votaries of they met to encourage each other in all Christ in Palestine, was recognized in manner of wickedness; and on one of the person of Peter. It was remem those occasions, according to previous bered that he had taken charge of the agreement, they together committed letters from the patriarch to the princes their Bibles to the flames, and vowed of Europe: it was acknowledged that never again to enter a place of religious he had excited their piety, and inflamed worship.“ All this (said the wretched their zeal; and the multitude fell at his man) did well enough while I was in feet in gratitude for his faithful dis- health, and could keep off the thoughts charge of his trust, praising God who of death." Now, however, he was was glorified in his servant.

stretched on a bed of sickness, and con(To be continued.)

scious of his near approach to eternity; in this state, forced to reflection, his

guilt and danger excited the utmost Last Hours of an Infidel who burnt horror and alarm : despair had taken his Bible.

full possession of his mind. When I (The following affecting narrative is extractedl spoke to him of the mercy and forgivefrom the Evangelical Magazine for Februar', ness, which the most heinous offenders 1821, where it is asserted to be strictly true, and where the name of the Rev. Mr. Coon.bs,

are encouraged to seek through the meof Manchester, is given as the minister who diation of a Redeemer, he hastily exvisited the unhappy man.)

claimed, “ What's the use of talking to On the Lord's Day, October 24th, me about mercy ?” When entreated 1819, I was called (says the person again and again to behold the Lamb of who has furnished the following ac- God, which taketh away the sin of the count) to visit a poor man in Manches- world, he said, "I tell you, it's of no ter. He was described to me as dying use now; 'tis too late 'tis too late." in the most distracting agonies of mind. In reply to my exhortation to pray, he I found him in the full possession of his said, “Oh! I could pray once, but now mental faculties, but much agitated and I can't pray”—and, after a pause, “I alarmed by a sense of his great sinful- will not pray." These expressions ness and approaching misery. For this were subsequently several times reI was at no loss to account, when I had peated, “I cannot pray, I will not learned, partly from himself, and partly pray.Two men having entered the from his neighbours, the following par- room, whom I understood to have been ticulars of his history:

leaders in the guilty company by whom He had been accustomed from child- this poor man had been deluded, he hood to reverence the institutions of re- hastily turned his face from them with ligion, to read the Word of God, and to obvious disgust and terror; and after attend his worship. Regular in his ha- they had addressed to him some blusbits, and moral in his deportment, he had tering expressions, by which they hopgenerally maintained a fair character. ed to rally his spirits, he raised himself About six months before the time at on his bed, lifted up his hands, and in which I saw him, he had been deprived the most deliberate and solemn manner

called on God Almighty to blast those would probably be as useless, as it cerwretches to all eternity! They almost tainly would be dull and uninteresting immediately left the apartment, utter. The mention of those which are of the ing a profusion of oaths. Some time most general concern will suffice. afterwards three others of the wretched On the Friday next following the

men entered, and occasioned a repeti- day of our last Biennial Convention, in tion of the imprecations, which it was Greenfield, Joel Clapp was ordained impossible for any to hear without Deacon. The Sunday after I passed shuddering.

in Guilford, in Vermont. A number After I had been with him two hours, of people, actuated by a laudable zeal (during which time he frequently re- for promoting God's holy worship, had peated such expressions as have been erected a neat and very convenient stated), he became quite indifferent to edifice, in which I was invited that day what was said to him, rolling about on to officiate. The congregation was rehis bed, and now and then ejaculating, spectable, and very attentive; and

My Bible ! Oh! the Bible.His though there were then no Episcopaeyes were for several minutes fixed on

lians in that town, a number of the prinme, but he seemed not to hear the cipal people expressed a desire to bequestions and entreaties which I con

come acquainted with the doctrines tinued to address to him. He then con

and worship of our church; and invited cealed his face by turning it to the pil- Mr. Baury, a student in theology, and low, and after having remained in this since a candidate for holy orders, to position perhaps a quarter of an hour, perform Divine service for a few weeks his whole frame was violently convuls- in their church. Mr. Baury, who has ed; he groaned, and then again was continued with them to the present still; and whilst I was speaking to the time, has devoted himself, with great by-standers, he expired. It is a fear- diligence and pious zeal, to all the duful thing to fall into the hands of the ties allowed to those who are not orLiving God!"

dained to the ministry; and his labours have been remarkably blessed.

