judged and condemned by thee, and that no unclean Person shall enter into thy Kingdom, and that for the Sake of these

Things, the Wrath of God cometh upoli the Children of Difobedience,

And that I may obtain the Grace of Chastity, make me, O God, careful and diligent in the Ufe of those Means that are necessary to this End. I know, Lord, that Purity is thy Gift; but I know likewise, that thou wilt not bestow it on fuch as be flothful and negligent, and will not ufe the Means which thou hast appointed for the Attainment of it. Let me be dili. gent and industrious in the Place and Station wherein thy Providence has fet me, considering that Idlenefs is the Occasion of Impurity. Teach me to keep a strict Guard over my Senses, to refrain from all evil and corrupt Communication; and grant that my Speech may be fuch, as may minister to the Edification of those with whom I converse. Teach me to be fober in my Attire, moderate in my Diet, temperate in the Use of all Things, prudent in the Choice of my Company, disposed to practise the necessary Duties of Mortification and Self-denial, watchful over my

own Heart, stifling and suppressing the

very first Motions to Impurity.

Let me abstain from seeing all such Sights, and refrain from reading all such Books, as are apt to excite in me any Looseness or Levity of Spirit; and let me be constant and diligent in reading and meditating on the Holy Scriptures, which are apt to cleanse the Heart, and to excite pious Affections in my Soul.

Make me mindful of the Dignity and Holiness of my Profession, and to remember that if any one defile the Temple of God, him will God destroy.

Give me a just Esteem and Value for the honourable Estate of Marriage, which thou haft ordained as a Remedy against Fornication; and grant that (when I enter into it) I may never abuse it, by allowing myself fuch Liberties as are inconsistent with the Purity of the Christian Religion.

Grant that my Soul and Body may be preserved pure and undefiled, that glorifying thee in my Body, and in 'my Spirit now, I may hereafter be glorified by thee.

Give me a firm Faith in thy Power for the subduing all Impurity, and whatever is contrary to thy blessed Will, in my Soul. Let no Discouragements keep me from pre


senting frequent and fervent Petitions to thee for this excellent and necessary Gift in the Name of our great Mediator Jesus Christ, to whom with thee, and the Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory, Thankigiving and Praise, now and for ever. Amen.

A Prayer

for Submission to the Will of God,

and for Contentment.

may ren

1. O Almighty and All-wise God, the

Creator, Disposer, and Governor of all Things; from thee I have my Being, and of thy Fulness I have all that I pofsess and enjoy. O God, grant that I may

always adore and reverence thee as the fupreme Object of my Love, my Fear, my Hope, and my Trust; and that I der thee all those religious and devout Affections, which are due to thee


Maker and Sovereign Lord.

II. Whatever thou pleasest, that dost thou in Heaven and in Earth; from thee cometh every good and perfect Gift, neither is there any Evil that cometh, that thou hast not appointed; thou makest

and makest rich; thou bringest low, and listest up; grant, therefore, I may reverence and



acknowledge thy Providence in every Thing that befals me, and from thence adore thy Goodness, and acknowledge thy Justice, and pay all humble Submifsion to thy Sovereign Will and Pleasure, out of a firm Persuasion of thy infinite Wisdom and Goodness.

III. O God who in thy Wisdom haft ordained the several Orders and Degrees, the several different States and Conditions of Men in this World ; grant me full Contentment of Mind in that State thou haft been pleased to place me, and Humility to acquiesce in thy Disposal of me, and Grace carefully and faithfully to discharge those Duties it requires of me.

Grant me Patience under all Losses and Disappointments, and remove all Repining and Envy far from me.

* IV. O God, I am thy Creature ; my entire Dependence is on thee; grant that therefore my Faith, my Hope and my Trust may always be in thee, and that my Hope and my

Trust may not be in vain ; and grant I may always fear and obey thee, for then thou hast promised thou wilt.never leave me nor forsake me. I will therefore take no anxious Thought for my Life, what I shall eat, or what I shall drink, or wherewithal I shall be cloathed, (as a Gentile that knows thee not) seeing thou knowest I have need of all these Things, and that if I seek thy Righteousness, all these Things shall be added unto me, out of thy great Bounty and Fulnefs. Nor will I be dismayed at any Calamity thou in thy wife Providence shalt order for me, feeing all Things Thall work together for Good to them that love and fear thee.

V. Take from me all Sorrow, that the Love of worldly Things may at any Time raise in me, from my unsuccessful Hopes and Designs in this World, or from any Evils or Calamities of this Life. Let me not hereafter wish for Profperity, for Health, or Life ; but with the Prospect of spending them in thee, with thee, and for thy Glory. I pray not that thou wouldest give me either Prosperity or Adversity, Health or Sickness, Life or Death; but that thou wouldest dispose my Prosperity and my Adverfity, my Health, my Sickness, my Life, and my Death, for thy Glory, and for my own eternal Welfare. Thou alone knoweft what is moft expedient for me; thou art my Sovereign Master and Lord, guide and govern me at thy Pleasure; give me, or take from me, as seemeft best to thy Providence, and in all Things con


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