fore me.

to be of the Number of those, whom Thon lovest and delightest in.

Give me Grace, O merciful Father, to lay aside every Weight, and the Sin that does so easily beset that


I run with Patience the Race which Thou hast fet be..

Deliver me from an immoderate Care and Concern for the Things of this World; and give me such an entire Acquiescence in thy divine Will and Pleasure, such a perfect Dependance on thine infinite Wisdom and Goodness, that no envious nor discontented, no murmuting nor repining Thoughts may possess my Heart, but a chearful and thankful Spirit may at all Times rule and govern me: And whatever Share of Temporal good Things Thou shalt be pleased to give me, O give me Grace to employ it to thy Glory, the Good of others, and the eternal Benefit of my immortal Soul. All which I humbly beg, for the aloue Merits and Sake of thy beloved Son Jelus Christ our Lord.

Extend thy Mercy, O God, to all Mankind: In a more particular Manner be gracious to these finful Nations; pardon our great and crying Sins; avert the Judgment which we most justly have deserved, and give us Grace to turn from all our Evil

F 2


Ways, that Thou may'st delight to dwell among us, and may'st be our God, and we thy People.

Blefs and preserve our Sovereign Lord King GEORGE; and grant that all who are in Authority under him, may faithfully endeavour to promote thy Glory, and the Good and Welfare of this Church and Nation.

Look with Pity and Compassion upon all thy affli&ted Servants: be a Father to the Fatherless, and a Husband to the Widow; heal the Sick ; supply the Wants of the Poor and Needy; and grant to all that are in Affliction, a patient Submission to thy blessed Will. Bless all


Friends and Relations, efpecially-Reward all that have done me Good, and forgive all that have done or wished me Evil; and vouchsafe to every one of us, from the highest to the lowest, whatever thy great Wisdom knowest to be needful both for our Souls and Bodies.

And now, O most merciful Father, in an humble Sense of thy great Goodness, I adore and praise thy glorious Name for all the Manifestations of thy Love and Kindnefs vouchsafed unto me. 1 bless Thee for my Being, for my

Rea. fon, fon, and all the Endowments and Faculties of my

Soul and Body; for my Health, Friends, Food, and Raiment, and all other Comforts and Conveniences of my Life; for thy continual Care and watchful Providence, over me, through the whole Course of my Life ; and particularly for thy Prefervation the Day past.

Give me Grace, O Lord, I beseech Thee, to make a right Ufe and Improvement of all thy Blessings; and be thou graciously pleased to take me, and all that belong to me, this Night, under the Care and Protection of thy Fatherly Providence. Give thy holy Angels Charge over us, that no Evil

may come near to hurt us; and grant us such Refreshments of Soul and Body, as may enable us chearfully to go through the Duties of that Station wherein Thou hast placed us; and when Thou shalt be pleased to call us out of this World, O let us be found of the Number of thy faithful Servants, thro’ the Merits of Christ Jesus, our blessed Saviour and Redeemer, for whom my Soul does bless and praise Thee, and in whose most holy Words I sum up all our Wants, faying,

Our Father, &c.

[blocks in formation]

A Prayer for Wednesday Morning.

O MOST gracious God! who art the

Author of all the good Things that I enjoy; in Thee I live, and move, and have my Being; and to thy good Providence I afcribe it, that I am now in Health and Safety; that I have enjoyed the comfortable Refreshments of the Night past, and that none of those Evils which I have justly deserved, have come nigh me,or my Dwelling; for these, O Lord, and for all thy other Mercies, I desire to adore and bless thy glorious Name, humbly beseeching Thee to accept this my Morning Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving, in and through the Merits and Mediation of my dear Redeemer.

For his Sake, O Lord, I humbly beseech Thee to pardon all my Sins, and grant that a due Sense of thy Mercies may be so deeply impressed upon my Mind that I


love thee above all Things, and manifest the Sincerity of that Love, by a constant and habitual Care to do what is pleasing to thy Sight.

O Lord! there is nothing that I desire so mucb, as to be of the Number of thy fáith


ful Servants; to this End vouchsafe me the Aslistance of thy good Spirit, to enable me to withstand the Temptations of this wicked World, and with an undaunted Courage and Resolution, to bear up under all the Trials and Difficulties which I shall meet with in my

Christian Warfare. Grant, O Lord that I may never have any Fellowship with the unfruitful Works of Darkness, nor grieve thy blessed Spirit by any impure and sinful Desires; but as I have given up myself to the Service and Obedience of my great Lord and Master Jesus Christ; so teach me to walk in his Laws, to conform myself to his Precepts, and to endeavour, as much as in me lies, to imitate his Example.

Let my Conversation be always such as becometh the Gospel; and grant daily endeavour to mortify my corrupt Inclinations; to cleanse myself from all Filthiness of Flesh and Spirit, and to bring every inordinate Desire to the Obedience of thy Will.

Give me a Heart truly honest and upright, and so stedfast and immoveable in the Ways of Truth and Justice, that no worldly Interest or Advantage, how promising or


that I may


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