On the Wednesday following, the Extracts from Bishop Grisworld's Address to the Biennial Convention of chusetts, was solemnly dedicated, and

new church in Hopkinton, in Massathe Eastern Diocess, assembled in Newport, Rhode-Island, September Almighty God, by the name of St.

set apart to the worship and service of 27th, A. D. 1820.

· Paul's Church. On the 10th day of REVEREND BRETHREN, AND

November, in the same year was also RESPECTED FRIENDS,

consecrated, St. Paul's Church, newly I ADDRESS you under some circum- erected in South-Kingston, in the State stances of peculiar disadvantage; and of Rhode Island. The day following, the pleasure of meeting you again, on and in the same church, Herbert Marthis interesting occasion, is mingled shall was ordained Deacon. The serwith regret, that in the discharge of vices, on each day, were attended by a this duty I cannot equal your just ex- . large assembly of people, who appearpectations. The infirm state of my ed to be suitably and deeply impressed; health during the nine months last past and gave reason to hope that the imhas necessarily occasioned some defi- pression might be of lasting benefit. ciency in the performance of Episcopal On the 18th day of the same month, duties. Early in August a tour was I was present at the State Convention commenced with the intention of visit- of Massachusetts, which met in Salem. ing the northern parts of the diocess: Confirmation was administered; and but for particular reasons, respecting the Rev. Calvin Wolcott, Deacon, was the churches in Vermont, I was re- admitted to the order of Presbyters quested to postpone my visit to that And on the 19th day of December folstate till the next spring:

lowing, at Bristol, in Rhode Island, A minute detail of the churches vi- Carlton Chase, and Patrick H. Folker, sited, and of all my official transactions, were ordained Deacons.

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On no

Early in the next year I again visited churches in that state. The following Guilford, in Vermont, being invited by are extracts from a journal of that tour. the proprietors of the new church, and Wednesday, the 30th of June, others, who had formed themselves in- preached in Bridgewater. A decent to a society: and on the 18th of Febru- and respectable congregation attended. ary, 1819, the house, by their unani- Here is a famine of hearing the word mous request, was dedicated, according of God:” Máy the Lord, in his merci. to the Canons and usage of the Protest- ful goodness send them the bread of „

ant Episcopal Church. Twenty-one life. Here was I met by Mr. Wolcott, persons, including some children, were á zealous, faithful minister of the Lord baptized. Thirty-two received con- Jesus. May the Lord send many such firmation apparently with a very deep into his vineyard.—Thursday, A. M. sense of the nature and solemnity of preached in Hanover, confirmed, and the ordinance. The next day I preach- gave the communion. Into this cold ed in the congregational meeting-house, region, there is hope that the Sun of about four miles from the church, and Righteousness is diffusing his vital rays, near the centre of the town. And, on and that some are now rejoicing in the Sunday, the 21st, again officiated in the light of his truth. In the afternoon church, baptized four adults and five preached again. The people hear with children, confirmed eleven more, and eager attention: May the Lord graft administered the Lord's Supper to forty- his word in their hearts. two very devout communicants; of Friday, July 2d, preached in Marshwhom about thirty, then for the first field. The small church was crowded, - time, received that sacrament.

even in this busy season : nor could-it occasions have I ever witnessed more hold the people assembled of various pleasing evidence of sincere piety and denominations pressing to hear the religious reverence; or felt more sen- things which belong to their peace.” sibly the presence and the goodness of Grant, thou God of all mercy and God, who, in his great mercy, as there grace, that those things may not be is reason to believe, was pleased to & hid from their eyes;"-may they be bless that visitation to the comfort and led into the way of truth, and hold the edification of his people. In August true faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, in of the same year I made a third visit unity of Spirit, in the bond of peace, to that parish; on the 20th preached and in righteousness of life, till finally and administered baptism in the meet- they are united with the innumerable ing-house; and on the 21st preached assembly of just men made perfect. in the church, baptized three adults * Saturday, preached, confirmed, and and two children, confirmed rine per- gave the communion in Quincy. The sons, and


the communion to about very few who were confirmed appearforty-five. Another society has, for ed.to possess an awakened sense of convenience, been organized in that God's mercies, and of a Christian's duty. town, and Divine service is performed May their piety be permanent--the alternately in the meeting-house and fruit be with hotiness, and the end everin the church; and on every Lord's lasting life. O blessed Lord, how in day a third service is held in the latter estimable are the privileges of these thy place.

