Christmas at Under-Tor: An American Christmas Story

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Mohun, Ebbs & Hough, 1864 - 47 oldal

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6. oldal - Major's occupying the parlours and from that hour to this the same and a most obliging^ Lodger and punctual in all respects except one' irregular which I need not particularly specify, but made up for by his being a protection and at all times ready to fill in the papers of the Assessed Taxes and Juries and that, and once collared a young man with the drawing-room clock under his...
10. oldal - I do assure you my dear that sometimes when I have taken a few winks in my place inside the coach and have come half awake by the flashing light of the fire and have heard that precious pet driving and the Major blowing up behind to have the change of horses ready when we got to the Inn, I have half believed we were on the old North Road that my poor Lirriper knew so well. Then to see that child and the Major both wrapped up getting down to warm their feet and going stamping about and having glasses...
3. oldal - I went round to the creditors and I says " Gentlemen I am acquainted with the fact that I am not answerable for my late husband's debts but I wish to pay them for I am his lawful wife and his good name is dear to me. I am going into the Lodgings gentlemen as a business and if I prosper every farthing that my late husband owed shall be paid for the sake of the love I bore him, by this right hand.
46. oldal - And did none of them ever grow older? " "No! Nobody ever grew older after that." ' " And did none of them ever die? " " O, no, no, no, Gran ! " exclaimed our dear boy, laying his cheek upon her breast, and drawing her closer to him.
26. oldal - I know, Some harshness show, All vain asperities I day by day Would wear away, Till the smooth temper of my age should be Like the high leaves upon the Holly Tree.

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