Wilde V. Whistler: Being an Acrimonious Correspondence on Art Between Oscar Wilde and James A. McNeill Whistler

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Privately printed, 1906 - 20 oldal

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9. oldal - Mr. Whistler's lecture last night was, like everything that he does, a masterpiece. Not merely for its clever satire and amusing jests will it be remembered, but for the pure and perfect beauty of many of its passages — passages delivered with an earnestness which seemed to amaze those who had looked on Mr. Whistler as a master of persiflage merely, and had not known him, as we do, as a master of painting also. For that he is indeed one of the very greatest masters of painting, is my opinion. And...
11. oldal - Art. As of their works nothing at all remains, I conclude that they explained themselves away. Be warned in time, James; and remain, as I do, incomprehensible. To be great is to be misunderstood.
13. oldal - ATLAS, this is very sad! With our James vulgarity begins at home, and should be allowed to stay there. — A vous, Oscar Wilde TO WHOM: "A poor thing," Oscar! — "but," for once, I suppose "your own.
17. oldal - I hope you will allow me to state that the assertions contained in his letters are as deliberately untrue as they are deliberately offensive. The definition of a disciple as one who has the courage of the opinions of his master is really too old even for Mr. Whistler to be allowed to claim it ; and as for borrowing Mr. Whistler's ideas about Art, the only thoroughly original ideas I have ever heard him express have had reference to his own superiority as a painter over painters greater than himself....
18. oldal - TRUTH! — Cowed and humiliated, I acknowledge that our Oscar is at last original. At bay, and sublime in his agony, he certainly has, for once, borrowed from no living author, and comes out in his own true colours — as his own
15. oldal - Mr. Wilde has deliberately and incautiously incorporated, " without a word of comment," a portion of the well-remembered letter in which, after admitting his rare appreciation and amazing memory, I acknowledge that " Oscar has the courage of the opinions .... of others ! " My recognition of this, his latest proof of open admiration, I send him in the following little note, which I fancy you may think...
8. oldal - An artist is not an isolated fact; he is the resultant of a certain milieu and a certain entourage, and can no more be born of a nation that is devoid of any sense of beauty than a fig can grow from a thorn or a rose-blossom from a thistle.
12. oldal - What has Oscar in common with Art? except that he dines at our tables and picks from our platters the plums for the pudding he peddles in the provinces. Oscar — the amiable, irresponsible, esurient Oscar — with no more sense of a picture than of the fit of a coat, has the courage of the opinions . . .of others!
9. oldal - For there are not many arts, but one art merely — poem, picture and Parthenon, sonnet and statue — all are in their essence the same, and he who knows one knows all. But the poet is the supreme artist, for he is the master of colour and of form, and the real musician besides, and is lord over all life and all arts ; and so , to the poet beyond all others are these mysteries known ; to Edgar Allan Poe and to Baudelaire, not to Benjamin West and Paul Delaroche.
15. oldal - I had, in good fellowship, crammed him, that he might not add deplorable failure to foolish appearance, in his anomalous position, as art expounder, before his clear-headed audience. He went forth, on that occasion, as my St. John — but, forgetting that humility should be his chief characteristic, and unable to withstand the unaccustomed respect with which his utterances were received, he not only trifled with my shoe, but bolted with the latchet I Mr.

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