holy ordinances: let none who enjoy In the spring of last year, the old them, receive thy grace in vain. Conchurch in North-Kingston, (R. I.) was firm and strengthen their faith and put in complete repair, and a bell has hope, and make them thine for ever. been added. On the 6th of May it was Sunday preached in Boston ;--in dedicated to God's glory and worship; the morning in Trinity Church;in the and on the 14th day of the same month, afternoon in St. Matthew's, and in the at North-Providence, the Rev. James evening in Christ Church. Monday B. Howe, Deacon, was ordained Priest. pursued my journey to Marblehead,

About the middle of the summer of accompanied by the Rev. Mr. Eaton. 1819, I made a tour through Massa- On our way met, in Lynn, with a small chusetts, and visited the most of our congregation, recently formed into an VOL. V.


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Episcopal society. Their deportment Cornish; and in the afternoon prayers, was pleasing, and they appeared de and a sermon at Windsor, in Vermont. vout." All things here seem to be done On the 17th, in Windsor, assisted by decently and in order. God grant that my Rev. Brethren, Abraham Brownthey may also “ be done unto edifying.” son, James B. Howe, George Leonard, This is indeed a little flock :" but and Titus Strong, I gave

Priests 66 who hath despised the day of small orders to the Rev. Joel Clapp, and to things?"

Rodolphus Dickenson, the order of Tuesday, in Marblehead, preached Deacons. Confirmation was adminisand confirmed. In the midst of judg- tered, and the communion of course ment the Lord remembers mercy. This given. The audience appeared deeply church has much declined. Mr. Smith, interested in the solemnities, and I the fifth of their ministers, still living, have rarely known the services of our is about to leave them. But there is church, of ordination especially, effect, consolation in believing that there yet in a congregation, a more serious imremains among this people the spirit pression. It is sufficient to observe, of piety, and prayer, and devotion to that with some few exceptions, when God. A faithful, praying people, how others perform the duty, my general ever few their number, or scanty their practice is to preach in the churches -means, the Lord will never leave nor visited. In this tour I visited sixteen forsake.'

parishes. These brief extracts from the journal On the 17th of November I met with may add some variety to a narrative the State Convention of Massachusetts which at best must be tedious.

in Hanover: we had the usual services The last place visited in this jour- in the morning; and also in the evenney was Springfield, where I remained ing. Confirmation was administered. several days. The efforts made by a The next day I preached in Marshgentleman of piety and high respecta- field, when also, and for the first time bility in that place to establish a church in that town, there was a confirmation. for the more particular accommoda- There appeared to be an awakened tion of those employed in the service attention to religious inquiry among of the United States, are deserving of that people, and a very general concern much praise: but whether there yet for their spiritual state. remains a hope of ultimate success, I From January to May, of the prehave no recent or certain information.

sent year, I was visited with sickness, At an ordination held in Providence, and able to perform but few official duSeptember 2d, of the same year, Pa- ties. The people of my parish in trick H. Folker and George Taft, Dea- Bristol, without curtailing the stipend cons, were admitted to the order of allowed me, generously engaged the Priests; and Addison Searle, Jasper Rev. Mr. Taft to aid in the ministry; Adams and Edward Lippitt, were or and he still continues my assistant. dained Deacons.

