A Prayer on any Saint's Day.

O Lord God, precious in thy Sight is the

Death of thy Saints and Martyrs, because they have had the great Happiness to give thee the utmost Testimony of their unfeigned Love and Affection. Precious to themselves, O Lord, is the Death of thy Saints; because as they have been Partakers of Christ's Sufferings, so when his Glory shall appear, they fhall be made glad with exceeding Joy. Let their Death be always precious, O Lord, in thy Sight; because their Example has convinced me of the Possibility of serving thee under the

greateft Difficulties, and animates my Endeavours with the Prospect of their happy Success.

I bless and praise thy holy Name, for all the Apostles, Saints, and Martyrs, deci parted this Life in thy Faith and Fear. I congratulate their Victories over the World, who overcame themselves, and 'led in Triumph their own Paffions. I comm. memorate with all Thankfulnefs their hea roic Piety, and who served the Lord in Hunger and Thirst, in Prison and Chains, on Racks and in Torture, and who undauntedly encountered Death armed with T 6


the greatest Terror. Let that mighty Grace, O Lord, which enabled them to conquer all Opposition, support and animate thy Servant, who is surrounded with the same Temptations, and expofed to the fame unruly Passions. Let their Examples teach me to be humble and meek, and to fubmit all my Desires to the Will of God; to govern my Senses by Reason, and my Reafon by the Dictates of Revelation; to hold fast thy true Religion and Worship, and never to live unworthy thereof; to take up the Cross, and to resist unto Blood, striving against Sin. Let their mortified Lives raise me above the Pleasures of Senfe ; and let the Pattern of their Piety and Devotion, of their Purity and Charity, of their patient Suffering, and Perseverance unto the End, be always fo lively imprinted upon my Mind, that I may transcribe their Example in my Life and Conversation, and thereby inherit those Promises they are now made Partakers of, through the Merits of Jesus Christ my only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

A Prayer

A Prayer at our first Entrance into the


LORD, I am now in thy House ; aflift, I pray thee, aud



Services. Enable me and all who may this Day meet in thy Name, to worship thee in Spirit and in Truth. Let thy Holy Spirit help our Infirmities, and dispose our Hearts to Seriousness, Attention and Devotion; and grant that we may improve this Opportunity, .to the Honour of thy holy Name, and the Benefit of our Souls, through Jesus Chrift our Saviour. Amen.

A Prayer at Church after the Service is


LESSED be thy Name, O Lord, for

this. Opportunity of attending thee in thy House and Service.

Grant that I, and all that profess thy Name, may be Doers of thy Word, and not Hearers only: Pardon our Wanderings and Imperfections, and accept both us and our Services, through our only Mediator Jesus Christ. Amen,

A Prayer

A Prayer for Chastity. GREAT and glorious Lord God: Thou

art a Being of infinite Holiness, and unspotted Purity, and hast declared thy Hatred and Abhorrence of all Impurity and Uncleanness. I present myself before thee at this Time, beseeching thee to give me a Heart full of Sorrow and Concern, for that the Temper and Disposition of my Mind are so opposite and contrary to thee, and that I am so far from that Purity and Holiness which thou requirest, and which is necessary to make me meet to relish and partake of the Joys and Delights of thy Kingdom This is to be used

[“ I come unto thee to by such whose Case “ beg Relief and Affiftance requires it.

" from thee, and to beseech " thee, for the sake of thy dear Son, to

pardon and forgive all the impure and “ wicked Thoughts, Desires, and Purpo“ ses, which I have ever entertained in my “ Mind, and all the immodest and un"chafte Behaviour and Actions of my “Life. And, O merciful God, I likewise “ implore Pardon and Forgiveness for all 6 who have tempted me, or have been

“ tempted “ tempted by me, or have been Partakers " with me in any Kind of Impurity. Ress: “ cue them from the Power and Dominion “ of their Lusts, and grant that they may “ be converted unto thee.”]

O be thou pleased to purge and cleanse my Soul from all Filthiness of Flesh and, Spirit, and grant that my Body may be a holy Temple, fit for thy Holy Spirit to dwell in.

To this End, do thou enable me to mortify and subdue all fleshly Lusts, which war against the Soul, which wound the Conscience, grieve the Holy Spirit, and render the Mind unfit for the Peformance of holy Duties.

Create in me, O God, a clean Heart'; and renew a right Spirit within me. Put ihy Fear into my Heart, and cause in my Soul a stedfast Resolution against, and Deteftation of all Uncleanness. Let me ever remember that thou art every where present, and that all Things how secret foever they may be kept from Men, are naked and open to the Eyes of him with whom we have to do. Let me ever remember that thy þoly Word declares, that Whoremongers, and Adulterers, Thall be


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