With difficulty and some hazard, on From Providence I proceeded to the 29th of April, I admitted to the Boston, and, on the 4th, assisted in the order of Deacons, Isaac Boyle, Marcus interesting ceremony of laying the cor- A. Perry, and Milton Wilcox; -and in ner-stone of a new church in that town. May attended the General Convention. The next day being Sunday, I officiated Confirmation was administered in Brisin Dedham; and on Monday proceeded tol on the 30th of April, the 7th of on a tour which was extended through May, and the 25th of June of the preNew Hampshire, and a part of Ver- sent year. mont. In the course of it, on the 16th, June the 30th, assisted by the Right I assisted in the institution of the Rev. Rev. Bishop Brownell, of Connecticut, James B. Howeinto the parish of Union and several clergymen from various Church, in Claremont, and administered parts, I consecrated St. Paul's Church, confirmation and the Lord's Supper. in Boston. The erection of that elegant The next day we had Divine service edifice, by the very liberal exertions of and confirmation in the morning at a few respectable individuals; the

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chaste style of its architecture ; the men, was declared to be, and is sus. particulars of its dedication, and the pended from his grade of the ministry institution of the Rev. Samuel F.Jarvis, in said church. D. D. the following week, are things Since our last Biennial Convention, so generally known in the diocess, that the District of Maine has become a it is unnecessary now to repeat them. State, and now holds a respectable rank But it is highly fitting and very much in the Union which forms this rising our duty to render united and unfeigned empire. It became proper, of course, thanks to the Father of mercies for an and was judged expedient, that the few acquisition so valuable to our churches, churches in this new state should forma and to our clerical body.

a State Convention. Accordingly, a Besides the institutions already no- meeting of Delegates from the two ticed, the Rev. Mr. Ten Broeck has churches in Maine, took place in Brunsbeen inducted into the parish in Port- wick, on the 3d of May in this present land; the Rev. Joel Clapp into the year. They acceded to the constituchurch in Shelburne, Vermont; and tion of the General Convention, and the Rev. George Leonard into the formed a constitution for that State. church in Cornish, New Hampshire. Their Delegates, sent to the last Ge

At an ordination holden in Provi- neral Convention, were received, and dence, on the 4th day of August last, their proceedings recognized and apthe Rev. Jasper Adams, and the Rev. proved; and agreeably to their request, Lemuel Burge were ordained Presby. they are annexed to this Eastern Dios ters. Also in Bristol, on the 9th day cess. Whether any and what alteraof the present month, the Rev. Addi- tion in our Diocesan-constitution, may son Searle, Deacon, was admitted to in consequence be necessary, will claim the order of priesthood. The whole a place in your deliberations. number ordained presbyters, since you

The church in Maine, though small, last convened, including the Rev. Mr. is a just subject of gratulation and Chase, this day admitted to that holy or- praise. Three years ago we had but der, is nîne. Eleven have been ordain- about twelve communicants in that Dised Deacons, three hundred and twenty- trict; there are now about one hunfour persons have been confirmed, six dred. Most laudable have been their only have been received as candidates efforts and liberality in making provifor holy orders; to wit, Alfred L. Baury, sion for the decent performance of Stephen H. Tyng, Henry C. Knight, Divine worship, and the regular adSamuel B. Shaw, Joseph Muncher, and ministration of the Christian ordinanJordan Gray. The total number of ces. In Gardiner they have erected candidates at present on the list is a new and very handsome church, exeleven.

celling, in the purity of taste displayed, The

Rev. Benjamin B. Smith, Here and perfection of the Gothic style, any bert Marshall, George L. Clayman, edifice perhaps in the United States. Rodolphus Dickenson, Patrick H. If the Lord permit, it will soon be Folker, Amos Pardee, Marcus A. Perry, solemnly dedicated to his holy worship and Milton Wilcox, have removed from The parish in Portland are second to this Diocess.

none in their pious liberality: “ for to The Rev. James Nichols, having by their power (í bear record) yea and his letter, dated at Manchester, in Ver- beyond their power they are willing, mont, July 2d, A. D. 1819, declared and generously endeavour to render his resolution to renounce the ministry the situation of their worthy Pastor of the Protestant Episcopal Church, comfortable and happy. I have supand in future not to exercise any of its posed it my duty to give them some functions; in consequence, agreeably little aid from our Easter contributions. to the provisions of the 2d Canon of They have obtained a bell for their the General Convention of 1817, he, church. May the Lord remember the said James Nichols, on the 2d day them for good, and visit them with his of September, 1819, in the presence of salvation. the Rev. Mr. Crocker, and other clergy. The church in New Hampshire has

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